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Beyond The Page & Giveaway: Kristina Knight

Sep 25

Today it’s my pleasure to welcome television reporter turned romance author, Kristina Knight, to Beyond The Page.

Yes, there is a Giveaway involved 😀

There are three (3) easy steps to winning an eBook of “What A Texas Girl Wants“, Kristina’s latest release:

(1) POST A COMMENT below (2) Follow @AuthorKristina and (3) Follow @CaribbeanAccent. Then ENTER the RAFFLECOPTER. a Rafflecopter giveaway

The Winner will be selected by random drawing on Friday and their name published in the comments section.

Once you’ve read WATGW, you only have a few days to wait until the October 1 release of “The Saint’s Devilish Deal“. Alright folks, on to the BTP interview with Kristina…..

CABR: Welcome to my blog Kristina and thanks for taking the time to answer my Beyond The Page questions 🙂

KK: Hey, Sasha! Thanks so much for having me over to your web-home today, I’m very excited to be here!

CABR: Happy you’re as excited as I am. 🙂 “What a Texas Girl Wants” begins on a beach in Mexico, with hungover newlyweds.

Where’d the idea come from and did you find yourself having a lot more fun seeing where the characters led you in this book than your other books?

KK: Who wouldn’t want to wake up, naked with a hot guy? Yeah, I see the smiles! The idea for this story actually came to me like a movie reel – I saw the sun rising over the cliffs, the sparkling water and these two entwined bodies. I knew they were waking up, I knew they didn’t have a clue how they’d gotten there but the characters just wouldn’t let me go.

So I made notes (I was in the middle of writing another book at the time) and kept working. One afternoon I heard the Toby Keith song ‘Stays in Mexico’ for probably the millionth time and I just knew – they were in Mexico, they were married, they didn’t want to be, but they needed to stay that way. Kathleen and Jackson took it from there!

CABR: Ahh. Now we know 🙂

When did you sign your book deal with Crimson Romance and how has your life changed since then?

KK: I signed with Crimson in February 2012 and it’s been a crazy ride ever since. With Crimson being an e-first publisher, books come to market a LOT sooner than paper books. The biggest change has been my schedule – being an aspiring author is a lot different than being a published author.

Then, I could focus on my writing, play around on social media, chat with friends…it was all on my schedule. Now I have books coming out and promotional plans and deadlines to meet – and I still have only 24 hours in the day, a family, a home, friends…I wouldn’t change anything, though. Okay, maybe I’d totally take on a clone for the housework.

CABR: I hear you on the housework clone. 🙂 Does music play a part in all of your books or was it more for “The Saint’s Devilish Deal“?

KK: Music plays a part in all my books. I need music when I’m writing to drown out the silence – usually it’s light jazz or classical, lyrics are not helpful at that stage. When I begin the editing phase music helps me keep the feel of the book – at that point it’s a playlist of songs I think ‘speak’ to the characters or a storyline or something.

CABR: Very cool. Sometimes I hear a song and it reminds me of the h/h from a book I’ve recently read. WATGW and TSDD are both partially set in Mexico. Was there a special reason for this?

KK: Frijoles, empanadas, quesadillas, churros…Oh, you mean other than food? I love Mexico, always have. It’s a beautiful country filled with warm, inviting people and some amazing scenery. Did I mention the food yet? The food is killah! I know there are some real-world issues and dangers in the country, but I also think there is a lot to love about it and I wanted to highlight those good parts!

CABR: LOL I bet we’d be good FoodNetwork friends. Do you get to choose or help design your book covers? How big a role do you think the look of a book has in portraying the story to a potential reader?

KK: I don’t get to choose, but I’ve been really, really lucky with both my covers. I love them! My publisher uses an art sheet – so I do have a little input. I’ll describe the characters, setting and give them my opinions about what might be cool to include…but my input ends there. I think, especially in e-land, that covers play a huge part.

The cover needs to interest the reader enough to click through and read the book blurb. I think it helps if the cover echoes the feel of the book, and luckily for me, I think my covers do that.

CABR: Great point about eBook covers being key to attracting potential readers. What’s next for you? Edits? Series? Re-writes?

KK: Yes, yes and yes! I just turned in the second “Texas Girl” book – yes, Kathleen’s sisters are getting their own stories! So I’m waiting on those edits and I’m working on the third Texas book, too.

And because I’m a crazy writer chick, I went to a writers retreat this weekend and came home with about four more story ideas itching to be told…I’m going to be busy for a while. Anyone know a cook who will work for cheap? I may need one of those soon…

CABR: I’m like that with new books, even though my TBR pile is a nice tower. 🙂 What’s the funniest fan interaction you’ve had?

KK: RadioMan (my husband) convinced me I needed to do something memorable for my book sales, so I’ve been creating a charm bracelet – each bead or charm represents a book sold. I was at the jewelry store picking out my latest charm a few weeks ago and the sale person was asking me about my bracelet and that led to chatting about my books – at which point she said, ‘You wrote Kathleen’s story? I loved her!’ and she dropped the charm, it rolled under the counter and we were both on our hands and knees trying to get it out for the next few minutes!

CABR: That’s cute and funny 😀 Were you awestruck upon meeting any particular author/s at a convention? Were you able to ‘keep it together’?

KK: I was at the RWA National Convention a couple of years ago and hopped onto the elevator early in the morning to see Suzanne Enoch (one of my favorite authors, like, ever) standing in the corner. I froze half-way into the elevator, my pointer finger raised and had a kind of loud gaspy thing happen. “You’re Suzanne Enoch!” I said (maybe yelled. Possibly squealed). “Good morning,” she said. And I proceed to tell her of my love for Samantha Jellicoe (her cat burglar character) and how sad I was that The End was coming. She was so nice and down to earth and I’m still a total fan-girl of hers. I don’t know that I kept it together but at least I didn’t drool on her!

CABR: LOL. Love your honesty Kristina. If you could be someone else for a day, from any time in history, who would you be and why?

KK: Oh, gosh, the possibilities! I think I’d like to spend a day as an Egyptian princess – you know, when they were building the pyramids. I’ve always been fascinated by that time period. And being a dance-hall girl in the American West could be fun, too. But one day would definitely be my limit – I like my modern conveniences a little too much to stay much longer!

CABR: Yup, one day is enough for it all to be a novelty. Which character from fiction, yours or another author’s, would you like to spend time with and why?

KK: Samantha Jellicoe, one of Suzanne Enoch’s characters. I love Samantha – she’s funny, loyal and I’ve always wanted to know how to pick pockets. Please don’t report me to the police.

CABR: LOL. Thanks again Kristina for stopping by Caribbean Accent Book Reviews Kristina.

KK: Thanks for having me!!

Giveaway reminder: Three (3) easy steps to winning an eBook of “What A Texas Girl Wants“, Kristina’s latest release: (1) POST A COMMENT below (2) Follow @AuthorKristina and (3) Follow @CaribbeanAccent. Then ENTER the RAFFLECOPTER.  a Rafflecopter giveaway

The Winner will be selected by random drawing on Friday and their name published in the comments section.

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Upcoming reviews: “Cade” by Liliana Hart and “Unforgiven” by Deliliah Devlin

Sep 20

It’s been a crazy week and a half peeps! Hoping things settle down over the next few days so I can post the reviews I have on mental shelves. 🙂

Here’s a sneak peak at the next two reviews – erotic romance novellas by two new-to-me authors Delilah Devlin and Liliana Hart.

I’m really looking forward to posting my reviews in the coming days. In fact, my review of Liliana’s novella “Dane” from “The MacKenzie” family series, is already up.

Next in line is her novel “Cade” about Dane’s cousin Cade MacKenzie. If you’re into romantic suspense and/or erotic romance, then you will definitely want to check out the MacKenzies.

Equally a great read for me recently was “Unforgiven” by Delilah Devlin. The novella is book 2 in her “Lone Star Lovers” series and has me intrigued by the rest of the guys and gals we meet in “Unforgiven”.

So check out the book links and author pages I’ve provided (click on red words) and be sure to stop by CABR over the next couple of days for these reviews. 😀

Dane by Liliana Hart

Sep 17

Title: Dane

Author: Liliana Hart

Series: The MacKenzie Brothers Quartet, bk 1

Grade: CABR Gold Star Review

Publication date: July 10, 2011

Publisher: Bodysways Publishing

Sold by: Amazon Digital Services Incorporated

Synopsis: In this novella, bad boy, Dane MacKenzie, is coming home to Surrender, Montana. It’s been ten years since he left the woman he loved behind to make a name for himself, and now he’s bound and determined to claim her once and for all.

But Charlotte Munroe has no desire to welcome home the Prodigal Son with a fatted calf. The bitterness of Dane’s betrayal runs deep, and she has no plans of letting him back into her life. Especially since she’s trying to protect the son Dane isn’t aware exists from heartbreak, since she’s sure he’s only going to walk out of their lives again.

Review: Wow! That’s all I have to say…LOL Of course not. “Dane” was one of the most well-written erotic romance novellas I’ve ever read.

Liliana Hart did an amazing job giving you Dane and Charlie’s backstories even as the h/h relieved their 10-year-old sexual tension and discovered they had a second chance at love.

Did I mention all of this was accomplished in 49 pages? Yup. Wish “Dane” was longer but did not feel shortchanged at all. Hence my CABR Gold Star Review.

So if you’re looking for a great, hot, read and an intro to the MacKenzie Brothers, then “Dane” is your book. 😀

Tell what you think after reading it.



Beyond The Page & Giveaway: Kelly Jamieson

Sep 11

Welcome to the latest stop on Kelly Jamieson‘s “Hot RideBlog Hop.

Her latest novel from Samhain Publishing, “Hot Ride”, is out today, so be sure to stop by your favourite bookstore or Samhain to get a copy. 😀

You also have a chance to win some fabulous prizes on the Hop, so make sure you ENTER the RAFFLECOPTER (click on the word ‘rafflecopter’) for a chance to WIN.

Now that you know the contest rules, let’s get to know Kelly…


CABR: Sera Manning, the heroine in “Hot Ride”, is a DEA agent. I love seeing powerful women portrayed in fiction, particularly romance. What/whom inspired you to write Sera?

KJ: I don’t know that I was inspired by any one person to write Sera. I wanted to write a kick-ass heroine, someone really strong and independent (to a fault!) which is quite different for me. I mean, I hope all my heroines are strong, but Sera’s the only heroine I’ve written who works in law enforcement and can take down a two hundred pound guy. 😀

CABR: Impressive. 🙂 Will “Hot Ride” be the first in a series?

KJ: I had not planned a series, but I’m already hearing suggestions about a book for one of the secondary characters! And I would really love to use all I learned in researching the book to write another story. So maybe…  😀

CABR: Looking forward to “Hot Ride” the series.

Do you have a bike or did you hitch a ride with a Harley owner perhaps to do your research?

KJ: I don’t have a bike! In fact I am really kind of anti-motorcycle, which stems from a previous day job working as a bodily injury case manager in the auto insurance business – I often saw the horrific consequences of accidents involving motorcycles. (Sera thinks of them as “murdercycles”, LOL).

I haven’t been on a bike for many years – my dad (in a classic mid-life crisis move) bought a motorcycle when I was a teenager and I HATED riding with him – he was crazy reckless, driving too fast, no helmet…he scared the crap out of me. My husband also had a bike as a teenager but we were just friends then, so I only rode with him a few times. For this story, I talked to a fellow writer who has motorcycles for some advice.

CABR: I understand cooking, or at least watching others cook, is a passion of yours. So, what’s your favourite show on the Food Network?

KJ: Food Network! I used to love to watch it and I learned a lot of cooking techniques. I hardly have time to watch TV any more but I’ve watched Giada, the Barefoot Contessa – my hubs likes grilling shows like Bobby Flay’s to improve his grilling techniques, so we watch that sometimes. I’m not so much into those crazy “competition” shows. Extreme Chef did inspire a story I wrote about a chef that I put up on my blog as a free serial.

CABR: Extreme Chef is a favourite of mine too. 🙂

What are your working on right now and when can we expect to see it/them on book shelves?

KJ: I have a couple of projects on the go. Sometimes when I get stuck on one, I start something new, and go back and forth between them as my muse dictates. 😀

So I have started another hockey story, a Remi/Jason sequel, and I’m also working on a new BDSM story that I’m really in love with. No idea when either of these will be out, but since my publishing schedule is pretty much booked for 2013 it might be a while (I’ll try to get the hockey story out sooner!)

CABR: That’s great news for us readers Kelly.

Is “Hot Ride”your 25th book? How long has it been since your first book, “Love Me”, was published and how have your personal and professional lives changes since then?

KJ: What? 25? Wait! I think it’s only (!) 24. I have an anthology that’s really 3 books put together so we won’t count that, LOL.

“Love Me” came out in September 2008. How has my life changed?…Wow. When I started writing, I didn’t tell anyone what I was doing. My family thought I was playing around on the computer and my kids rolled their eyes at me. Then I got published. They still rolled their eyes at me. Then the royalty cheques started getting bigger…and bigger… and there’s not so much eye rolling anymore!

There’s still a sense that I’m just playing around on the computer, though, with constant interruptions and no recognition that this is actually a BUSINESS with contracts and deadlines and obligations. That’s a pretty big change – I now spend SO much time on the business part of writing – all the edits, emailing with publishers, editors, cover art requests, blurb writing, and all the promotion work, the blog posts, advertising, social networking, etc etc. it’s turned into a second full time job (I also work full time at a “day job”).

CABR: It’s amazing you get all that writing in, with all the correspondence and interruptions 🙂

OK, it’s time for the fun, quirky questions…

If you could be someone else for a day, from any time in history, who would you be and why?

KJ: I would like to be Kate Middleton. No wait. Oprah Winfrey. No wait. Heidi Klum. No wait, she and Seal have split. I KNOW! Nora Roberts!

CABR: LOL. One a day for a week huh? 🙂

Which character from fiction, yours or another author’s, would you like to spend time with and why?

KJ: I would like to spend time with Mammy Walsh from Marian Keyes’ books. Or any of the Walsh girls. I don’t know if it’s my Irish background, but Marian’s Irish characters just crack me up, the way they talk, their sense of humour. I would love to sit in a bar and drink with them!

CABR: Sounds like fun Kelly.

Which state do you live in and what’s the best thing about living there?

KJ: I’m Canadian… no wait I AM CANADIAN! (that’s a joke, probably only other Canucks will get it!)

CABR: I get it! I was actually in Toronto in 2000 when Molson (beer company) launched “The Rant” about being Canadian and all those stereotypes people have about Canadians. It was hilarious 😀

KJ: …There are so many good things about living here. I could go on and on! But the best thing about living in Canada is HOCKEY! Yes, we have long cold winters, but there can be so much beauty and yes, fun, if you dress right, in winter!

No, we don’t live in igloos, lol! We also have incredible hot summers, which I love. I enjoy sitting in the sun, either on my deck or at a beach, reading a good book. I love living in a peaceful, polite country that’s clean and naturally beautiful and has universal health care and gun control laws and where we don’t care what sex you are when you get married as long as you both love hockey, lol.

CABR: I love how much you love living in, and being, Canadian. Thanks for visiting Caribbean Accent Book Reviews on your “Hot Ride” Blog Hop. 😀

KJ: Thank you so much for having me!

Giveaway – remember you have the chance to win fabulous prizes on the “Hot Ride” Blog Hop, so make sure you ENTER the RAFFLECOPTER (click on the word ‘rafflecopter’) for a chance to WIN.

You can find out more about Kelly’s upcoming blog appearances and her books in several ways – visit her website, tweet her @KellyJamieson, leave her a comment on Goodreads,  find her on Amazon or email her at info (at) kellyjamieson.com.


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Beyond The Page & Giveaway: Sarah M Anderson

Sep 10

It’s cowboy romance time again at Beyond The Page ladies and gentlemen. 😀

Today it’s my pleasure to introduce you to Sarah M Anderson, Harlequin Desire & Samhain author of modern-day cowboy-&-Indian novels. This self-decribed “mom of a smart-aleck, wife of accountant, walker of dogs” and oh yeah, author, has a fantastic two-part Giveaway.

How do you enter?

Simple – LEAVE A COMMENT below about why you’d love to WIN an autographed copy of “A Man of Distinction” and Sarah will randomly choose a name. Plus, you also have a chance to win a handcrafted book necklace made by Sarah herself! Check the Authorial Moms blog September 11th to see if you were the winner!

Now that you know the rules, on to the Beyond The Page interview…

CABR: What’s the most popular question/s people have about “A Man of Distinction?”

SMA: Oddly enough, the most common question is less about Distinction and more about the end of “A Man of Privilege”, my July Desire release. That book ended with FBI Agent Thomas Yellow Bird, and a lot of readers were expecting Distinction to be about him. It’s not, sadly (I’m working on Yellow Bird, I promise!). But a close second is how much everyone *loves* Bear, the baby in the book. He’s a cutie!

CABR: You dedicated this book, the third and final part of the “Lawyers In Love” series from Harlequin Desire, to your husband. Was he your inspiration for Nick Longhair?

SMA: Heavens, no! Well, I borrowed a lot of the tender fathering from my husband – he was so wonderful when our son was a baby. But the rest of Nick Longhair’s personality is completely different! I have this over-active imagination, see…

Luckily, my husband is wonderfully tolerant of all the conversations with imaginary, hunky men. That’s why he got the book dedicated to him! (Also, I thought it prudent to dedicate one to him sooner, rather than later. It’s all about marital harmony here!)

CABR: LOL Smart move Sarah.

Did you have to do any special research for this series/this book?

SMA: Well, I’m not a lawyer, nor do I play one on TV. But I know several lawyers and a judge, so I asked a lot of questions. I’m also not a Lakota Indian, so that’s another kind of research. Some of that is from memory – I’ve been to a lot of powwows, for example, so I don’t have to go read about them. But this book also features a sub-plot about fracking. That took a lot of research to get the details down – all of which were important, but boring. Most of that didn’t even make the final cut. Finally, my beta reader is a pediatric nurse, so she gives me a thorough walk-through about children’s health care. In other words, writing a book takes a village!

CABR: How has your life changed since you were first published last year?

SMA: In a lot of ways, it hasn’t. I still take my kid to school and pick him up; I still have a part-time job. I’m not swimming in diamonds or bossing my butler around. But in other ways, things have changed. I find it much easier to justify yet another pair of cowboy boots, and the majority of our family vacations center around travel to conferences now. (The whole family went to New York for RWA last year. We were there for over a week!) I have a few people recognize me now (I live in a small-enough town that it happens), so that’s always a head-trip.

CABR: That’s cool – the boots, the recognition and of course, the family/work trips. 🙂

What’s next for you? Any book deals you want to tell us about?

SMA: So. Many. Books. I have a four-month lull, but 2013 will be nutty!

In January, my first book from Samhain, Mystic Cowboy, will release. Then, right on its heels in February, I’ll have a Harlequin Desire called A Real Cowboy. In May will be the first of a three-book series, The Bolton Boys (They live fast, ride hard, and love fiercely!) The first one, Straddling the Line, will be out in May. The other two will be out later in the year. And I’m already working on 2014!

CABR: Wow. Looking forward to reading them.

On another note, conventions are an excellent place to connect with fellow writers, your fans and potential publishers of new series. Why ones do you attend and why?

SMA: I have been to the Chicago-North Spring Fling for the last 3 conferences (it’s every other year). It’s a smaller conference filled with wonderful people who have been kind and supportive of me, even though I don’t live in Chicago! I’ve been to RWA twice, and both times learned so much and met such wonderful people. I’m presenting at the Grand Rapids Region Writers Group conference on November 2 & 3, and then I’m getting very excited for RT in May, 2013! It’ll be my first RT, and I’m super excited!

CABR: Lucky readers who’ll get to meet you soon.

What role does social media play, if any, in your work – be it inspiration, plot help or general feedback?

SMA: Social media isn’t the most natural thing for me. Facebook has been better for me reconnecting with a few old friends and keeping in contact with relatives. Twitter is where I go to hang out with author friends. I also find Twitter is useful for keeping an eye on what’s happening in the publishing world, but I’m more of a lurker in that respect than anything.

CABR: What’s the funniest fan interaction you’ve had?

SMA: We were visiting my in-laws in central Illinois and stopped at their local Target. I went back to see if they had my July book, Privilege and they did! It was the first time I had seen it in the wild, so I stuck in some bookmarks and got my husband to take my picture. A older gentleman watched me the whole time with obvious suspicion, so after the photo, I asked him if he’d like an autographed book for the woman in his life? He asked, “Are you the author?” in such a disbelieving tone that I had to laugh! But when I gave him my business card, he warmed up immediately and bought a book for his wife, since they had a three-day weekend trip coming up. What a nice guy!

CABR: That’s funny and sweet.

Were you awestruck upon meeting any particular author/s at conventions? Were you able to ‘keep it together’?

SMA: Ah, no. My very first Spring Fling, I made a *huge* fool of myself trying to make small talk with a Very Famous Author . . . while standing in line for the ladies room. Granted, I had *no* idea what I was doing at all, so that was just part of a larger cluelessness. But I’m much better now. God, I hope, anyway!

CABR: If you could be someone else for a day, from any time in history, who would you be and why?

SMA: Once upon a time, I would have said I wanted to be a Lakota Indian about 300 years ago. I’ve always been drawn to their horse culture – what girl doesn’t love horses! But these days, I know that life would have been a *lot* harder and I’m appreciative of my dishwasher, among other things!

CABR: Which character from fiction, yours or another author’s, would you like to spend time with and why?

SMA: I’d like to spend a little time with Rebel Runs Fast from my January release, “Mystic Cowboy”. He’s a medicine man with a sense of humor – spending an evening with him would be highly entertaining (and I’m not *just* saying that because of his penchant for skinny-dipping!)

I’d also go all the way back to my youth, with Scott O’Dell’s Island of the Blue Dolphins. That book laid a foundation for a lot of my creative thinking for decades to come. Plus, the heroine was stranded all alone on a deserted island – as an introvert, that really spoke to me!

CABR: Interesting! 🙂 Thanks again Sarah for taking the time to do the interview.

OK folks, here’s a reminder about the GIVEAWAY.

LEAVE A COMMENT below about why you’d love to WIN an autographed copy of “A Man of Distinction” and Sarah will randomly choose a name. Plus, you also have a chance to win a handcrafted book necklace made by Sarah herself! Check the Authorial Moms blog September 11th to see if you were the winner!

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REVIEW: Special Delivery by Tilly Greene

Sep 8

Title: Special Delivery

Author: Tilly Greene

Grade: A

Publication Date: July 17, 2012

Publisher: Amazon Digital Services

Synopsis: During the week she goes to college and works as a waitress and every Saturday Susan Anders waits for the knock on her door. The excitement gets her heart beating faster as she opens it up and flirts outrageously with her handsome delivery guy. He arrives wearing brown shorts, shirt and socks with sensible shoes, and she is seduced. Even though they’re just words, their time together is the closest thing she has to an actual sex life, but all that changes with one box.

Deliveries are exciting, but how long does the pleasure last?


Review: This was my first time reading Tilly Greene‘s work and I loved it. 😀

At 19 pages or 6,300 words, you now the story has to move along fast yet I never felt rushed reading about Susan and Tom’s journey to HEA, at least in the short term. Based on the ending, I’d say these two have found their other halves.

The delivery of an unusual sex toy, seemingly by accident, rouses Susan’s curiosity and eventually her libido. Betcha LOL when you read that scene.

All in all, a great read and if Tilly ever decides to write more about these two, I’d buy the book.


Beyond The Page & Giveaway: Jennifer Probst

Sep 4

New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Probst is my guest today folks! 😀

Jennifer’s latest book, “The Marriage Bargain“, which went on sale today (September 4), is book 1 in the Marriage to a Billionaire series.  To celebrate the eBook version reaching #8 on the list of bestselling Kindle e-books, Jennifer has a Giveaway on for a Kindle Fire and a $25 gift certificate to one lucky reader in the USA/Canada! 😀

Simply (1) POST A COMMENT below then (2) enter the RAFFLECOPTER (click on the word ‘Rafflecopter’).

CABR: Thanks for stopping by Caribbean Accent Book Reviews during your blog tour.Let’s turn the tables a bit and have you tell us what’s been the most popular question/s bloggers have asked you?

JP: Good question! I’ve been asked a lot about what inspired me to write this book and my general life as a writer. I have always adored the marriage of convenience plots and challenged myself to write something within this popular trope that was fresh and would connect with readers. It’s always about the characters for me, and that is what I come up with first. The rest falls into place once I know my characters.

CABR: “The Marriage Bargain”, book 1 in the Marriage to a Billionaire series, sounds like a fun yet emotional read. Did one of the characters pop into your head and demand their story be told?

JP: Yes, I knew I wanted my hero to be completely damaged and have walls built around his heart. I also knew I wanted to pit him against his complete opposite, a woman who’d challenge him by her kindness and spunk and slowly rip down those barriers. Relationships are so full of pain and pleasure and angst, and exploring theirs in depth was quite satisfying.

CABR: If TMB were to be made into a movie, who would you want to play Alexa and Nicholas and why?

JP: Movie negotiations are still going on and I always pictured Chris Hemsworth as a great Nick. He can give the emotional depth needed in the character, he has ability for droll humor, and his physical aspects match Nick completely. That being said, I am completely open to other ideas and my readers have given me many good ones!

Alexa is harder for me and I’m not stuck on one character yet that I think would perfectly match her. Some great suggestions to fit her type would be:  Olivia Munn, Alexandra Daddario and Kimberly Williams Paisley.

CABR: Did you write down story outlines for all three Marriage to a Billionaire books at once or let the story flow from 1 to 2 to 3?

JP: I actually needed to sell a three book contract so I had already known Maggie’ s story since she was so prevalent in book 1. But book 3 I needed to brainstorm a bit for an overall sketch and then when I begin writing the book I flesh out the details.

CABR: The e-version of TMB has already sold more than a half-million copies in just six months, as the #8 bestselling Kindle e-book for the first half of the year and #9 on the New York Times’ combined print and e-book fiction list. What did you do when Entangled Publishing gave you the good news?

JP: Almost passed out. Literally. How does it feel to have a dream you’ve had your whole life come true? Pretty fabulous! And I’m so humbled by the success of this little book and the readers who email me about the connection. It just doesn’t get any better than this and I will forever remember and be grateful.

CABR: What’s next from you, Jennifer?

JP: So many possibilities! Perhaps a fourth in the marriage series to give my last character her happy ever after. A new series work up. A stand alone novel about a food critic and restaurant owner with a past and a taste for revenge. A holiday short coming November called The Holiday Hoax. Lots of good stuff!

CABR: What’s the funniest fan interaction you’ve had?

JP: I had someone who needed to undergo a medical procedure and asked to read The Marriage Trap just in case something happened! I felt terrible – I couldn’t do it so I offered to mail out swag. My husband looked at me and said, “Really, Jen? Swag?” It was the best I could do! My fans are completely awesome and I adore chatting with them in all forms of social media.

CABR: Were you awestruck upon meeting any particular author/s at conventions? Were you able to ‘keep it together’?

JP: Yeah, I love Susan Elizabeth Phillips and stalk her at conventions. I met her in the airport bathroom once and freaked out she was right next to me washing her hands. Yep, a very weird fan girl moment. I think she’s brilliant and have loved all of her books, and she’s always so nice!

CABR: If you could be someone else for a day, from any time in history, who would you be and why?

JP: Would love to travel to Italy during the Renaissance period and immerse myself in the arts and creativity of the time. But as a woman, I better be rich and able to pick my own mate – lol!

CABR: Which character from fiction, yours or another author’s, would you like to spend time with and why?

JP: One of my favorite books is Garth Stein’s The Art of Racing in the Rain and I’d love to hang with the hero Enzo, who is a dog – really a human trapped in a dog’s body. I’d learn a lot.

CABR: Thank you again Jennifer for stopping by my blog.

JP: Thank you so much for taking the time to interview me – it was truly a pleasure to be here!

Remember to WIN a Kindle Fire and a $25 gift certificate from Jennifer, (1) POST A COMMENT below then (2) enter the RAFFLECOPTER (click on the word ‘Rafflecopter’). Entries close on September 24, 2012.

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Beyond The Page & Giveaway: Sandra Bunino

Sep 2

Today it’s my pleasure to introduce you to Sandra Bunino, author of books such as “Marooned in Miami“, “Lusted in Las Vegas” and now “Mia’s Submission“, book one in “The Satin Rose Experience” series.

You lucky readers have a chance to WIN a copy of “Mia’s Submission”. Simply (1) POST A COMMENT then (2) FOLLOW Sandra (@SandraBunino) and I (@CaribbeanAccent) on Twitter.

CABR: “Mia’s Submission” is book 1 in the 10-part Satin Rose Experience series. What inspired you to create SRE, with its ten themed BDSM suites?

SB: That’s a great question. My DH and I actually have a friend who frequents BDSM clubs. He asked us to go with him (for research, of course!), so I checked it out online. Let’s just say it was not my kind of place. But it had me thinking, what would my kind of place be like? It would be elegant but trendy, high-end but comfortable – a place just like New York City’s W Hotel.

I wrote The Satin Rose as a short story for an anthology call. It was accepted and published as the lead story in Evernight Publishing’s “Keyboards and Kink” cyber-sexy anthology. I decided there was more of SRE to explore and expanded the idea into a series.

CABR: This is also your fifth book correct? How has your life changed, professionally and personally, since “Marooned in Miami” was published in January this year?

SB: It has changed my life in so many different ways. I’ve had the opportunity to meet many interesting people I’d never otherwise have had the chance to know. Many of those people have become good friends over the year and I don’t think I’d be where I am without them. I’ve learned so much about the industry, my writing and myself through the process.

That’s fantastic 🙂 When will your next book be out and will it be book 2 of the SRE or a stand-alone title?

SB: My current focus is on the SRE series. Brooke’s Wish was just accepted by Evernight. It’s a M/F/M holiday-themed SRE. Mafia Princess is also in the works. I’m not sure which will be released first but look for both of them sometime before the end of the year.

CABR: Sandra your recent interactive giveaway on your blog for “Mia’s Submission” – the Fluffy Pink Handcuffs Release Party, seemed like such fun. Have you done this before and where do you get inspiration from for these posts?

SB: I had so much fun with the Fluffy Pink Handcuffs Release Party! I did a smaller scale release for “Sara’s Smile“. Marketing and promotion is exciting and I’m always looking for new and innovative ways of getting my books to potential readers. I loved the real-time interaction with the release party. I will definitely do it again!

CABR: Good to know 🙂 OK, I’ve got to ask, what’s the funniest fan interaction you’ve had?

SB: I receive emails and Tweets from readers but the funniest interaction actually happened at my salon where I’m affectionately known as “The Gal Who Writes Dirty Books”. One of the hairdressers somehow thought I wrote children’s books…until I gave her one of my bookmarks. You should’ve seen the look on her face! We laugh about it now. 😀


Have you ever felt tongue-tied upon meeting a particular author/s?

SB: I attended the Romance Writers of America (RWA) Conference this year and had the opportunity to introduce myself to a few authors I’ve read or tweeted. It was great to see Tiffany Reisz, Roni Loren, Jaci Burton, Jane Porter, Victoria Alexander and many more. I wasn’t exactly tongue-tied but I was thrilled to meet them.

Fun, quirky question time…

CABR: If you could be someone else for a day, from any time in history, who would you be and why?

SB: That would have to be my favorite artist, Georgia O’Keeffe. She was not only an incredible artist but she also had a brilliant mind. Here’s one of my favorite Georgia quotes that I apply to my writing:

“To create one’s world in any of the arts takes courage.”
― Georgia O’Keeffe

CABR: That’s great advice.

Which character from fiction, yours or another author’s, would you like to spend time with and why?

SB: I would love to spend time with Claire Beauchamp Randall Fraser from Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series. Claire is has a fiery personality and incredible wit. She’s tough as nails but at the same time she’s feminine and sensual. Plus, if I hung out with Claire, I would get to get a glimpse of the love of her life, the very sexy Jaime Fraser…and maybe, just maybe, he’d be wearing a kilt. 😉

CABR: Hehe, kilts are popular aren’t they? 🙂

What’s the best thing about living in the Northeast?

SB: I live on a wooded mountaintop with lots of wildlife. It’s a great place to write. I’m also about an hour outside of New York City so I consider it the best of both worlds.

Thank you for having me on your blog to share Mia’s Submission!

CABR: I had a blast learning more about your books and your inspiration. Georgia O’Keefe in particular.

A reminder folks that Sandra is giving away one (1) copy of “Mia’s Submission” and this contest is open worldwide, with the book available in most any eFormat you use.

To WIN a copy of “Mia’s Submission”. Simply (1) POST A COMMENT then (2) FOLLOW Sandra (@SandraBunino) and I (@CaribbeanAccent) on Twitter.

I also have an EXCERPT from “Mia’s Submission” for you guys 😀

Synopsis: Hardworking Mia Lavender’s been offered a promotion she can’t refuse–VP of Client Experience at New York’s exclusive BDSM club, The Satin Rose Experience, or SRE. Mia’s kept her submissive tendencies a secret, until now.

She’ll have ample opportunity to explore her fantasy because to succeed in her new role at SRE, she will need on-the-job training at the hands of Asher Cane. During Asher Cane’s very first training session with Mia, he fails to follow his own rules and has the hottest vanilla sex of his life. Mia needs training, and Asher is damned if he’ll allow another Dom to touch her.

Can Asher be the dispassionate trainer Mia needs to learn the exquisite give and take of dominance and submission? Or will her submission come only at the cost of his heart?

Mia’s Submission is Book One of The Satin Rose Experience (SRE) series.  

SRE, New York’s elite BDSM club residing on the twentieth floor of Rosebud Resorts, contains ten uniquely themed suites, each with its own story to tell. You can find the introduction of SRE in The Satin Rose Experience, a short story in Evernight Publishing’s Keyboards and Kink Anthology.

OK here’s the EXCERPT:

“Training starts now, Mia. To do the job of Vice President of Client Services at SRE you must know what your clients will experience. They will come to you for information, advice and counsel. The only way you can truly help them is if you’ve experienced it yourself, to feel what they’ll feel. So, what do you think of Suite Five?”Asher asked, unknotting his tie and pulling it from his collar.

“It’s cold, both physically and visually. It’s not very comfortable.”

Asher grinned and nodded while draping the tie over his jacket. “Then it does its job. That’s exactly how it should feel in here. The submissive is supposed to feel physically insecure in this suite to help grow his or her trust in the Dominant.” He turned, locked eyes with Mia and sauntered toward her. “I hope to gain more of your trust today.”

Mia took a deep breath and her shoulders began to relax.

“Having said that, I’m sticking to the plan. Not like last night. Training is mandatory for this position and if I can’t control myself and train you properly, someone else will have to do it. I won’t have that. No one else touches you. Do you understand?”

“Of course,” Mia whispered. She couldn’t imagine going through this with anyone else.

“You remember our safe word, Mia?” She nodded and stared into his dark brown eyes.


“Yes and please use it when you need to. Don’t think of it as a show of failure or fear. It’s the only way I’m going to understand your limits. Any questions before we begin?”

Mia’s eyes darted around the stark suite. “Cameras?”

Asher grinned. “The camera is in the mirror…” He strode to the large mirror where the note was placed and pointed. “It’s off and security is instructed to leave it off, unless you prefer to have it on,” he said and raised his eyebrows.

“No. No camera. This is going to be hard enough for me.”

“The purpose of the surveillance is not so that our security can watch, believe me; they’ve seen so much that it’s like watching a baseball game to them. It’s for the safety of our clients.”

“I understand but I still don’t like it. Plus I don’t feel unsafe with you,” Mia said with a shy smile.

He stepped toward her while unbuckling his belt. “I’m glad to hear that. Now turn around.”

She smiled at him and turned to face the wall once again. His silky, commanding voice washed over her body and soaked the juncture between her legs. Strong hands immediately kneaded at her shoulders and down her arms. Warmth sank into her flesh and she leaned back to capture more of his body heat. She relaxed momentarily but was snapped back on guard when his powerful hands encircled her ribcage and his fingers slipped between the buttons of her blouse. The sound of tearing fabric filled her ears as buttons popped from their stitching and flew in different directions. She sucked in a breath as he rid her of her shirt in one fluid motion.

“Put your hands together behind your back,” Asher’s honeyed voice buzzed through her.

She did as she was told and laced her fingers together at the top of her ass. The jingle of his belt buckle rang in her ear followed by a whoosh of leather sliding through fabric. Warm straps encircled her wrists, the buckle clanging in uneven tones as he tied it tight between her hands.

Mia swallowed hard and pulled at her hands, trying to loosen the bonds. She was firmly bound with no chance of freedom. Her breath quickened, stoking the fire growing in her belly. The bed springs creaked and she turned her head toward the sound.

“A submissive would be punished for that peek,” he growled.

She whipped her head back to face the wall.

“Come to me.”

Relieved to leave her corner, Mia spun on her heels and stepped toward him. Asher sat on the edge of the bed with his feet apart and patted the top of his thighs, beckoning her to the spot in between his knees. She complied and the heat of his hands enveloped her body as he pulled her in. She arched her back while his fingers teased up to the lacey band across her ribcage. He unsnapped her bra before pulling her hairpins, releasing her long, dark locks. Coiling her hair around his palm, he pulled downward, tipping her face toward the ceiling. He fondled the lace fabric of her bra, which only stayed secured by her arms pressed against her body. He slowly removed the band of lace and a rush of chilly air surrounded her breasts. The cool temperature was replaced with liquid heat when he took her nipple between his teeth. Mia moaned as sparks traveled from her breasts down to her core.

“Keep your legs straight and bend forward.”

Heated palms slid down her back, encircled her waist and guided her forward so that she was bent over his leg, her face and chest resting on the bed.

From the corner of her eye, she caught a partial reflection of the back of her legs and her ass, lifted high in the air. Her pussy ached with exquisite need as she watched his hands gently lift the fabric of her skirt. Mia closed her eyes as his palm rubbed small circles over her ass cheek and thigh. The heat suddenly disappeared and her eyes shot open in time to watch his hand come down with a slap. She whimpered as the sound echoed through the room. His palm continued to rub the sting from her suddenly very pink cheek. He followed the same routine on the other side and she cried out in passion the second time, anticipating the erotic burn. Craning her neck, she admired the matching pink splotches on both ass cheeks.

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Beyond The Page: Maisey Yates

Sep 1

Folks it’s my great pleasure to welcome the magical writing machine known as Maisey Yates to Caribbean Accent Book Reviews.

In today’s edition of Beyond The Page, Maisey will be discussing her category romances with Mills&Boon/Harlequin as well as her new book deal with Berkley.

There’s a GIVEAWAY too – “Princess From The Shadows” from Harlequin Presents. (1) POST A COMMENT then (2) enter the RAFFLECOPTER.

CABR: You’ve been a published author since October 2010 when “His Virgin Acquisition” came out in Harlequin Presents. Now you’re moving into a slightly new territory with your Silver Creek cowboy series from Berkley.Would you call this a novel vs category romance?

MY: I have a novella coming first for the Silver Creek series, and am also contracted for two full length contemporary romances. They are longer than my category romances and a lot funnier.

CABR: Tell us about Silver Creek and how you sold it to Berkley.

MY: Well, I first started thinking about expanding to single title just before RWA conference in 2011. I had breakfast with the woman who would become my agent and I told her I had an idea for a sexy cowboy book. A couple months later she started submitting it to publishers. And it took us nearly a year to sell it! It got quite a few rejections, but it finally landed with an editor who was very excited about the book, and about the series as a whole. I got the call about the sale being final while I was at registration for RWA 2012. I’m thrilled to be with Berkley, and with editors who are as excited about the series as I am.

CABR: A year! Shows how important it is to be persistent and to believe in what you’ve written.

I know you to be a prolific writer with cute code names for WIP (Works In Progress). What are you working on now?

MY: Right now I’m working on the Geek Billionaire for Presents. And he is, indeed, a geek billionaire. Not a Greek one.

CABR: While writing up a storm, you’ve also been busy moving house. How did you stay sane?

MY: I was never all that sane to start with, which I think helps in this business. Honestly? I’m not a routine girl. I’ve learned to just roll with the punches and make it work no matter the situation.

CABR: LOL. Excellent attitude to have.

We all know conventions are an excellent place to connect with fellow writers, your fans and potential publishers of new series. Why do you go attend them?

MY: It depends on the convention. Romantic Times (which I’m doing a reader panel at this year!) is my time to connect with readers. RWA is more of a professional conference for me. A chance to meet with editors from the M&B office in the UK, this year, I met one of the editors from Berkley who was involved in my sale, and to see my agent.

CABR: What role does social media play, if any, in your work – be it inspiration, plot help or general feedback?

MY: Social media, twitter particularly, is my water cooler. A chance to hang out and chat, to talk about books and writing. It’s fun for me.

CABR: I’ve noticed a trend in M&B/Harlequin these days to have two-part books, whether it’s the same couple’s story in two parts or connected stories. What’s your take on this, having written at least one connected duet?

MY: I haven’t done one with the same couple split into two parts, but yes, I’ve done some connected duets. As a reader, I’m curious. If an author gives me a side character and hints at their story, I want to know what’s going to happen to them. I do the same as a writer. A character pops in and I’m curious, so I think about them later and want to write their stories!

An Accidental Birthright and The Inherited Bride are connected. Marriage Made on Paper and The Petrov Proposal are as well. There’s also One Night in Paradise and A Game of Vows.

At the end of this year, beginning of 2013, my two-book series “The Call of Duty” comes out, with A Royal World Apart in December and At His Majesty’s Request in January.

Then in April and May I have a duet called “Secret Heirs of Powerful Men”. The first book is called “Heir to a Desert Legacy” while the second is untitled right now. 🙂

CABR: I did tell you guys that Maisey is a prolific writer. See? 😀

Maisey, what’s the funniest fan interaction you’ve had?

MY: Um…she wasn’t even really a fan. But I was buying pasta at a gourmet food store and the woman ringing up my purchase asked what I did. I told her and she SCREAMED and said AH YOU’RE FAMOUS! I was completely stunned!

CABR: Ever  been awestruck upon meeting any particular author/s at conventions? Were you able to ‘keep it together’?

MY: I met Brenda Jackson this year, which was awe inspiring. And I think I said something dumb about her sexy cover models!

CABR: If you could be someone else for a day, from any time in history, who would you be and why?

MY: Lame answer, but I’m happy here and now. I have the best job ever and the handsomest husband!

CABR: Aww. Not lame at all.

Which character from fiction, yours or another author’s, would you like to spend time with and why?

MY: Okay, if we’re talking fiction, then Nalini Singh’s Psy-Changeling world for sure! I want a TK Psy of my very own. 🙂

CABR: I sense a trend here. You’re not the first author to tell me that and I get why. Those Psy-Changeling guys are hawt!!

It was great having you on my blog Maisey. Best of luck with the Silver Creek series from Berkley.

Readers, remember to (1) POST A COMMENT then (2) enter the RAFFLECOPTER for your chance to WIN “Princess From The Shadows“.


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