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Beyond The Page & Giveaway: “Faking It” by Diane Alberts

Apr 24
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Love a good fake engagement romance? Today’s your lucky day 🙂

Diane Alberts is talking to CABR about her newest contemporary romance, FAKING IT, and giving away an eBook copy to one lucky commentator


Faking It cover


Welcome to CABR Diane 🙂

Tell us, what inspired you to write about a fake proposal bringing together a young woman and her older brother’s best friend?

I love stories where the older brother’s best friend falls for the younger sister. Love, love, love them. They’re an auto buy for me. And I also adore the idea of a fake relationship, or in this case proposal, leading to the real deal.

It’s hard in that situation to remember it’s all fake. I love watching characters react to their feelings. There’s so many ways the story can take.


I love the cover of FAKING IT 🙂 Did you have any input in it? Have you ever gotten to be ‘hands-on’ with cover selections?

I didn’t, no! But I love it, too. I think the most “hands on” I’ve been with a cover would be TRY ME, but only because my former editor and I talked about it a little bit before he created it. That probably doesn’t count, does it? LOL

For the most part, we authors say covers we like, and tell the artist what the characters look like. The rest of the magic is up to the cover artist. In this case: Liz Pelletier, owner of Entangled Publishing.


Is there a particular scene in the book which seems to have resonated with readers? Were you surprised?

I’ve heard from readers that they really liked the scene where Derek sits outside of Stephanie’s door when she won’t let him in. I’ll provide a small snippet. 😀


Her voice cracked on the last word. The door slammed in his face; he barely had time to save his fingers from being crushed. The sound of her sobs came through the thin wood. He rested his brow against the door. He should leave. Give her her privacy.

But he couldn’t go.

He sat outside her door, his back against the wood. He couldn’t leave her when she was crying, but she wouldn’t accept his comfort. He could only be here for her, silent and unobtrusive. There was no way he could walk away from her. Not like this.

He would sooner rip his own heart from his chest.


Diane Alberts photoWhat’s next for you in 2013 Diane?

Hmm. I think next up with Entangled Publishing is LOVE ME- the second book in the Take a Chance series. (The first book was TRY ME) It’s Erica’s brother, Tommy. 😀




Favourite form of escapism?

Reading an awesome book, of course!


Paperbacks or eBooks?

eBooks, unless if it’s one of mine. Then I want a paperback to hold in my hands.


Ideal vacation?

Hot water. White sand. Lots of sun. Somewhere like Hawaii.


If you could be anyone in history for a day, who would you be and why?

Hmmm…I’m going to have to go with Queen Elizabeth I. I love that time period, and she ruled England without a man by her side before such things were heard of. She must’ve been a spitfire. 😉


Thanks so much for having me here today Sasha!

It was fun, so thank you Diane and I’m looking forward to meeting you at RT 2013 in Kansas City, MO. 🙂

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Faking It coverFAKING IT Blurb:

Derek Rory never meant to propose to his best friend’s little sister. But when her boss tells a family-oriented investor he’s Stephanie’s fiancé, Derek can either play along or let her get fired.

He’s hardly one to turn away from a damsel in distress. If only that damsel wasn’t adorable and sexy with a laugh that could melt any cold business mogul’s heart.

When a business proposal becomes a marriage proposal, Stephanie Miller tries to keep it strictly boardroom. But when things get hot under the table, it’s all they can do to stay apart.

As the tangle of lies drags them deeper into the underhanded world of business politics, Stephanie finds herself in over her head—not just with her job, but with her “fiancé.” His eyes are cold, but his kisses light her on fire. If she’s not careful, she’ll end up faking her way into a real romance.

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Entangled Publishing


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Diane Alberts photoABOUT THE AUTHOR:

Diane Alberts is a multi-published, bestselling author with Entangled Publishing, Swoon Romance, and Decadent Publishing. She has, as of this date, four books with Entangled Publishing, one book with Swoon Romance, and five older books with Decadent Publishing.

Her February release with Entangled Publishing, ON ONE CONDITION, hit #18 on the Barnes and Noble bestseller list, and TRY ME hit #76 on Amazon. Her Swoon Romance novella, CAPTIVATED BY YOU, hit #31 on the Barnes and Noble bestseller list. Diane is represented by Louise Fury from the L. Perkins Agency.



Website: http://dianealberts.com/

Blog: http://dianealberts.com/blog/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/dianealberts

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Diane-Alberts/121705201245084




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