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Beyond The Page: “Suspended” by Taryn Elliott

Mar 4
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Taryn ElliottHi, I’m Taryn Elliott, creative genius, evil mastermind, insane mouth-piece for Kendall Proctor and Shane Justice in my current release, SUSPENDED.


Sasha (@CaribbeanAccent) asked me to do a little mini-interview with my main characters, Shane and Kendall, so you could have a little look-see into their life.


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Shane pic





















So much of SUSPENDED is about the road trip and them getting to know each other. However, when they do land in Bradley, NY there’s an air of tension that wasn’t between them before. Of course I want you to read the book to figure all that out. That’s what I do all this for, right? 🙂


But one part about the Heron – that’s the B&B that they both share – is that they both fell in love with the land, the house, and the absolute peace of their slice of life.

For just a few minutes I want you guys to look and see what they see:

Curled into the huge Adirondack chair that Shane made with a quilt, I look out down the beautiful stretch of dock. The quietly graceful pergola in the center of the dock houses a Shaker style swing with its simple lines quietly rocking in the spring breeze. Canvass curtains are cleverly hung so that they can be snapped out to ward against wind, or pulled back to let nature kiss your face.

My inspiration for the dock—not quite the same, but close…

Suspended dock










And the lake:

Suspended lake

The glass smooth surface of the lake is blocked by a man with broad shoulders sitting on the edge. Light brown hair gilded with sunshine streaks from his time outdoors flutters in the breeze.

His arm is carelessly draped over the small woman beside him. At least it looks careless to anyone that doesn’t look a little harder to see their fingers twined and her face buried in his chest.

The woman’s hair is a mix of moonlight and sun—a blonde so light it glows. That’s where she’s gotten her nickname of course. Sunshine. She’s the light in his dark corners, even from the beginning.

I hate to interrupt them. But Sasha wants an interview and I need to see if I can make Oscar—er, Shane, talk to me for a few minutes.

It’s a rare moment for them to be alone. No guests pulling at them, no project drawing Shane’s attention away and into the barn, no clatter of hammers and drills as their new house is being built.

I grip my phone, the recorder function waiting for the flick of my thumb to capture a small sampling of these two for Sasha’s readers. As I get closer the murmurings turn to words. Shane’s rumbling bass in between Kendall’s laughter. The intimacy is staggering and I feel like an ass interrupting them.


TARYN: Hey guys, got a minute? I’m doing the whole meet the characters from SUSPENDED and need to…well, meet the characters.

KENDALL: Sure. *She pats the ledge next to her then bumps Shane over* Move over Oscar and make some room. *Shane glowers, but moves over a few feet* C’mon, don’t get all Oscar on me. I told you about this yesterday.

SHANE: You told me while we were getting ready for bed.


SHANE: You were getting undressed. I wasn’t paying attention to what you were saying. Especially with that purple thing you were wearing under your sweatshirt. That outfit might be illegal in a few of the square states of the mid-west, Sunshine.

KENDALL: I needed to get you to agree to give up some of our free-time tonight. *She shrugs* That’s the easiest way to get you to do things.

SHANE: *With eyebrow raised* Is that so?


SHANE: So, you’re actually sitting there—with a shit-eating grin, I might add—literally telling me that you used sex to convince me to do something you wanted. Something you knew that I wouldn’t like.


SHANE: *Shane leans back on the dock, propped on his elbows* Just making sure I’m clear on things.


SHANE: You know there’s payback in your future, right?

Her eyes glitter with humor and the laugh is so clear in her voice I’m ready to hop up and run right now. She turns to him.

KENDALL: Can’t wait.

Yep, this is definitely going to be a short interview. These two are practically oozing sex and happiness. It’s kinda disgusting. Wait—I mean, it’s very sweet. Ahem.

TARYN: Shane, can you tell me about the first moment you fell in love with the Heron?

Shane turns his attention to me. The warmth in his eyes fades a few degrees leaving the color a cool evergreen shade. They’re intense eyes. Calm with storms brewing. And then his lips quirk on one side and crinkles form at the corners of his eyes with the half grin. I lose my breath for a minute. Struck by just how beautiful he is under the harsh glower he gives off to the world so naturally.

Shane pic 2

SHANE: It wasn’t one moment. More like a mix of little things. I guess you could say I fell in love with the potential it slowly became. When I first got here all I could see was the broken boards of the dock, the fences that needed fixing, the old barn that looked more like a horror movie set than anything else.

KENDALL: Horror movie? C’mon, it wasn’t that bad.

SHANE: Compared to how you idealized it? You know you were wearing some serious rose-coloreds, Sunshine.

Kendall frowns until Shane rolls up to a sitting position and steals a swift kiss before returning to his prone position.

SHANE: But after I fixed a few things I started to notice how much I liked the quiet of the day. The house sounds and the customers—

KENDALL: Guests.

Shane rolls his eyes.

SHANE: Guests—weren’t very intrusive. Most people come here for the quiet and I appreciate that. My life isn’t quiet. Not with this one.

He nods toward Kendall.

KENDALL: Watch it, Oscar.

SHANE: But there’s these quiet pockets that I never knew I needed until I got them. And those pockets make everything else worth it.

KENDALL: Don’t let him snow you. I think that’s the most you’ve ever said about the Heron that didn’t include what you wanted to DO to it. *She flicks his knee through the rough denim of his jeans* He’s not happy unless he’s working on something. I can lose him for hours to a carpentry project, but he’s even worse about keeping everything at the Heron in tip-top shape. It’s a sickness.

SHANE: You love it.

Kendall smiles sweetly and turns to me.

KENDALL: I really do. He even lets me help with some stuff, but for the most part I let him do his thing. And all of the mini-projects he’s done to bring the Heron up to B&B standards brought new guests here and with his help I get to do what I’ve always wanted to do with the Heron. I get to make a perfect get-away for guests. That’s all I’ve ever wanted for this place. To make it an oasis, not just a fishing shack.

Shane tips his head back with a disgusted groan.

SHANE: Don’t get her started on the fishing crap.

KENDALL: Do you know how hard it is to get the scent of trout out of a building?

SHANE: That’s why there’s a fishing shack just for those types. The B&B is for the people that want the comfort. And that–*Shane nods to the small shack on the curve of the lake* –is for the people who just want a place to sleep between trips out on the lake.

KENDALL: I’ll never know why.

Shane sighs.

SHANE: Because my darling Sunshine, guys don’t equate quilts and pretty pillows and bustling females as fun and relaxing. They want a beer, a fishing rod, and the quiet.

KENDALL: Well, that’s what they get. I don’t understand that part, but I’ve learned to listen to Shane about a few things. And keeping that fish smell out of my house is all I care about.

Knowing I’ve completely lost control of this interview I just smile and nod. They are so totally in synch without being inside each other’s pockets all the time. It’s something I could only hope to have in my life. Now let me just set people straight. This isn’t my heaven. I’m not the outdoorsy type. But Kendall and Shane have created a perfect spot that I couldn’t help but share with people.

TARYN: When did you know it was more than a roadtrip—more than just a fling? When did you each figure out it was the big L?

KENDAL: I knew I was in trouble that first night. All the things that stupid will threw at us, all the anger riding inside Shane, all the anger I was feeling toward my father for throwing us together –all of it should have scared me stupid. And part of it did. But the part that I remember most is having this intense guy forced into my life and instead of wanting to push him away, I wanted to get him closer. It didn’t make sense, but then again when does love make sense?

SHANE: When you own up to it.

Kendall’s smile was soft as she sidled closer to him and he sat up to curl his arm around her shoulder again.

TARYN: And you, Shane?

SHANE: Kendall’s my home. Whether it’s under the stars in California’s Yosemite park, or the deserted stretch of road in Nowhereseville Arizona with a flat tire, or a small town in Utah, or a hotel in a blizzard just outside of Buffalo, NY—she’s my home. Even before I got to Bradley I knew she was it for me. I just got stupid for a while before I really figured it out.

KENDALL: Ain’t that the truth.

Shane presses a kiss to her temple and flashes a crooked grin at me.

SHANE: This woman makes me nuts, but I’m keeping her.

KENDALL: I make you nuts? Isn’t that the other way around, Oscar?

She digs her fingers into the plaid overshirt he’s wearing to the t-shirt underneath and he clutches her closer distracting her with a kiss.

As she sighs into him I scoot back and stand, flicking the recorder off and jamming it into my pocket. They don’t notice me as I leave, but that’s okay. I got exactly what I needed from them. A little piece of Kendall and Shane that will hopefully show you just why I loved creating them.


Now…for the good stuff. That is if you’re still with me.

To find out more about Shane and Kendall you can find SUSPENDED at a few places. Buy the book of course. Hello, that’s what us writer’s want. LOL

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SuspendedYou can also see the inspiration behind how the story came together on my pinterest board for them. Some of the pictures miiiight not be suitable for work so keep that in mind when you’re clicking. http://pinterest.com/tarynelliott/storyboard-suspended/

You can find out more information about my books on my website: http://tarynelliot.com

I’m also a social media hound, so you can find me on Twitter: http://twitter.com/tarynelliottfic

And on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TarynElliottAuthor

I also have a newsletter you can sign up for on my website if you want to be kept in the loop about future books. I’m working on a new series with fellow author CARI QUINN that will start this spring with a band by the name of Oblivion as the focus. Sexy rockstars…how can anyone resist?

I hope you enjoyed my little snapshot of Kendall and Shane. Thanks to Sasha for always having me back when I release a book. And finally…GOOD LUCK with the giveaway!

I’m also doing a Giveaway with Sasha:

SUSPENDED plus 1 other book from my backlist. All you have to do is enter the rafflecopter and post a reply telling me if you like the Bed and Breakfast setup or would you rather go to a hotel where the only thing pulling you away from your significant other is room service?

I’ll be back to check in on your answers!


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