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Beyond The Page & Giveaway: “Baby It’s Cold Outside” anthology from Entangled Publishing

Dec 7
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BICO  picIt’s Christmas time and I’ve got a fantastic Giveaway for you all – a $10 Gift Card from Heidi Rice, author of “‘Tis The Season To Go Shopping“.

Heidi’s latest book is one of 4 novellas in the “Baby It’s Cold Outside” anthology from Entangled Publishing’s Indulgence line. 🙂

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On to the interview…

CABR: Tell us about your novella in “Baby It’s Cold Outside“. What inspired 
your story and how’d you come up with the title of your book – “‘Tis The Season To Go Shopping“?

HR: The idea to do four stories about snowed-in couples set over the Christmas and New Year season, and linked by a freak blizzard on America’s Eastern Seaboard, was a group effort between me and the three other fabulous authors in this anthology – namely Aimee Carson, Kate Hardy and Amy Andrews.

The title came from Amy who helped to inspire us with a wonderful version of the song by Lady Antebellum [http://youtu.be/iS6M6v7tmXQ] on YouTube. I came up with the idea of having my couple stranded in an empty department store on Fifth Avenue on Christmas Day, basically because I have this little fantasy of being able to go ‘shopping’ at a department store after hours and being able to take anything I want (sort of a grown-up version of the old ‘stuck-in-a-sweet-shop-overnight’ fantasy from childhood).

HeidiRiceAnd then I started to think, how that particular fantasy would be sooo much better if you were doing it in the company of a really hot guy – I mean, seriously? Fantasy sex plus fantasy shopping? It sounded like the ultimate Christmas wish come true scenario to me… Then uptight and very proper assistant marketing manager Kate Braithwaite (who’s working at the store on Christmas Day because she’s just been dumped by her boyfriend via email from London) and sexy bad boy photojournalist Ryder Sinclair (whose father owns the store and who’s there picking up a last-minute gift for his daughter after flying in from an assignment in Afghanistan) just seemed like the perfect pairing to heat up this particular fantasy sex/shopping scenario to fever pitch.

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CABR: That’s a cool back story. 😀  What was it like being part of a 4-story anthology from Entangled?

HR: Really fun, and really exciting once I’d gotten to read the other three stories — which I think are all totally brilliant in their own unique way.

BICO  picAll four of us love writing snappy dialogue, we all have a somewhat naughty sense of humour and we like to turn up the heat, but we also all have very distinctive voices and styles which gives this anthology a great diversity and depth. So brainstorming sessions turned out to be a total hoot…. (And I’m not even going to mention a certain picture of a certain Mr Antonio Banderas)

The fact that Liz Pelletier at Entangled was instantly enthusiastic about the idea when we pitched it to her was the icing on an already lush (and very fruity) Christmas cake.

CABR: Is this your first anthology?

HR: Yes, it’s my first anthology. And something I have to admit I’ve avoided in the past because frankly I was a little intimidated about having my stories in such close proximity to those of other authors – what if everyone thought my contribution was crap! (Yes, like all authors I’m a little insecure!)

But I have to say, because we were already friends – I know Kate well and I’d met both Amys at RWA conferences and we are all on several email loops together – it was remarkably easy to pop my cherry with these three (so to speak). Because I totally trusted them to write something amazing and to encourage me to write something amazing too! And to have fun while we did it. So frankly, a win-win all round. And I’d happily do it again now!

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BICO antho picCABR: Fantastic! 🙂 Heidi, would you be so kind as to share an excerpt from your favourite scene in “‘Tis The Season To Go Shopping“?

HR: Ok, I have a couple of favourite scenes, but this is the moment when Kate disturbs Ryder after he’s just accidentally knocked over a display of Dolls.

Unfortunately for Kate she’s been forced to wear a rather tight Santa’s Little Helper outfit because her own clothes got drenched on the way to the store, and Ryder’s just spent two months in a war zone — so he ‘subdues’ her first and asks questions later. Kate is flat on her back on the floor, with Ryder on top of her and her hands held down above her head… But still trying to maintain her dignity.

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EXCERPT from “‘Tis The Season To Go Shopping“:

“I’d like to put my arms down, if that’s all right with you,” she said through gritted teeth trying to twist her wrists out of his manacle-like grip—to absolutely no avail.

“No, it’s not all right,” he said, the tone annoyingly laconic as he tightened his grip. “First, I want to know who the hell you are?” That penetrating male gaze dipped to her cleavage again, and she cursed the midget-sized minidress she’d been forced to wear, and the prickle of response in her nipples.

“My name is Katherine Braithwaite,” she said, using her full name in the hope that it might intimidate him. “And I’m the assistant marketing manager at Sinclair’s.”

His eyes narrowed, but he finally released her wrists.

She crossed her freed arms over her unfortunate display of cleavage and pressed down on the traitorous nipples, hoping to heck he hadn’t noticed them sticking out like two sore thumbs. But instead of getting off her he settled back on his haunches, making muscular thighs flex on either side of her hips.

“Uh-huh. So what are you doing here on Christmas Day
 dressed as a leprechaun?”

Kate’s usual patience began to disintegrate at the amused tone. “I could ask you the same question,” she shot back, even though she knew perfectly well what he was doing here: stealing merchandise from a company that already paid him an exorbitant salary for doing bugger all. She wriggled furiously. “Now get off me, you big oaf,” she demanded, having had quite enough of being manhandled and interrogated.

She didn’t care if he was Lachlan Sinclair’s precious son, if the man tried to get her fired over this incident she would sue.

He didn’t budge. “I don’t see how you could ask me the same question,” he said as his gaze took another leisurely trip over her skimpy outfit. “I’m not dressed as a leprechaun.” His lips lifted in a mocking and disturbingly sexy grin.

Her heartbeat kicked up a notch—out of irritation, she decided. “This isn’t a leprechaun’s outfit, you moron. I’m supposed to be one of Santa’s Little Helpers,” she said, not even attempting to hold back the condescension this time. The stupid man had scared the life out of her, not to mention demolished six hours of work in a single second by knocking over the Festive Fun Palace of Christmas Dolls, and 
he kept checking out her boobs. It was too much.

“Oh yeah?” His eyes crinkled at the corners, making it very clear he was having an absolute ball at her expense. “When did Santa start hiring lap dancers?”

That did it.

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