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Beyond The Page: “Return to Sender” by Annabeth Albert

Feb 6
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Today I’d like to welcome Annabeth Albert to CABR.

She’s here to discuss her latest erotic romance novel, “Return to Sender“, and to give one lucky commentator an eBook copy of her novel.

The answer to the GIVEAWAY question will be found in Annabeth’s interview, so read carefully. 🙂

CABR: Where’d you get the idea for “Return to Sender“?

AA: Last Spring, when “50 Shades” hysteria was at its peak, a bunch of writers on Twitter were discussing taking back the term “mommy porn.” Author Delphine Dryden had the idea of a bunch of erotic romance writers all writing stories featuring mothers as heroines – something we don’t see enough of in the genre.

The original idea for an anthology feel through, but a number of us, including Del and Dee Carney, have had stories that came out of those discussions published. For myself, I knew I wanted to do a single mother heroine, and from there the idea of sex-toy order going awry.

Annabeth Albert picCABR: That’s such a cool story 🙂

Did any real-life events inspire scenes in this book (sourced from the net during research perhaps)? 😉

AA: Not really. My heroine Bree orders from a online adult store, so I did do some browsing at places like Toys in Babeland and Adam & Eve. But on the whole, I’m way more vanilla than most of my characters!

CABR: LOL. Annabeth, can you provide an excerpt from your favourite scene in “Return to Sender“?

AA: Sure. It’s probably cliche, but I still love my opening scene because it’s where we get a sense of the dynamic…

“The red dildo fell into Jack Donovan’s lap with a friendly little plop. He peered into the empty box, wondering what unlucky and obviously very horny sap was stuck cuddling the land-use management text Jack had ordered. His laugh startled the dogs from their place on his oversized leather couch. Holmes cocked his head, trying to decide if there was something worth getting off the couch for. Cocked. Jack laughed harder.

Watson, always ready for a new chew toy, came to investigate. He sat back on his haunches, craggy brown face looking just pathetic enough to merit a pat. But no way was the king of chewed-up soccer balls getting his paws on the Gladiator Stallion 900. The shrink-wrapped package announced the dildo’s name in bold red lettering embossed on gold foil. This was one expensive-looking piece of rubber. Correction, “space age, real-feel silicone therma-skin.” The back of the box had tips for “maximizing the real-skin sensations.”

“Not for you,” Jack told Watson firmly. Dejected, the chocolate lab mix waddled back to the couch.

But who was the toy for? Jack’s ass clenched. No way in hell had he ordered it by mistake. Picking up the shipping box again, he pieced the label back together. Bree Hendricks. This time his laugh was enough to get both dogs off the couch. Holmes barked but Jack couldn’t stop until he ran out of air. Bree ordering a dildo? No way. But as the shock wore off, heat rushed to his cock at the idea of his favorite coffee shop owner bent over her laptop, her auburn hair falling forward to frame her face and a rosy glow rising on her cheeks as she picked out the perfect sex toy. The image was as hot as it was improbable.

If you’d like an Adults-only, steamy excerpt, I have one here: http://annabethalbert.com/books/return-to-sender/return-to-sender-naughty-excerpt/

rtsCABR: No joke on the steam in that excerpt. 😉 “Return to Sender” is a novella, correct?

Do you have plans to write a sequel and would it feature a new couple?

AA: Although “Return to Sender is 20,000 words, it is a complete story. I don’t think I’m spoiling things to say that it has a happy ending.

That was important to me, because as a reader, I like things to feel finished. That’s part of why I love romance novels, and I wanted to be sure to provide that for readers.

But, I absolutely loved the town of Ashbury that I created. My heroine has a friend, and she’s getting a book this spring. “Move Me” will be out from Ellora’s Cave later this spring. It’s 30,000 words, so also a novella. And don’t worry! Bree and Jack make appearances! But the heart of the book is a married couple facing an international move. The husband proposes a sexy bet to settle the disagreement, and the game is on.

I’m hoping to do at least one more Ashbury book, this one for the baker of the decadent cream puffs that feature in both of the first two books. The big, burly baker has been demanding a book, and I think I’ve found him the perfect heroine . . .

CABR: I can’t wait to read “Move Me“. What are your publishing plans for 2013?

AA: “Move Me” will be out this spring. I’m finishing up a m/m contemporary right now, then I’ll return to Ashbury to write book #3.


Coffee or tea?

AA: Coffee. The fancier the better.

Dogs or cats?

AA: Dogs. We have a black lab humane society special.

eBooks or paperbacks?

AA: Both! I now read almost exclusively on my nook, but I’m never, ever pitching the books on my keeper shelves.

CABR: Which character from fiction, yours or another author’s, would you like to spend time with and why?

AA: I love all of my own characters, but I’ve spent most of my life wishing I could find Anne Shirley from “Anne of Green Gables” and be her best friend.

Thank you for having me on your blog Sasha!

I love meeting and chatting with readers of all genres. I frequently tweet about new additions to my keeper shelf, my quest for self-knitting yarn, and funny toddler exploits at @AnnabethAlbert on twitter. You can also find me at http://www.annabethalbert.com

CABR: Feel free to stop by anytime Annabeth. You were so much fun to interview 😀


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