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Review: “Urgent: One Nanny Required” by Olivia Logan

Apr 1
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Urgent ONR coverRating: 4.5 Stars

Genre: Contemporary romance

Author: Olivia Logan

Publisher: Crimson Romance

Publication date: April 15, 2013

Review: URGENT: ONE NANNY REQUIRED is a sweet and cute romance that will keep you wondering what happens next.

Rania George is happy as a sweetshop owner. She is happy with the life she has, even if the only thing she may regret is not having a family of her own. So she finds herself very mad when young Theo shows up after dark all by himself in her shop. She knows that she must keep him safe until his father arrives.

Nick Trenton is a Hollywood director, he knows that he does not give all the attention he should to his son Theo, but he wants to keep him safe and the best way to do that is to leave him out of the spotlight where he can make his own decisions as he grows up. But now Theo has run away from yet another nanny, good thing that he was pointed to the sweetshop (candy store) Theo loves.

When Nick shows up to the sweetshop he is surprised by the sweetshop owner, she does not act towards him like every other woman, and she gives Theo more attention than others. Not only that, Theo is close to her, he listens and he shares with her his precious comics heroes, who he does not share with anyone.

Rania is like Mary Poppins or Maria from the Sound of Music, but she is neither of them. Something that Nick will realize soon enough. But first, he must hire her to be Theo’s nanny for the next three weeks while they have to be in Hollywood.

Now as Nick, Rania and Theo spend so much time together in Hollywood, Rania finds herself wishing that the family picture they look like was real. But after her childhood, she could not live as close to Hollywood as she would be required if she were to be with Nick.

With the help of Nick’s close friends, Nick and Rania find themselves alone often enough that they end up acting on the attraction they feel. But if they are not honest about their feelings, they may just end up loosing their chance at being the happy family they could be.

Rania’s long lost and unknown father will play a very important role in bringing Rania and Nick the happiness that they may just be denying themselves.
If you want a sweet, fun and beautiful romance Urgent: One Nanny Required by Olivia Logan will not disappoint.

(Guest review by Yazmin Rangel)




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