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Review: “Jilted (Promise Harbor Wedding) book 1 by Kelly Jamieson

Mar 20
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Jilted (Promise Harbor Wedding) bk 1




Review: You are going to laugh while reading the prologue to JILTED. Standing in front of the minister about to marry them, a clearly drunk and nervous Allie tells Josh it took her two hours to “look like this” – pale cheeks and dark circles beneath her eyes.

You’re wondering how long before she ‘ducks out’ on the ceremony but Allie doesn’t even get to do that. Suddenly a man bursts through the church doors, demanding a moment with the bride.

Josh understandably says hell no but mystery guy ain’t having it and after an exchange of words with the bride and groom, he sweeps Allie up into his arms and out the door.

Hence the title JILTED.

This is where it gets interesting folks 😀

Trust me when I say Kelly Jamieson does an excellent job introducing us to the residents of Promise Harbor, focusing of course on Devon and Josh.

We know about Devon’s issues, and how they factored in to the breakup but it takes a while for Josh to come to the realisation that he may have problems of his own which contributed to their breakup one year earlier.

(Allie’s story is the last in the series – HITCHED by Erin Nicholas. I guess that’s why we don’t hear from her again for the rest of JILTED. I’m looking forward to reading her story as well as books 2 and 3 in the series.)

No bride? What’s a groom to do? Have the reception of course 🙂

While there, Josh is doing his best to contact Allie by phone but she’s apparently too busy with her ex, the man whom, while drunk on the eve of her wedding, she confessed she would always love. Devon meanwhile offers to check out the island where the couple was supposed to honeymoon, in case Allie went there. It’s the perfect opportunity to approach someone from a rival firm about hiring her, having been let go by her company during a downsizing exercise.

Or so she thinks, until Josh declares he’s coming with her. And this, my fellow readers, is when everything comes to the fore. ;D

They share the honeymoon suite, yes Josh and Allie’s honeymoon suite, but each do their best NOT to let on how attracted they still are to one another.

Some lusty moments follow but Devon and Josh aren’t quick to jump into the sack. I appreciated this, since it was a more realistic picture of what sometimes happens between exes who still have the hots for each other. This also gave the author an opportunity to build the sexual tension…so when this couple FINALLY hooks up…WOW 😀

I loved how Kelly Jamieson ended JILTED and I look forward to reading BOLTED, BUSTED and HITCHED. I hope to Devon and Josh have cameos 🙂


Jilted (Promise Harbor Wedding) bk 1Title: Jilted

Series: Promise Harbor Wedding, book 1

Author: Kelly Jamieson

Rating: 4 stars

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Publication date: March 2013

JILTED Synopsis: The wedding’s off but the honeymoon is on…

Promise Harbor Wedding, Book 1

Devon can do this. She can show up at her ex-boyfriend Josh’s wedding, even though he’s marrying her ex-best-friend. She can show everyone she’s happy with her fabulous life in Boston, her great career, her amazing shoes — and she can show everyone she’s over him.

Truth is, her life isn’t so fabulous. She’s just been downsized out of her job, her Jimmy Choos won’t pay her mortgage, and…she’s still heartbroken that Josh chose family over her. The real reason she’s enduring this wedding is that her next stop is nearby Greenbush Island, her last hope of finding a new job.

Josh knows marrying long-time friend Allie will make everyone happy after the rough time their families have been through, and since the woman he really wanted to marry chose her career and big city life over him—why not?

But the perfect wedding turns into a perfect disaster when Allie leaves him at the altar for another man. He never saw that coming! But hey, Devon’s there, offering to help him look for Allie on Greenbush Island, where he’d planned their honeymoon. Only, all they find there are their old feelings for each other and a temptation to risk their hearts one more time…

Warning: This book contains a firefighter hot enough to ignite flames, a woman who doesn’t want to get burned again, a honeymoon suite but no honeymoon, and sex not on the beach (sorry).

Click here to read an EXCERPT from “Jilted (Promise Harbor Wedding) book 1″

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