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Beyond The Page & Giveaway: “Urgent: One Nanny Required” by Olivia Logan

Apr 30
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CABR has done it again, snagging an interview and giveaway with a Crimson Romance debut author.

This time it’s my good friend, Olivia Logan, sharing some insight into URGENT: ONE NANNY REQUIRED 😀

Lest you think I’m biased, check out the GoodReads reviews for this sweet, sexy romance set between London and Hollywood.


UONR cover


Olivia, please tell us about your debut novel, URGENT: ONE NANNY REQUIRED

UONR’ is the story of Rania George who owns a sweet-shop and one dark night spots a little boy outside alone. Not having had the best childhood growing up she empathises with him and lets him in prepared to call his parents and give them a piece of her mind only to find his single dad on the doorstep annoyed at her!

Nicholas Trenton knows what is son is like with nannies however he seems to be different with this woman. He has a shoot coming up in LA for 3 weeks and yes she seems angry at him but from the looks of her shop she could use all the financial help she can get. Why not ask her to come along and be his nanny since she clearly doesn’t think the other nannies he hired in the past up to scratch.
Question is what has Rania got to lose by saying yes?


What was the hardest scene to write/edit in the novel?

For me the hardest scene to write is always the start. I know the middle scenes I want to include but I always find it hard getting it off the ground.
I struggled with this one as I wanted to show the relationship between Rania and Theo the little boy first as that is the main reason why she gets asked to go to LA.


She wasn’t sure if it was the unexpected “Excuse me” from the other side of the door or the worn surface of the ‘Welcome to Belle’s Sweets’ mat that made her slip, but within
seconds Rania George went one way as the mat went the other and she fell with a hard thud on her butt. Dazed, she found herself looking up into a pair of worried brown eyes.
If the boy thought it odd she was now on the floor with her legs askew, he was too polite to mention it.

“Are you closed?” His voice was barely audible over the icy British February wind.

Pushing herself up, she pointed to the faded ‘Closed’ sign at the front, “I’m afraid we shut early today.” The oddest feeling of déjà vu settled over her as she saw
the ash blond hair fall forward as he nodded slowly before turning to walk away. She recognized him. He was the same kid who hovered outside the shop window
every day after school with a harassed woman in tow. She swung the door wide as the rusty bolt gave way without a fuss. He paused, turning around, eyes downcast.

“Hey. Aren’t you a bit young to be out when it’s this late? And where is the lady that is normally with you?” she asked, her eyes combing up and down the street.
“She is my babysitter. And I don’t like that one,” came the sorrowful reply, lower lip coming forward and beginning to tremble. “Besides, I’m old enough. I’m eight.”

Her stomach flip-flopped at the words ‘that one.’ Memories she had thought long buried came back in waves. Images of countless babysitters for those times her mother
went out chasing her dream flashed before her. Angry tears burned behind her eyes and she blinked them away rapidly. “You shouldn’t be out on your own when it is so dark. Come in and we’ll give your house a call to let them know where you are,” she said, moving aside as he practically ran in, wandering from sweet jar to sweet jar, eyes agog at the variety.

Bolting the door, she gently moved him aside as she squeezed through the narrow aisle. “Right, little man, what’s your home number?” She picked up the banana handset
ready to give whoever answered a piece of her mind on child safety. He shrugged as he stared at a large jar of fizzy cola bottles. “Can’t remember. But my dad said I can get my own phone when I’m ten.”

Rania rolled her eyes heavenward. This seriously couldn’t be happening. “Well, how about……” She jumped as a sharp bang on the glass brought her planning to an end as a dark
shadow loomed large and ominous outside. “Hello. Can I help you?” she called out, replacing the receiver while handing a paper bag to the boy.

“I believe you have my son.” growled an angry masculine voice from the other side.


olivia loganOlivia how did you celebrate getting “the call” from Crimson Romance and seeing your book cover?

To celebrate I went shopping of course 😛 but when I first saw my book cover I was out at a meal with friends and after squee-ing for a good few minutes much to their embarrassment and shock of other diners we had a round of cocktails!


What’s next for you? New book coming out or working on a manuscript?

Though I’m always working on something new nothing is scheduled to come out just yet. My current MS is another story with a Hollywood leading man but not connected to ‘Urgent’. Still ironing out the creases but will keep you updated on its progress on my blog.
What’s the best way for readers to contact you?

I’m around on twitter as @olivia_logan_ or on my website www.olivialoganromance.com where they can also email me from the ‘Contact Me’ page.




Ideal getaway?

Anywhere in Italy


Paperbacks or eBooks?

That’s a toughie- eBooks for time saving but nothing like feeling the rustling of pages from a paperback.


Chocolates or fruits?

Do chocolate covered fruit count??? No- okay I guess I’ll take fruit, grapes especially. (LOL)


Panster or plotter?

Generally a plotter but then my characters tend to take me off track.


If you could spend time with anyone in history, living or dead, who would it be and why?

Elvis Presley because he is the king! 😀


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UONR cover


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  • kitten18blog says:

    I just love reading about children in general, they can be mischevious, comical, sweet, innocent, etc. I love reading how children bond with people. And what single parent wouldn’t love to see their child happy with a special bond to someone? And it’s sometimes funny with some mischevious fun with a nanny (to me especially a nanny they may be trying to get rid of by being mischevious) and I love the bonds they form to the ones they like.

  • Lori Meehan says:

    I think when you bring children into a romance book if done properly adds reality to the story. It also brings out the real character of the people involved in the book.

  • Natalie says:

    I think you get to see more of the characters in a book when they interact with a child. And it often makes for a deeper storyline.

  • Olivia Logan says:

    @Kitten18blog- *nods* Exactly- the bond formed between a nanny and their charge can sometimes be truly strong.

  • Olivia Logan says:

    @Lori – Definately. People become their real selves around children and children demand no less!

  • Olivia Logan says:

    @Natalie – That is so true. Children aren’t like most secondary characters (ie not Hero and Heroine). They can add the awww factor but also make they hero and heroine examine their own childhood.


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