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Beyond The Page & Giveaway: “Falling for Finn” by Jackie Ashenden

Nov 23
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Welcome debut author, Jackie Ashenden, to CABR. 😀

I’m sure you all are going to love her book, Falling For Finn (FFF), but since it’s not available in stores until next year, I’m offering you an advanced copy.

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On to the interview…

CABR: Falling For Finn (FFF) is a gripping, emotional and sexy read, dealing with a very serious issue in a non-judgemental way. What led you to write Anna’s story about her journey from a woman afraid of touch following her sexual assault, to falling in love with her sexy male BFF?

JA: Well, it’s such a horrible experience and it happens to so many people, and I just really wanted to write a story where someone who’d had this happen to them could overcome it in a powerful way…And have a happy ending. 🙂

So for Anna, the way she went about dealing with it was to reclaim her sexuality and I thought that if she was going to do that, then trust was going to be a huge issue. Which made her best friend – someone she trusts absolutely – the best person to help her.

CABR: I totally get where you were coming from. 🙂 Trust is such a hug thing in one’s life. Is this your debut novel? Could you share what drew you to write Anna and Finn’s story first?

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JA: Yep, this is my debut book. Okay, well the reason for Anna and Finn’s story is a bit of a saga! I’d been writing for publication for five years or so (twenty for my own pleasure!) and for most of those years I’d been getting rejection after rejection.

I was pretty dispirited and doubting myself, and my writing had suffered and had become something I was afraid of doing, not the passion it used to be. So my crit partners kind of staged an intervention (they probably got sick of my moaning) and said I should write something different. Just try writing for fun for a change.

I had nothing to lose and I’d had this idea for this heroine recovering from a sexual assault for a long time. So it seemed like the perfect time – Anna was reclaiming her sexuality and I was reclaiming my love of writing. Anyway, I took the brakes off my writing and pretended that no one was ever – EVER – going to read it. And it just flowed. I loved writing it so much.

Anna got her happy ending and I managed to find my joy again. And then when it was finished, the CPs said submit it and although I protested muchly – because no one was ever going to read this right? – submit it I did.

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CABR: Fantastic! Thank God for your CP group – I and many others now have the pleasure of reading a truly great book, Falling For Finn. 😀  Tell us more about your journey from blogger and member of a writing circle to published author.

JA: I’ve been writing since I was about twelve – eons in other words – and for years and years I wrote romances with a friend of mine that we’d swap and read. Eventually as life got in the way, she stopped writing but I never did. I kept writing romances for my own pleasure until about five years ago I met a romance author while on holiday. She encouraged me try sending my books in to publishers and I thought, yes. Yes, I can do that.

Being an author was always a dream of mine and it was about time I started trying to see if I could make it a reality. It was a longer, harder road than I’d ever imagined it would be and if it wasn’t for all the wonderful, supportive community of writers I’d met along the way, I’d never have got there. But it was worth every second of the struggle, I have to say.

CABR: That’s why people always say, “Never give up”. 🙂 I know 2013 will be a busy year for you in terms of new releases. Which books should readers look out for?

JA: An excellent question – I have quite a few! Firstly I’ll have two more Samhain releases this year – in July I have Black Knight, White Queen (chess playing hero meets graphic artist heroine for one night in Bangkok!).

Then in November, Taking Him (my dirty virgin hero if you’ve been following me on Twitter!). I also have a three book series out with Entangled Publishing’s Indulgence line – release dates etc to be advised.

CABR: Wow! Great news for us readers though 🙂 Which character from fiction, yours or another author’s, would you like to spend time with and why?

JA: I would like to spend time with Dante, Maisey Yate’s hero from Her Little White Lie (due out Jan 2013). He’s soooo hot and dark and tragic, and I feel sure I could heal him (step aside heroine!). Yep, I love dark, tragic heroes if you don’t know that already!

CABR: Who doesn’t? 😉 If you could be someone else for a day, from any time in history, who would you be and why?

JA: If I could be anyone I’d be Queen Elizabeth the First. Because she ruled an empire, didn’t let any man tell her what to do, wore a ruff (gotta love a ruff) and she had red hair like me. 🙂

CABR: Very cool ! 🙂 Thanks for visiting CABR Jackie. I look forward to your return when your new books are released next year.

(The images used are from Jackie Ashenden’s Pinterest page. Photos of people who inspired the ‘look’ of Finn and Anna)

Remember, all you have to do is post a COMMENT then enter the RAFFLECOPTER here >>> a Rafflecopter giveaway<<< for a chance to WIN.



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