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REVIEW: Special Delivery by Tilly Greene

Sep 8
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Title: Special Delivery

Author: Tilly Greene

Grade: A

Publication Date: July 17, 2012

Publisher: Amazon Digital Services

Synopsis: During the week she goes to college and works as a waitress and every Saturday Susan Anders waits for the knock on her door. The excitement gets her heart beating faster as she opens it up and flirts outrageously with her handsome delivery guy. He arrives wearing brown shorts, shirt and socks with sensible shoes, and she is seduced. Even though they’re just words, their time together is the closest thing she has to an actual sex life, but all that changes with one box.

Deliveries are exciting, but how long does the pleasure last?


Review: This was my first time reading Tilly Greene‘s work and I loved it. 😀

At 19 pages or 6,300 words, you now the story has to move along fast yet I never felt rushed reading about Susan and Tom’s journey to HEA, at least in the short term. Based on the ending, I’d say these two have found their other halves.

The delivery of an unusual sex toy, seemingly by accident, rouses Susan’s curiosity and eventually her libido. Betcha LOL when you read that scene.

All in all, a great read and if Tilly ever decides to write more about these two, I’d buy the book.



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