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Guest Post & Giveaway: “By Hook or By Crook” by Linda Morris

May 1
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Linda Morris is in charge today, so pay close attention to what she’s written.

If you correctly answer the giveaway question, you could win an eBook copy of BY HOOK OR BY CROOK 🙂




Thanks for having me at Caribbean Accent Book Reviews today to share a little about my latest book how came to be published.

BY HOOK OR BY CROOK is a little bit different from a lot of romance I’ve read lately. While pitching it to an editor during a pitch session on Twitter, I made the mistake of calling it a romantic caper, to which the editor responded “nobody reads those anymore.” Then numerous other editors kindly jumped in to agree with her.

Luckily I eventually found an editor who felt differently and fell in love with the story. (So there’s my pro tip for this interview: If you’re describing your book to an agent or editor, don’t call it a caper. Even if it is one. Especially if it is one.)

But I love romantic crime capers. One of my favorite movies is Out of Sight, based on the Elmore Leonard novel of the same name. Jennifer Lopez and George Clooney light up the screen as the ultimate odd couple: a federal marshal and a bank robber fall in love, all set against the backdrop of a prison escape and jewelry heist.


BY HOOK OR BY CROOK is a little different. Ivy Smithson is a prissy heiress who never crosses her wealthy business father. She leaves that to her rebellious little sister, Daisy. At the beginning of the story, Daisy calls Ivy to announce that she’s eloping to Vegas to marry the MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighter she’s been dating only a few months.


Ivy thinks it’s a disaster: She’s been used for her money and doesn’t want the same thing to happen to her little sister. She confides in their overbearing father, who comes up with an idea. He’ll send Joe Dunham, his oh-so-sexy security consultant, to Vegas with Ivy to stop the wedding before it can happen. Joe thinks Ivy is nuts. Who is she to stop her little sister form marrying the man he loves? But he never argues with a paying client (well, not much anyway), so he goes along. But something goes amiss.


When they arrive in Vegas, Daisy’s fiancee has abruptly dropped out of the big MMA bout he was to fight in. He and Daisy are nowhere to be found. Joe and Ivy know they never would have let this opportunity for his MMA career get away, so something must be wrong. They set off to find them.

I won’t giveaway too much, but let’s say that gangsters, a sketch by the German artist Albrecht Durer, and Lake Tahoe all come into play. Ivy wants to stop her sister from ending up with the wrong man, but when Joe and Ivy are forced to spend time together, she finds herself falling for an inappropriate man of her very own!


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BLURB: Heiress Ivy Smithson is determined to keep her flaky sister from making the worst mistake of her life: marrying the wrong man. Clearly, the guy is just after the family’s money.

To stop her, Ivy teams up with her father’s gorgeous, wisecracking, and supremely difficult security consultant, ex-cop Joe Dunham. Ivy’s way too uptight to be his style, but she’s had his attention from the first — maybe because Joe always pays attention where women are concerned.

Bickering all the way, off they go on a mission to Vegas to track down Ivy’s sister and stop the wedding.

When Ivy and Joe anger the wrong people, their lives get dangerous, but guns and gangsters aren’t the only threat they face. Ivy knows Joe isn’t her type, so why does falling for the wrong guy feel very, very right?

Linda Morris picCONTACT Linda:

Twitter (@LMorrisWriter)

Website (www.lindamorrisbooks.com)


  • Evelyn says:

    She called it a romantic caper. Your books sounds very interesting and it piqued my curiosity, so I will have to go and buy it.

  • Chanpreet says:

    She was told not to describe it as a romantic caper.

  • Jim Cangany says:

    I’ve had the pleasure of reading this fabulous tale and it’s a total blast! You’re amazing Linda. Cheers to Joe, Ivy and the rest of the gang.

  • Vicki says:

    Do not call it a caper even if it is one. As I am not an author, I don’t have any advice.

  • Christine L. says:

    Ms. Morris advises that you NOT pitch a book as a romantic caper because no one reads those anymore. (Untrue … I would love a good caper! Especially a romantic one!)


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