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Beyond The Page & Giveaway: “Outback Fear” by Suzanne Brandyn

May 17
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OF cover


Welcome to CABR, Suzanne. 🙂

Please tell us about your newest release, OUTBACK FEAR.

A story of one woman’s courage to fight back, of redemption and new found love. It could happen to You!

Here’ the BLURB:

Suspense with a touch of romance

Savannah Harris is determined to raise her three-month-old daughter in the best possible environment, and flees home to Grace Creek, an inheritance from her recently deceased mother.

But even this peaceful property cannot cocoon her from her abusive husband or a stranger who intends to rip her life apart.

In an atmosphere thick with fear, Savannah realises she cannot keep running, she must fight back or risk losing not only her life, but the only family she has left, her precious daughter.


Where did the idea to write it come from? How does the finished book differ from that original idea?

I lived on a cattle, sheep and wheat property for some years, and at times alone with a small child. I wondered what if and the idea of Outback Fear was born. My imagination was let loose. I think the finished novel is very much the same as when I first began writing.


When and in which book retailers will OUTBACK FEAR be released? Does it differ by continent/region?

It’s available on Amazon (May 7) and most on line bookstores after the initial three months period on Amazon.


SuzanneBrandynWill fans be able to meet you at any book conventions this year?

Not this year, but next year I’ll be off to Conferences, signings and talks.


Is OUTBACK FEAR connected to any of your previous books? If so, please help us connect the dots

I have four published novels. OUTBACK FEAR is not related to Heat in the Outback or any of my previously published novels.




Chocolate or fruits?
Fruit. I can’t stand chocolate. Lol


Ideal getaway?
Lizard Island, Australia.


Panster or plotter?
Semi Plotter.


Paperbacks or eBooks?

Both. When the eBook revolution begun I said I’d never buy them. Now, my i Pad is full of novels. But I also purchase the paper version. I love both.

Me too 🙂


If you could spend the day with anyone from history (living or dead), who would it be and why?

It would have to be Jane Austen. Imagine writing your first novel at fourteen. But she really didn’t have any acknowledgment until after she died.

If she could see how her work has become so widespread and popular, it would be overwhelming for her.

Just to see that look on her face would be a dream all writers hope to achieve.



To celebrate the release of OUTBACK FEAR on May 15, 2013, Suzanne is running a competition to WIN a sapphire pendant set valued at over $250 Australian, set in sterling silver.

Pendant on white

The pendant set was made from sapphires found on the property in ‘Outback Fear.’ Grace Creek is a fictional name but the real property exists.

To WIN this GIVEAWAY, complete the RAFFLECOPTER that’s located below the jewelry photos on Suzanne Brandyn’s blog.

Here’s the rafflecopter link – http://suzanne-brandyn.blogspot.com.au/p/competition.html

 Here’s another photo of the sapphire pendant set:

Pendant set on black good one


Good luck! 🙂 


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Twitter (@SuzanneBrandyn)







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