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Beyond The Page & Giveaway: Kristina Knight

Sep 25
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Today it’s my pleasure to welcome television reporter turned romance author, Kristina Knight, to Beyond The Page.

Yes, there is a Giveaway involved 😀

There are three (3) easy steps to winning an eBook of “What A Texas Girl Wants“, Kristina’s latest release:

(1) POST A COMMENT below (2) Follow @AuthorKristina and (3) Follow @CaribbeanAccent. Then ENTER the RAFFLECOPTER. a Rafflecopter giveaway

The Winner will be selected by random drawing on Friday and their name published in the comments section.

Once you’ve read WATGW, you only have a few days to wait until the October 1 release of “The Saint’s Devilish Deal“. Alright folks, on to the BTP interview with Kristina…..

CABR: Welcome to my blog Kristina and thanks for taking the time to answer my Beyond The Page questions 🙂

KK: Hey, Sasha! Thanks so much for having me over to your web-home today, I’m very excited to be here!

CABR: Happy you’re as excited as I am. 🙂 “What a Texas Girl Wants” begins on a beach in Mexico, with hungover newlyweds.

Where’d the idea come from and did you find yourself having a lot more fun seeing where the characters led you in this book than your other books?

KK: Who wouldn’t want to wake up, naked with a hot guy? Yeah, I see the smiles! The idea for this story actually came to me like a movie reel – I saw the sun rising over the cliffs, the sparkling water and these two entwined bodies. I knew they were waking up, I knew they didn’t have a clue how they’d gotten there but the characters just wouldn’t let me go.

So I made notes (I was in the middle of writing another book at the time) and kept working. One afternoon I heard the Toby Keith song ‘Stays in Mexico’ for probably the millionth time and I just knew – they were in Mexico, they were married, they didn’t want to be, but they needed to stay that way. Kathleen and Jackson took it from there!

CABR: Ahh. Now we know 🙂

When did you sign your book deal with Crimson Romance and how has your life changed since then?

KK: I signed with Crimson in February 2012 and it’s been a crazy ride ever since. With Crimson being an e-first publisher, books come to market a LOT sooner than paper books. The biggest change has been my schedule – being an aspiring author is a lot different than being a published author.

Then, I could focus on my writing, play around on social media, chat with friends…it was all on my schedule. Now I have books coming out and promotional plans and deadlines to meet – and I still have only 24 hours in the day, a family, a home, friends…I wouldn’t change anything, though. Okay, maybe I’d totally take on a clone for the housework.

CABR: I hear you on the housework clone. 🙂 Does music play a part in all of your books or was it more for “The Saint’s Devilish Deal“?

KK: Music plays a part in all my books. I need music when I’m writing to drown out the silence – usually it’s light jazz or classical, lyrics are not helpful at that stage. When I begin the editing phase music helps me keep the feel of the book – at that point it’s a playlist of songs I think ‘speak’ to the characters or a storyline or something.

CABR: Very cool. Sometimes I hear a song and it reminds me of the h/h from a book I’ve recently read. WATGW and TSDD are both partially set in Mexico. Was there a special reason for this?

KK: Frijoles, empanadas, quesadillas, churros…Oh, you mean other than food? I love Mexico, always have. It’s a beautiful country filled with warm, inviting people and some amazing scenery. Did I mention the food yet? The food is killah! I know there are some real-world issues and dangers in the country, but I also think there is a lot to love about it and I wanted to highlight those good parts!

CABR: LOL I bet we’d be good FoodNetwork friends. Do you get to choose or help design your book covers? How big a role do you think the look of a book has in portraying the story to a potential reader?

KK: I don’t get to choose, but I’ve been really, really lucky with both my covers. I love them! My publisher uses an art sheet – so I do have a little input. I’ll describe the characters, setting and give them my opinions about what might be cool to include…but my input ends there. I think, especially in e-land, that covers play a huge part.

The cover needs to interest the reader enough to click through and read the book blurb. I think it helps if the cover echoes the feel of the book, and luckily for me, I think my covers do that.

CABR: Great point about eBook covers being key to attracting potential readers. What’s next for you? Edits? Series? Re-writes?

KK: Yes, yes and yes! I just turned in the second “Texas Girl” book – yes, Kathleen’s sisters are getting their own stories! So I’m waiting on those edits and I’m working on the third Texas book, too.

And because I’m a crazy writer chick, I went to a writers retreat this weekend and came home with about four more story ideas itching to be told…I’m going to be busy for a while. Anyone know a cook who will work for cheap? I may need one of those soon…

CABR: I’m like that with new books, even though my TBR pile is a nice tower. 🙂 What’s the funniest fan interaction you’ve had?

KK: RadioMan (my husband) convinced me I needed to do something memorable for my book sales, so I’ve been creating a charm bracelet – each bead or charm represents a book sold. I was at the jewelry store picking out my latest charm a few weeks ago and the sale person was asking me about my bracelet and that led to chatting about my books – at which point she said, ‘You wrote Kathleen’s story? I loved her!’ and she dropped the charm, it rolled under the counter and we were both on our hands and knees trying to get it out for the next few minutes!

CABR: That’s cute and funny 😀 Were you awestruck upon meeting any particular author/s at a convention? Were you able to ‘keep it together’?

KK: I was at the RWA National Convention a couple of years ago and hopped onto the elevator early in the morning to see Suzanne Enoch (one of my favorite authors, like, ever) standing in the corner. I froze half-way into the elevator, my pointer finger raised and had a kind of loud gaspy thing happen. “You’re Suzanne Enoch!” I said (maybe yelled. Possibly squealed). “Good morning,” she said. And I proceed to tell her of my love for Samantha Jellicoe (her cat burglar character) and how sad I was that The End was coming. She was so nice and down to earth and I’m still a total fan-girl of hers. I don’t know that I kept it together but at least I didn’t drool on her!

CABR: LOL. Love your honesty Kristina. If you could be someone else for a day, from any time in history, who would you be and why?

KK: Oh, gosh, the possibilities! I think I’d like to spend a day as an Egyptian princess – you know, when they were building the pyramids. I’ve always been fascinated by that time period. And being a dance-hall girl in the American West could be fun, too. But one day would definitely be my limit – I like my modern conveniences a little too much to stay much longer!

CABR: Yup, one day is enough for it all to be a novelty. Which character from fiction, yours or another author’s, would you like to spend time with and why?

KK: Samantha Jellicoe, one of Suzanne Enoch’s characters. I love Samantha – she’s funny, loyal and I’ve always wanted to know how to pick pockets. Please don’t report me to the police.

CABR: LOL. Thanks again Kristina for stopping by Caribbean Accent Book Reviews Kristina.

KK: Thanks for having me!!

Giveaway reminder: Three (3) easy steps to winning an eBook of “What A Texas Girl Wants“, Kristina’s latest release: (1) POST A COMMENT below (2) Follow @AuthorKristina and (3) Follow @CaribbeanAccent. Then ENTER the RAFFLECOPTER.  a Rafflecopter giveaway

The Winner will be selected by random drawing on Friday and their name published in the comments section.



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