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Guest Post & Giveaway: “To Iraq and Back” by Jessica Scott

Jan 29
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To IRaq and Back coverMilitary romances are a genre many of us enjoy, particularly when told with skill and knowledge.

Some authors, like today’s guest blogger and author, Jessica Scott, do so from their own personal experience on the frontlines.

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JS: Thanks so much for having me here today!

I guess y’all are probably wondering what a nonfiction book is doing on a romance blog?

And you guessed it, I’m here to explain. I wrote the content for “To Iraq and Back” while it as deployed in 2009.

I was learning to be a writer. I was learning to be an officer and it was my first time deploying into a combat zone. I was learning to be a mom deployed away from my kids. I wrote. Writing was my ‘me time’ then and it’s my ‘me time’ now.

To Iraq and Back” is obviously very personal to me. It’s not a comment on the war, it’s a commentary on how I dealt with the war and all that went with it. In it, you can see early iterations of my current published books.

JS in uniformI spent a lot of time with Shane & Jen from “Because of You” and with Evan & Claire from “Until There Was You“, too.

So in a way, it’s a look back on things that shaped me as a woman, a writer, as a soldier.

Some good, some not good. But all learning points that I grew from.

What’s really cool – at least I think – is that you can look at “To Iraq and Back” and see the development of my characters Shane & Jen as well as Laura & Trent. Shane & Jen first appeared in “Because of You“, the book that launched Random House’s first digital imprint Loveswept. They have a short story coming out on February 4th, too. It’s really funny how certain characters stick with you, you know?

(GIVEAWAY) Anyway, I hope you’ll check them out! I’m giving away copies of both “To Iraq and Back” and “Because of You” today! I hope you’ll check it out!

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To IRaq and Back coverHere’s the blurb for “To Iraq and Back“:

My name is Jessica Scott. I am a soldier. I am a wife. I am a mother. there are many stories from the Iraq War but this one is mine. In 2009, Army second lieutenant Jessica Scott deployed to Iraq as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation New Dawn.

It was a year of many firsts. This is the first person journey through a combat tour in Iraq, through being a woman in the army and learning to be an officer in the unforgiving environment of a brigade combat team.

This is the journey of a writer, learning to find her voice. This is the journey of a mother, confronting the emotions of leaving her children. This is the story of an inexperienced lieutenant, growing into a leader. This is the journey as it happened, without commentary.

This is her blog. There are many blogs from the Iraq war, but this one is hers.

Jessica Scott picAbout Jessica: Jessica Scott is a career army officer, mother of two daughters, three cats and three dogs, wife to a career NCO and wrangler of all things stuffed and fluffy. She is a terrible cook and even worse housekeeper, but she’s a pretty good shot with her assigned weapon and someone liked some of the stuff she wrote.

Somehow, her children are pretty well adjusted and her husband still loves her, despite burned water and a messy house. Oprah has called her. True story. Her debut novel “Because of You” launched Loveswept, the first Random House digital imprint.

She’s written for the New York Times At War Blog, PBS Point of View Regarding War, and IAVA. She deployed to Iraq in 2009 as part of OIF/New Dawn and is currently a company commander stationed at Fort Hood. Most recently, she’s been featured as one of Esquire Magazine’s Americans of the Year for 2012.


BUY Links for “To Iraq and Back”:

Amazon – http://www.amazon.com/Because-of-You-Loveswept-ebook/dp/B006E38HR0/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1359265266&sr=1-1&keywords=because+of+you+by+jessica+scott

Connect with Jessica Scott:

Website – http://www.jessicascott.net/Welcome.html

Twitter – www.twitter.com/JessicaScott09

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/JessicaScottAuthor

Goodreads – http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/5131118.Jessica_Scott

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