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Beyond The Page & Giveaway: “Making the First Move” by Reese Ryan

Jun 18
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It’s my pleasure to welcome Carina Press debut author, Reese Ryan, to CABR 🙂

She has a giveaway too of her book, MAKING THE FIRST MOVE, so be sure to enter the rafflecopter.


Congrats on your debut release, Making the First Move. 🙂 How would you describe this book to someone on Twitter?

Best. Day. Ever. Within 24 hours Melanie lands her dream promotion and the man of her dreams. Only neither is quite as perfect as it seems.


ReeseRyanWhat inspired you to write about a career-obsessed woman who meets the right guy at the wrong time?

We’re faced with compromises in life and love every day—from small concessions to life-changing choices.

The trick is knowing which ones are worth making and when we’re sacrificing a piece of our soul.

I wanted to tell the story of a character who is obsessed with what she thinks she wants. Then we follow her journey as she discovers what is really important in her life in order to get her happy ending.


How did you celebrate the publication of your book and its sexy cover? 🙂

My family and I celebrated the impending publication with dinner at one of my favorite local restaurants. I celebrated my cover—which I honestly couldn’t be more excited about—by doing my awesome yet tragic Snoopy dance.


Did you struggle to write a particular scene? Tell us about it

There’s a pivotal scene between the two main characters—Melanie and Raine—that was pretty intense. It’s very emotional.

One character makes a devastating admission to the other. But it would give away too much if I revealed that particular scene.

So I’ll share one of my favorite scenes. It’s the first time Melanie’s mother Ellie meets her love interest, Raine. It’s set at my favorite place in my hometown of Cleveland—The Cleveland Museum of Art.


He holds me closer, our cheeks flushed as we stand in front of Jacques Louis David’s enormous painting of Cupid and Psyche lying naked in an elaborate bed, basking in the afterglow of their lovemaking.

Raine kisses the side of my face and whispers in my ear, “I know how that guy feels.”

Before I can tell him I know how Psyche feels, too, I’m interrupted by a familiar voice.


My spine stiffens. There are times when my mother’s voice echoes in my head. It stopped me from going to third base on several occasions in high school. But it’s never quite this vivid.


Raine and I both stop to look at the woman quickly approaching.

It’s my mother!

Mimi tries to keep up, laden with her huge purse and the boys’ jackets. Mickey and Dusty are nowhere in sight.

“Mom? Mimi? What are you doing here?”

“We actually came to see the art.” Mom grins and winks at me as she leans in to give me a hug. “Who’s your handsome friend?”

I take a deep breath. I’m not prepared for this, introducing Raine to my mother. Should I call him my boyfriend? “Mom, I’d like you to meet Raine Mason. He’s…a friend of mine.” I give him a look that begs forgiveness in advance for anything inappropriate my mother might say. “Raine, this is my mother, Ellie Gordon.”

She rakes her fingers through her hair and stands a bit straighter.

“Mrs. Gordon, it’s a pleasure to finally meet you. I’ve heard a lot about your magnificent cooking.” He extends his hand.

A wide grin spreads across her face. She slips her hand into his. “Well, it’s certainly a pleasure to meet you, Raine. Though I’m at a disadvantage. You’re apparently my daughter’s best-kept secret. She hasn’t breathed a word to us about you.”

Mom glances back at Mimi. My sister looks as guilty now as she did when she was seven and she’d denied stealing my mother’s makeup with pink-stained lips and clown-red cheeks.

“Well, she hasn’t breathed a word to me, at least,” Mom continues. “I have no idea why she’d be hiding such a handsome, polite young man from her mother.” She raises an eyebrow at me.

I rub my forehead, wishing it were a genie lamp that would grant my wish to have never left the condo this morning. “I haven’t been hiding him, Mom. Raine lives in San Francisco.”

Her smile widens. “You came here, all the way from San Francisco, to see my Melanie? You two sound like more than just friends.” She pokes me in the side with her elbow.

I cough. Mimi stares, wide-eyed.

“We are more than just friends,” Raine says sheepishly. He seems to feel the need to explain to my mother why he was draped all over me a moment ago. “I’ve been trying my best to convince your beautiful daughter to be my girlfriend.”

“My daughter is a little gun-shy and a bit of a workaholic. But keep working on her.” She speaks to him in a loud whisper behind her open hand, as if only he can hear her.

“Mom!” Mimi says sharply.

Raine is clearly amused.

“Raine, this is my sister, Michele.”

Mimi shifts her purse and the boys’ coats to her left arm and extends her right hand to him. He shakes her hand.

“Good to meet you.” He smiles. “Melanie’s told me so much about you and your boys.”

She smiles approvingly. “Nice to meet you, too.”

“How long will you be in town, Raine?” I can see the plot brewing in my mother’s head.

“Just for the weekend. I flew in on Thursday evening to surprise Melanie. I leave Monday morning.”

“Melanie, you should’ve brought Raine over to the house. I could’ve kept him company on Friday while you were at work, shown him around town.”

“Maybe next time I’m in town.” He beams at her.

Mom smiles then elbows me again. “What a darling!” She looks at me as if I’ve just won the lottery. “Raine, you have to join us for dinner tomorrow. You were going to bring him to dinner, weren’t you?” My mother looks at me accusingly.

I clear my throat. “Actually, I was thinking…since Raine’s only here for a few days…”

“Look, I don’t blame you for wanting to spend the weekend shut in with this one.” She jerks her thumb toward Raine and bares her teeth at him in a flirtatious grin I’ve never seen my mother use before and hope never to see again. “But you’ve gotta come up for air sometime and you two have to eat. I’m guessing there’s only an assortment of condiments in your refrigerator.”

My cheeks flush. My head throbs. I bury my forehead in my hand.

Raine can’t hold back anymore. His entire body convulses in a raspy chuckle as he drapes an arm around me. “I’d love to come to dinner.” Raine flashes that irresistible grin at my mother and I’m pretty sure I see her swoon. “But I know Melanie has a lot planned for me this weekend.” Mom looks at me as if to say, “I’ll bet she does” and it seriously makes me throw up in my mouth a little. “How about if we promise to get back to you with an answer by the end of the day?”

“Fabulous!” Mom can barely contain her excitement at the possibility. She squeezes Raine’s hand and kisses me on the cheek. I breathe a sigh of relief, thankful for the reprieve.


Will you be attending any book conventions or signings this year?

I do plan to attend one convention this year— The New Adult Sleepover Weekend— but strictly as a fan girl, not a writer. This year I’m really just learning how many book conventions there are and deciding which ones I want to attend next year.




Paperbacks of eBooks?

Ooh. A couple of years ago I was one of those diehards who swore I’d never succumb to the evils of e-readers. 😉 Then I started reading books on my smartphone Kindle app. I got a Kindle Fire HD for Christmas and now I’m hooked. My stacks of neglected paperbacks haven’t been getting much action lately. I’m officially an eBook fan.


Fantasy vacation?

Since seeing pictures of the over-water bungalows at the Four Seasons Resort in Bora Bora, I’ve been obsessed with going there someday. The incredibly blue water against the backdrop of lush green mountains and the prospect of absorbing a new culture…That would be a dream come true for me.

8) If you could be anyone for a day, who would you be and why?

There are so many amazing people to choose from. I can’t pick just one. I’d love to be inside Jane Austen’s head for a day. Her strong, witty heroines and the family drama she created through a splendid cast of characters inspires me daily.

I would also jump at the chance to be Dr. Maya Angelou for a day. She’s such a brilliant writer, speaker, and motivator. Yet  she’s an even better human being who encourages others to be at their very best. It would be incredible to soak up all the knowledge and wisdom of this phenomenal woman, even for a day.



Answer the following question then complete the rafflecopter:

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Pre-order your copy of Making the First Move at one of these fine booksellers:

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Big promotion, complete with $300 pen? Check.

A hot man who cuddles, spends the night and makes breakfast? Check.

Waiting for the other shoe to fall? Check.

“If it feels too good to be true, it probably is.”

Five years of obsessing over her career pays off when Melanie Gordon gets a promotion that could make or break her. But the new job takes her back to her hometown to face the family she’s distanced herself from, and forces her to leave behind sexy, mysterious philanthropist Raine Mason, who just might be the man of her dreams.

By the time Raine makes his move with Melanie, her one-way ticket to Cleveland is booked. He convinces her to take a chance on him long-distance, but can’t yet trust her with the whole truth about himself.

Raine and Melanie slowly peel back each other’s layers (starting with his bicep-hugging sweater). She is finally ready to give her heart to him…until she learns the dark secret of his past. He’ll have to prove to her that love is worth the risk.


ReeseRyanCONNECT with Reese Ryan:

Website –


Facebook – ReeseRyanWrites

Twitter – @ReeseRyanWrites

Goodreads – ReeseRyanWrites






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