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Guest Post & Giveaway: “Rescuing Dawn” by Nicole Flockton

Jun 14
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Nicole Flockton is on CABR today!!

Can you tell I’m excited? 🙂

She’s talking about starting over, a central theme in her latest release, RESCUING DAWN, from Crimson Romance.

Over to you Nicole.


STARTING OVER by Nicole Flockton

Nicole-7502-LR-Color-1We’ve all done it. We’ve all had a situation in our life where we’ve had to start over. Most of the times starting over can be due to a tragedy in your life. – a broken relationship being the main one we’ve all suffered through.

For Dawn, in RESCUING DAWN, she’s had a few tragedies that make it difficult for her to try again. She decides that loving again is too much of a risk so she shuts herself away from life. She works the night shift and goes home afterwards. She doesn’t socialize with friends.

I have to admit sometimes she was a little difficult to get moving on trying again, she went backwards and forwards a few times. Eventually she sees the errors of her way – of course it takes a good man to make her see the light!

When you’ve lost the most important people in your life it does take a strong person to pick up the pieces and move on and start over.

I’ve started over a couple of times in new relationships. But the biggest starting over for me was when we moved from Perth Australia to Houston Texas in August 2009.

That was a major move. Some people might not see that as starting over but for me it was. I had to learn to cope without having my mum and dad a quick phone call away. It took me a while not to realize I couldn’t pick up the phone and chat to her – time difference sucks. I had to make new friends – it was scary!

But the good thing about starting over for me has been I’ve actually realized the dream of being published. I often wonder if I was still back in Perth would I be published? Would I have had the drive and determination to send that query email in June 2012. The answer is I’ll never know.

Starting over can be hard but it can also be the most rewarding thing you can do. Have you had to start over again in your life?



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