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Guest Post & Giveaway: “Super Hot (a Superlovin’ novella)” by Vivi Andrews

Jul 10
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Thank you so much for having me here today, Sasha!

(You’re welcome Vivi. I’m going to sit back and enjoy reading about your love of superheroes 🙂  )


Vivi Andrews pictureHi, my name is Vivi and I’m a superhero junky.  Superman, Spiderman, Batman, The X-Men, Iron Man – oh, Tony Stark, be still my heart.  But not just the classics.  What I really love are the superhero stories that take the established tropes and turn them a little, looking at an entire world with superheroes, not just one super struggle – like The Incredibles, Sky High, and My Super Ex-Girlfriend.

I love romance in a world of derring-do and epic battles – so of course I had to write a superhero romance series.  It felt like the natural choice, when I sat down to write the Superlovin’ novellas, that they take a look at real world romantic woes when the “real” world is full of superness.

What’s it like to date when you have to always worry about whether or not you’re going to crush your honey with your superstrength?  What sort of man won’t feel immasculated by the girl who can bench press an automobile?  That was the question that inspired Superlovin’.


In the second story, Super Bad, I wondered about the aftermath of epic battles. What happens to the girl who was manipulated by a villain’s mind control until she became lost inside the illusions that are her own super power?  How would she find her way back out again?  How can you trust anyone when your mind has been a playground for villains?  (With loooove, of course.)


But the question that drove Super Hot was a little different.  In my most recent release, I wondered what it would be like to be the only non-super in a family of superheroes.  What growing up normal, but surrounded by the expectation of superhuman feats would do to a person.  Would you become the world’s biggest overachiever to compensate?  That’s what happened to my heroine, Tandy Nightwing.


Her parents are super.  Her brothers are super.  Aunts, uncles, cousins – all super.  But she’s most famous as the Nightwing Dud.

Tandy’s found a way to be happy with her normalness, even proud of being superpowerless, until Our Hero comes along and informs her that she just might be super after all.

Eric Eisenmann grew up non-super as well, but became a scientist working with supers and always desperately wanted to be one of them.  When a villain injects him with a serum to make him super, he gets his wish – but it’s definitely a case of be careful what you wish for.  His newly awoken power is as an uncontrollable human flame-thrower – and now all he wants is to figure out how to turn it off.

I loved the idea of looking at the complicated emotional coping mechanisms of being normal in a world that expects you to be super, and the idea that not all super powers would be a blessing.

BUY Link for Super Hot 


If you could have a super power, but you wouldn’t get to pick which one beforehand, would you take the risk?  And what do you think would be the worst superpower you could possibly be stuck with?

I’m giving away the winner’s choice of any of my ebooks – be they super, shifter, or paranormal romantic comedy – AND today only (July 10), Super Bad, the second book of the Superlovin’ series is FREE on the Kindle store.  Happy reading!

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Vivi Andrews pictureBIO: 

Vivi Andrews is the award-winning author of over a dozen paranormal romances, including the popular Serengeti Shifter series.

Born and raised in Alaska, she still lives in the frozen north when she isn’t indulging her travel addiction.  Whether at home or on the road, she’s always hard at work on her next happily ever after (which, at the moment, is some steamy shape-shifter lovin’!).



You can find more about Vivi and her books at www.viviandrews.com or connect with her on Facebook (www.facebook.com/ViviAndrews) or Twitter (www.twitter.com/viviandrews).




SuperHotExcerpt of Super Hot:

“Dr. Eisenmann?” she called again, loud enough for her voice to echo off the lab walls.


Nothing, save a metallic clank from the room at the opposite end of the lab.

Irritation flashed higher.  Just like a scientist.  So caught up in his own work that he can’t even be bothered to greet her properly.

Tandy strode through the disorganized chaos of the lab, mentally rehearsing the dressing down she would give the absentminded scientist.  She marched through the open door—

And every coherent word marched right out of her brain.

The man in the weight room didn’t look like any kind of scientist she’d ever seen.

Her first impression was of muscles.  Glistening, shifting, flexing muscles.  He was shirtless, facing diagonally away from her so she had a perfect view of his chiseled profile and every rhythmic bunch and stretch of the muscles across his shoulders and back as he pressed the weight machine’s bar above his head.  His light brown hair was close-cropped, not quite military short, but close to it—which gave her an uninterrupted view of his neck.  She’d had no idea necks were so sexy.  Earbuds were tucked into his ears and he stared straight ahead, firm bearded jaw clenched with single-minded focus as he pumped.

Tandy stood frozen in the doorway, jaw slack.  Ogling.  She’d never thought of herself as an ogler before, but Sweet Baby Jesus if ever a man deserved a good long ogle it was this one.

She should go.  This obviously wasn’t Dr. Eisenmann. Was he a test subject, maybe?  Here to participate in a super research study?  She couldn’t help wondering what his super power was—beyond the superhuman sexiness.  Oh holy hotness, what if his superpower really was superhuman sexiness?  What if he exuded some sort of megawatt sex pheromone that reduced every female he came into contact with to ogling goo?  What if this was just the contact high version?  What would happen if he directed that super sexiness straight at her?  Tandy’s knees went weak at the thought and a little whimper escaped her lips.

He didn’t notice, just kept pumping away, music still blasting away in his ears.  Get a grip, Tandy. You have a boyfriend.  Though at the moment she was having a hard time remembering her own name, let alone her boyfriend’s.

With a muted clink, Super Hot let the weights settle gently back on top of one another, his reps complete.  He stretched for a towel, rubbing at the gleaming sweat on his chest as he straightened to his full—impressive—height and turned—

To stare right at Tandy.

A pair of eerie amber eyes almost glowed, stunningly vivid in his tan face, blazing at her with an instant and startling rage. She froze, classic deer-in-headlights style.  Super Sexy was pissed.

The temperature in the room shot up and she actually hallucinated flickers of different colored fire dancing in the air out of her peripheral vision, but she couldn’t tear her eyes away from Super Hot’s livid face.  He snatched up a T-shirt draped over the treadmill and jerked the earbuds from his ears.  She dimly heard the music blaring from them as he stalked toward her.  Barefoot.  There was no reason why that should strike her as so insanely erotic, so intimate, but damn if her mouth didn’t go dry at the slap of his feet as he approached, bearing down on her, gold eyes blazing…   Hot damn.

“How the hell did you get in here?” he barked. “This is a restricted area.”

A wise woman would retreat.  Tandy knew better than most precisely how stupid it was to get into a pissing match with an unknown super.  But she was also a Nightwing—even if she didn’t have a power to her name—and never let them see you quake was practically a family motto.  So she tipped back her chin and stood her ground, drawing around her the Hardass CEO persona she’d perfected for whenever she was feeling weak or insecure.

Nightwings did not admit weakness and Tandy wasn’t about to betray any hint of vulnerability here, of all places.  Trident fucking Labs.  Where all she’d ever been was one giant weakness.  One giant lack of superness.  She’d stand her ground if it killed her.  And from the look in Super Hot’s eyes, it just might.



  • barbara says:

    Yes, I think I’d take a chance on whatever super power I’d get. The Superlovin’ series sounds great.

  • Vicki says:

    I believe I would probably take the risk even not knowing what superpower I would get. Off the top of my head, the worst superpower I can think of would be elasticity, like on the Incredibles (lol). But that even has it’s benefits.

  • Lori Meehan says:

    I’m not sure I’d like to have a super power because what it you got something bad like mind reading? I would not want the at all.

  • Eva Millien says:

    I would probably take a chance. I wouldn’t be happy if I got the power to see the future. I think that would be hard to handle, especially if you couldn’t change it. Thanks for sharing


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