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Beyond The Page & Giveaway: “Heartbreaker (The Warriors)” by Laura Taylor

Apr 10
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Please welcome the wonderful, award-winning author, Laura Taylor to CABR   🙂

HEARTBREAKER, book 3 in her series The Warriors,  has been updated and re-published.

Laura will be chatting with us about the book and how she updated it, as well as doing an eBook Giveaway, so be sure to post a comment on the blog and complete the Rafflecopter

Heartbreaker cover


Laura, if you had to describe your book to someone on Twitter, what would you say?

Pride, determination, and sensuality collide…in HEARTBREAKER, Book 3: The Warrior Series!


I know this is an updated version of a Bantam Loveswept novel. Was it written before the 9/11 attacks? 

Yes, the original version of HEARTBREAKER was written prior to 9/11, but other terrorist attacks had taken place across the globe.  Some involved our military personnel serving overseas, which made it very personal for me.


How did the events of 9/11 and subsequent terrorist attacks impact the updating of Bliss and Micah’s story?

A close friend perished in NYC on 9/11.  As well, my family has deep roots in the U.S. military and with the U.S. State Department, so I possess an insider’s knowledge of the behind the scenes consequences and responses to such events.  In HEARTBREAKER, the heroine Bliss is the daughter of a presidential envoy, while the hero Micah is in Naval Intelligence.  These facts contributed greatly to their characterizations in the novel.


Did you struggle to write a particular scene?

To be quite honest, I don’t struggle when I write. Writing is one of the greatest joys of my life, and I feel as though I am fulfilling my destiny when I write.  Many readers know that I took a hiatus from writing for more than 14 years.

During that hiatus I accepted the role of editorial consultant, working with both new and globally celebrated writers. I believe those years of nurturing other writers elevated my grasp of a writer’s responsibilities to the readers.  It also created a longing inside of me to return to the writing life. I am so happy that I am now able to devote myself to writing.

It took some real planning to figure out just how to present to the reader an off-the-charts sexy military hero whose eyesight was compromised, not to mention a heroine capable of standing up to his anger even as she tries not to fall in love with him – for the second time in her life!


Here’s the excerpt from HEARTBREAKER. Enjoy!

He hauled her up and into his lap. She weighed almost nothing, he realized in surprise. She also didn’t protest his aggressive behavior, which surprised him even more.

Her compassion-filled voice continued to echo in his head as he spanned her waist with his hands and held her atop his thighs. He trembled with tension and a startling renewal of the desire he’d felt just minutes earlier. And then he realized somewhat belatedly that Bliss wasn’t fighting to free herself. Hell, her breathing hadn’t even changed and her pulse remained steady.

Micah frowned. Did nothing shake this woman? Why wasn’t she upset with him? Why wasn’t she fighting him like a cornered wildcat? Did she think the bandages that covered his eyes made him less of a man, made him impervious to sexual desire? He assumed the latter, and anger reignited within him.

“Now what?”

Her calm voice stung like salt applied to an open wound. Micah’s grip on her waist tightened. He wanted her to struggle against his hold, but she didn’t, damn her! He exhaled, the sound ragged with emotions he couldn’t even begin to articulate.

What did he want from her?


What’s your favourite (or most memorable) reader response to HEARTBREAKER?

The following words:

“Storytelling at its all-time best. HEARTBREAKER is a must read for all fans of romance.”

The reader, whom I later learned was a book reviewer in the UK, left this comment about HEARTBREAKER on the Amazon Kindle book page.  Each time I read it, it validates me as a writer, and it motivates me to continue to bring as much truth to the page as possible in every romance novel that I write.

The reader had no way of knowing that military heroes are particularly significant to me, or that they symbolize members of my own family, men and women who possess both integrity and personal honor, or that being a romance writer is the fulfillment of my destiny.


If you were offered a TV or movie deal for HEARTBREAKER, or any of your other books, which would you choose?

I would select a feature film, because there are fewer boundaries placed on a screenplay, as opposed to a teleplay for a network or cable TV production. Plus, I love sensuality, and it belongs in any production based on my writing. I live in Southern California, so I’ve been privileged to observe both feature film and movies for television productions.




Laura Taylor photoFavourite place to write?

At the beach – don’t laugh – I’m serious! I love being out of doors, so I take my laptop, a comfy beach chair, and an umbrella to the local beach.


Paperbacks or eBooks?

Both!  But I personally love the convenience of eBooks.  It means I am never without a book to read.


Pantser or plotter?

Surprise!  Neither!  I’m a film buff – if the story unfolds like a film in my mind, then I know I’ve got a book worth writing.


Ideal getaway?

In truth, I have 2 favourite spots:

1.  Tuscany, my late father’s home province in Italy.

2.  The guest cottage of a friend who lives in the Caribbean.

Can you tell I love balmy temps and being near (or on) the beach?  😀

I love your getaway choices Laura! 🙂


If you could meet anyone from history, living or dead, who would it be and why?

That’s easy!  I’ve always been curious about Cleopatra.  She must have been a woman of determination, courage, and strength.  Thanks to her forceful will, facile mind, and ability to strategize, she very nearly toppled the Roman Empire. To my way of thinking, that level of assertiveness takes major confidence.  My heroines are assertive women, even though they’re not attempting to overthrow empires, so it’s not surprising that I would admire women (past and present) who possess the same quality.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Heartbreaker cover

BUY Links:

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AmazonUK – http://ow.ly/hh7pn

Amazon Canada:   http://www.amazon.ca/Heartbreaker-The-Warriors-ebook/dp/B006PKMGOW/ref=tmm_kin_title_0?ie=UTF8&qid=1365453165&sr=1-23

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What Amazon Kindle readers say about HEARTBREAKER from Laura Taylor:

“Another wonderful read from Laura Taylor!”


“This book is a must!”

“Laura Taylor’s books are addicting!”

“A must-read for romance fans.”

“Absolutely wonderful romance!”

“Beautifully written!”


CONTACT Laura Taylor:

Facebook Author PAgehttps://www.facebook.com/laura.taylor.50309?ref=tn_tnmn#!/LauraTaylorRomanceWriter


Google Plushttps://plus.google.com/u/0/101038104764033734752#

Laura Taylor 4 books image


Published in both mainstream and romance fiction, Laura Taylor is the recipient of numerous writing awards.  They include:  a Romantic Times Lifetime Achievement Award as Best New Contemporary Mainstream Fiction Author, a Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice Certificate of Excellence for Series Romance, a Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice Award for Best Bantam Loveswept Novel, a Romantic Times Career Achievement Award for Best Series Romantic Adventure Novel, a Romantic Times Career Achievement Certificate of Excellence as Series Storyteller of the Year, a Romantic Times Career Achievement Award Certificate of Excellence for Best Series Romantic Suspense, an RWA Golden Heart Series Romance Finalist Award, an RWA Rita Mainstream Fiction Finalist Award, two Maggie Awards for Mainstream Fiction (hardcover and paperback editions) from GRW/RWA, and a Golden Rose Award from the Gold Coast Chapter of RWA as an acknowledgement of her efforts as a co-founder of the chapter.

Her acclaimed Vietnam-era novel, HONORBOUND, received multiple national book awards, as well as endorsements from authors Pat Conroy, Stephen King, and W.E.B. Griffin.  Both the Literary Guild Book Club and the Doubleday Book Club chose HONORBOUND as alternate selections.

Laura leads private Advanced Novel Group workshops in Southern California, is a permanent faculty member of the Southern California Writers Conference and the Santa Barbara Writers Conference.  A member of International Thriller Writers (ITW) and The Authors Guild, she is also an original Founding Member and served on the Board of Directors of Novelists, Inc.



  • Lori Meehan says:

    Great interview and intro to a new author (to me).
    The book sounds really good.
    I’d love to win the book because as I said Laura is a new author to me and now I’m very intrigued.

    • Laura Taylor says:

      Lori – lovely to meet you – my thanks for your comments – I look forward to becoming better acquainted – I hope you enjoy my romances – warm regards, Laura

  • Mike Pettit says:

    Excellent interview with one of my favorite autyhors. Thanks.

    • Laura Taylor says:

      Hi there, Mike! I appreciate your praise. As a writer yourself, you know how much time and energy goes into the process. Wishing you success with your books, my friend. LT

  • pauljrega says:

    Nice interview Laura! Yes, Cleopatra would be an interesting person to meet! Good luck with all your great books!

  • Congratulations on the re-release, Laura! I’m curious how much updating you had to do, not just because of big events by 9/11 but also due to changes in technology and society. Was there a lot?

    What are you working on now?

    • Laura Taylor says:

      Hi Natalie: as a writer, you know the delicate balance between the preservation of an emotionally viable story line and the important details of contemporary life that cannot be overlooked – the latter grounds the story in real time. I discovered that I needed to do 2 things – delicately insert technology and then turn up the heat sensually between the lovers, Bliss & Micah. I am blessed with a deep backlist and numerous book awards, and some of the readers remember me. Now, their daughters are discovering me, which is a total blast!
      I’m currently preparing several additional books for re-release this year and next year – thank you very much for asking.
      I wish you continued success with your books!
      Best, Laura
      p.s. I love the tagline you’re using below your name on your website’s banner – Love With A Shot of Adrenalin!

  • J.P. Lane says:

    Wonderful interview. It was very nice getting to know more about you and your books, Laura. And the lady in the blue hat endeared herself to this Twitter addict right at the beginning with this tweet: “Pride, determination, and sensuality collide…in HEARTBREAKER, Book 3: The Warrior Series!”

    • Laura Taylor says:

      Heartfelt thanks, J.P. Lane!
      You’re a writer, so your praise means a lot to me. I’m just getting the hang of blogging, FB and Twitter, and I consider you a fabulous role model!
      Wishing you mega-success with your novel, The Tangled Web!
      Hugs, LT

      • J.P. Lane says:

        That’s a fabulous compliment coming from a writer like you, Laura, because I admire you tremendously – and will be digging into one of your books very soon. Many thanks for your good wishes re mine. lol

  • Laura Taylor says:

    Hi Paul – thanks so much for stopping by Sasha’s blog, and thank you for your good wishes. I want to wish you every success with your upcoming novel. Best, LT
    p.s. I think Cleo would love to empire build in present time! 🙂

  • Laura, what a fabulous interview. I love how your heroes, and especially Micah, are characters who are experiencing truly difficult situations. They have not had it easy, and their struggles are very real. Congratulations!

    • Laura Taylor says:

      Many thanks, Kristine Cayne! You’re a very skilled romantic suspense writer, and I really appreciate your comments about my heroes – for me, they’re real men with real flaws and huge hearts! The absolute best kind of alpha male hero in a romance novel! They’re pretty hot, too!
      p.s. Wishing you success with UNDER HIS COMMAND & AFTERSHOCKS

  • Angila says:

    Thank your for the giveaway the book sounds amazing and I will definitely be searching for the 1st two books. I’ve never read this series before but I’m always looking for new reads 🙂

    • Laura Taylor says:

      Hi Angila – thanks so much for your note – I hope you enjoy the Warrior Series – I loved writing these books – let me know what you think – best regards, Laura

  • tash188 says:

    Well done Laura, I love this book! Laura is a lovely person and a great author. I downloaded one of Laura’s books when I first got my kindle and it’s what got me into the genre. One of my favourite authors xx

    • Laura Taylor says:

      Hi Tash – so good to see you and your beautiful smile, my UK friend! How are the girls doing? Everyone is well, I hope. Thank you for being so supportive! Hugs, LT

  • julie says:

    Really enjoyed the interview. I love Laura’s writing, the characters are always believable and her heroes are a joy to read

    • Laura Taylor says:

      Hi Julie – wow! Thank you for your wonderful praise of my heroes – I guess my secret isn’t a secret any longer – I really enjoy writing about fabulous guys – hope you have a terrific weekend! Hugs, LT

    • Laura Taylor says:

      Hi Julie – left a reply to you a short while ago, but it’s not showing up on this page – will try one more time – I want to say a sincere thank you for your praise of my heroes – I just really enjoy writing them – I appreciate that you took the time to share your thoughts. Hugs, Laura

  • Juanita Rice says:

    Good job, Laura. Of course, the Warrior series is my favorite with Nicolas at the top of that list. 😉 But they are ALL so good!!!

    • Laura Taylor says:

      Hi there, Miss Juanita – so lovely to see a message from you on the blog – as always, my thanks to you for your unwavering support and generous heart. Hugs, Laura

  • Vicki says:

    New Author to me, enjoyed the excerpt & interview

  • Cheryl Sanders says:

    I have not read anything by Laura but I most definitely need to read this book. It sounds amazing! Thank you for this giveaway!

    • Laura Taylor says:

      Hi Cheryl – just found your comment – I hope you enjoy HEARTBREAKER – I had a fabulous time writing it – hope you will stop by at Facebook or Twitter or Google Plus (the info is in the interview) and let me know what you think of the story. Happy Weekend! Laura

  • Timitra says:

    Easy, I love military heroes! Great interview by the way!

  • Claudia says:

    I have the great priviledge of calling Laura my editor as well as my friend. I am always impressed at the quality of her writing and her ability to sweep me into the world of the characters she has so well crafted. I CANNOT wait for her next release. I fall in love with all her male heroes and wish that we could all have such amazing men in our lives :))
    Thank you, Laura for providing us with such rich and fulfilling stories!

  • tash188 says:

    We’re doing good thanks. Hope you’re doing ok. Take care xxx


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