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Beyond The Page: “Holiday Sparks” by Taryn Elliott

Dec 20
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Holiday Sparks coverTaryn Elliott is today’s guest here on Caribbean Accent Book Reviews.

In the spirit of giving, one lucky commentator will WIN an eBook copy of her latest novel, “Holiday Sparks“.

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CABR: “Holiday Sparks” (HS) is about a female scrooge and a male Christmas ‘elf’, complete with tattoos. What inspired you to write their story?

TE: I was very much a Darcy. I worked retail for a large portion of my life and man…can that make you hate Christmas! It’s hard to pay attention to the good in people when they act so freaking terrible just to get their shopping done. And man, they can be terrible.

Also, Darcy comes from a single parent household and never really got to experience a Christmas either. I wanted to use that aspect and to have her slowly see that Christmas can be amazing. Ben also comes from a single parent household, but he chooses to see the good in others and the hope in the season. He’s just one of those half-full guys. Solid and dependable, that’s Ben. And I wanted to show that kind of man could be sexy as hell.

Suspended picAs much as I like writing the kind of guy that’s angsty and troubled (See Shane in “Suspended“. Gah!) I really am in love with the nice guys when it comes to real life. And Ben is totally nice guy with a side of DELICIOUS.

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CABR: Do you find writing novellas more fun or more of a challenge than full-length novels?

TE: CHALLENGE! I tend to write long actually. And it’s a real effort to get the novella thing down pat. Simplify, simplify, simplify! And my God, am I terrible at that. LOL “Holiday Sparks” is actually more category length. It was originally supposed to be a novella, but I just couldn’t hold myself back. Thankfully Ellora’s Cave is pretty open with wordcount.

CABR: Great news for us readers. 😀 Can we expect future Christmas novellas?

TE: Actually, yes. I really love writing them and personally…I love the covers. LOL I will be writing more I’m sure. I also think Christmas books are a good place to revisit favorite characters. So that’s always an option for me.

Holiday Sparks coverCABR: HS is being published by Ellora’s Cave. So how hot is it?

TE: It’s…well, it’s an EC book so you know it’s hot. These two really know how to burn up the stray pine needles on the floor. And there’s a particularly scorching scene right behind under the crazy Christmas tree at Blackstone’s Department store in the book. 😉

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CABR: What’s next for you?


Well, I’ve got another holiday themed book coming out in February – “Suspended”. It’s a mashup of the winter holidays ending in Valentine’s Day. It’s a roadtrip book with two very unlikely people falling in love. It’s from Loose Id. And probably one of the sexiest books I’ve written. And also one of the most growly alpha-type characters I’ve written to date.

Shane is not an easy man to get to know, but once he falls for Kendall? Watch out—that man will not be denied. 

Also, I’ll be working on Alaric and Mercy’s book from ASHES AND WINE. And Cari Quinn and I are working on a new project together that may or may not include rockstars. 😉

CABR: Woohoo :)


teCABR: Which character from fiction, yours or another author’s, would you like to spend time with and why?

TE: Because it’s Christmas and I just am so in love with Ben Hartley from “HOLIDAY SPARKS” — I’ll have to go with him. I lost my mom a few years ago now and she was the epitome of the Christmas spirit, so I’d love to see that come back into my life again and Ben would definitely provide. He loves his Christmas.

CABR: If you could be someone else for a day, from any time in history, who would you be and why?

TE: Hmm. Good question. Well, because I was thinking of my mom…that put me into Elvis mode. We totally loved to watch Elvis movies together. I’d love to be Ann Margaret when she got to play with Elvis for a day on the set on Viva Las Vegas. I’ve heard he was goofy and funny and just a total trip to be around.

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