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Beyond The Page & Giveaway: “If The Shoe Fits” by Amber T. Smith

Apr 29
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Today on CABR I’m chatting with Amber T. Smith about her debut novel from Crimson Romance, IF THE SHOE FITS 🙂


If The Shoe Fits Cover


Amber, if you had to describe IF THE SHOE FITS to someone on Twitter, what would you say?
A fun and flirty modern fairy tale, with a feline fairy godmother thrown into the mix for some whimsical laugh out loud moments.
I like that! 🙂 
What inspired you to write this twist on the Cinderella fairy-tale?
I woke up one morning, and there it was – the idea fully formed. I was in a panic because I’d promised to join a group of friends and write a novel in one month, and a couple of days before I was due to start writing, I still had nothing. I live in Cardiff (in the UK), and I have a gorgeous cat called Belle.
How these two facts came into play, I have no idea, but I suddenly decided that I would write a modern fairy tale based in my home city. To give it a twist, I took my cat as inspiration and thought I would do something different with the fairy godmother character. ‘Muse’ was born (the cat in the story), and the working title of the novel was ‘Cardiffella’.
I still don’t know to this day how the heck I came up with the idea, but the book virtually wrote itself, and I had an absolute blast with it!
Tell us about your favourite/most difficult scene to write
I think the most difficult scenes (but also my favourite, as it happens) were between Ella and Muse. I needed to make the dialogue believable, and as cats don’t generally speak in the real world, that was sometimes tricky. I think, though, that because Ella and Muse are such opposites, their scenes worked really well.  The following scene picks up just at the point when Muse first speaks to Ella:

Eleanor looked at her cat suspiciously.

“I know it’s not you talking to me, so why do I think that it is?”

“Of course it’s me who is talking to you, Ella. Who else would it be?” said Muse. Or at least, possibly Muse.

“Cats can’t speak. That’s not possible.”

“Of course we can speak; we’ve always been able to speak. You just need a certain type of human to understand us.”

“A crazy one?” spluttered Eleanor, dropping into a chair.

“We prefer the term ‘open-minded’ as opposed to crazy. One doesn’t like to think we are living with unstable humans, after all.”

“Oh yes, I can understand that,” said Eleanor faintly. “Er, why have I never heard you before now?”

“You just weren’t listening right, dear. I’ve been communicating with you for quite some time now, but you’ve been rather distracted.”

“I need a drink.”

“Not the vodka, please, Ella dear.”


“Wine is much better; more refined for a lady.”

“I’ve never pretended to be a ‘lady’, Muse,” snorted Eleanor, who was now enjoying the conversation, no matter how bizarre it seemed. She decided she was dreaming, and if that was the case, she would indulge in some vodka, even if it was far too early in the day.

In the spirit of embracing her dream, Eleanor decided to confide in Muse about her embarrassing encounters with Charming, culminating in the recent flashing of her bottom. Muse was very understanding, and offered advice on her predicament.

“You should try to be more careful when you are out and about, my dear. I would definitely advise clothes that aren’t easy to come off, for example. And perhaps you should leave the high heels at home in the future.”

“I wasn’t wearing heels or loose fitting clothes when I got stuck in the elevator,” pointed out Eleanor, as she downed a double vodka.

“No dear, but you weren’t being careful, were you, or you would have noticed your jacket getting caught in the door.”

“That’s true,” she sighed. “I can’t help it, though. That man makes me nervous.”

“Maybe so, but you need to keep your wits about you. By the by, I strongly advise putting the lid back on that bottle. Your father is due in half an hour, and unless I’m mistaken, you still haven’t put the chicken in the oven.”


“Ella, please try to use a more ladylike refrain in the future. That isn’t very becoming language for a lady to use.”

“You sound like Christie.”

Muse sniffed and walked out of the room with her tail in the air. Eleanor giggled, then pinched herself.


Double crap. She hadn’t been dreaming after all. Biting her lip, she grabbed the phone and punched in Jake’s number. After a few rings, the phone was answered and Jake’s voice tinkled over the line.

“What’s up, sweetie?”

“Jake, I think I’m losing my mind.”

If your were offered a TV or movie deal, which would you choose and why? Who would play your characters?
I think it would have to be a movie, mostly because the whimsical elements would probably be lost on a smaller screen. My heroine would be played by Sandra Bullock, mostly because she does so well with zany humour, while Charming would have to be played by Jensen Ackles. He’s my fangirl crush!! And of course, my own beautiful cat would have to play Muse. 😀
authorpic1Pantser or plotter?
I’m a pantser, definitely. I rarely have any idea what I’m doing, though I usually have a vague outline in my head. I prefer not knowing, though. It’s as much of an adventure for me as it is for my characters!
Favourite TV show/s?
Game of Thrones, Spartacus, Supernatural, Grey’s Anatomy… and of course, Once Upon A Time!
Ideal getaway?
New Zealand. As a huge Lord of the Rings fan, I would LOVE to visit all of the movie’s filming locations. Myself and two friends have the dream of tramping around New Zealand in the footsteps of Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli!
If you could meet anyone from history, living or dead, who would it it be and why?
Oh, that’s a tricky one! I’m torn between Jane Austen and J.R.R.Tolkien. Austen because I’m fascinated by that era, and she was obviously such an enlightened lady, and Tolkien because he was such a genius. I think Tolkien wins by a whisker… his entire approach to writing was phenomenal. His mythology is simply awesome, and I’ll never tire of learning more about it.
Thanks for asking such great questions! I had fun answering them! 😀
This was fun Amber 🙂

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