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Beyond The Page & Giveaway: “Second Chance at Happiness (Holiday, Vermont book 2)” by Heather Lire

Aug 8
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It’s my pleasure to welcome back Heather Lire to CABR 🙂

Today she’s sharing her top 5 moments in SECOND CHANCE at HAPPINESS, book 2 in her Holiday, Vermont series.

Tell us your favourite of the 5 moments to WIN a copy of SCAH


Second Chance At Happiness cover


Heather, tell us about SCAH

SCAH is the story of Colin MacCaffee and Brynn Sanderson-Jackson. Colin has retreated to the small town of Holiday Vermont after the finalization of his divorce. The last thing he wants is another woman in his life, especially not the sister in law of his best friend. To bad she makes him crave things he was sure he was done wanting. When he finds her unconscious, it jolts him.


This is book 2 in your Holiday, Vermont series. Can these books be read as stand-alones?

They can.


List your top five moments in SCAH, say why they are your faves and include short excerpts. 🙂

Wow, ok you want me to pick my favorite moments. Let me think.

Ok moment #1 is when Brynn is in the hospital telling Colin why none of her family answered his phone call. According to Mr. Lire, I resemble Brynn a lot in this scene when I’m sick.

“Have you heard from your family? I called your parents, Morgan, and Case last night to let them know what happened.”

“Did you tell them how sick I am?”

“No, I told them you had to have an appendectomy but that’s all Why?”

From the “I’m talking to an idiot look” she was giving he assumed he was supposed to know something he clearly didn’t.

“Unless you told them how sick I really am, no one in my family is going to call me or visit me. So I’m not surprised no one returned your call.”

Colin sat there in stunned disbelief. He knew how close her family was, so to discover they had not and would not call was a shock.

“Why doesn’t it surprise you?”

She crossed her arms and harrumphed. He wasn’t sure if it was at him or her family.

“When I was seventeen I had to have my tonsils out. I hated every minute of it. I had a bad reaction to the anesthesia, and it made me sicker. I vomited for days. I was so miserable I made everyone around me miserable. My dad hid at the office. Morgan suddenly had to go to some basketball camp, and Case had to spend the summer working for my grandpa as his assistant. My mom, out of desperation, asked the housekeeper to take care of me so she didn’t kill me. So if you called my family and told them I’m sick, they will ignore you, and hope you take care of me. They usually only last about two days with me when I’m sick.”

By the time Brynn was done with her explanation Colin was laughing so hard he had tears running down his face. The image of her driving away her family was too much for him.

Moment #2

Colin has just come back from his morning run and discovered Brynn in the kitchen…This was a fun scene to write, and Colin’s reaction to Brynn is awesome.

The princess was wearing a robe that was so old it was falling apart, very girly pajama pants with a sexy-as-all-hell camisole, and G.I. Joe slippers. The image of her was now burned into his brain, and for the rest of his life whenever he needed a laugh, he would think about this image.

Spotting his phone on the counter he decided, Why think about this image when he can relive it by snapping a picture? Hell, he might make it his screen saver.

Moment #3

Colin and Brynn have gone to D.C. and are getting ready to head out for the day. Brynn walks out of the bathroom and Colin, well I’ll let you discover this for yourself. I love this scene because it’s so much fun and was inspired by one of my favorite authors Shannon Stacey.

That was surprisingly easy, he thought to himself. He followed her into the bedroom, arriving in time to see the bathroom door close. Sitting on the bed he put on his tennis shoes, grabbed his Red Sox hat and was ready. He just needed to brush his teeth and fill the water packs.

Then the bathroom door opened and all of the blood in his body didn’t just head south. It headed to South-freaking-America where it could dance the Salsa. Brynn was a vision of sexiness. She wore a pair of shorts that showed off incredibly long, lean legs. A tight tank top showed off her well-toned abdomen and chest. He was ready to say “screw it” to the doctor’s orders and send Ben out on his own. Then he saw what was on her head.

“Oh, hell no.” he growled at her.

“What?” she asked, a little too innocently.

“You are not wearing a Yankees hat while you’re out with me.”

“Why not? It’s not my fault you have the bad luck of being from Boston and loyal to the Bastards.”

“The Bastards? Did you just call the Red Sox the Bastards?” He stalked toward her.

Undeterred, Brynn held her ground, “I do believe I did.”

Reaching her, Colin hauled her into his arms. “You are not wearing that hat with me.”

Brynn snaked her arms around his shoulders, her hands dislodging his hat to spear his hair, “If you can wear a Boston hat I can wear a New York hat.”

“Is that so?” Colin whispered against her mouth. When she opened her mouth to respond he dove in.

Moment #4

Brynn is back in the hospital and Colin has just been told something he doesn’t want to hear. I love this scene because I’ve just snatched something away from Colin again.

“I recommend she walk around your town square every couple of days. From what I remember there are lots of park benches, places where she can sit and interact with others without being too active,” he paused and cleared his throat. Whatever it was the doctor did not want to tell him.

“Just tell me. It can’t be as bad as what’s been running through my brain the last two hours.”

“And no sex.”

Ben laughed at the doctor’s announcement. Colin groaned and Case pretended that he hadn’t heard the doctor talking about his sister’s sex life.

Colin refused to look at Case.

“You’re killing me, Doctor.”

The doctor laughed at Colin.

Moment # 5

Brynn and Morgan are talking about Morgan’s pregnancy…I love this scene because we get to see the relationship between Brynn and her twin Morgan.

“Excellent. We’re announcing the pregnancy tonight.”

“You do know most of the family knows already?”

Morgan laughed softly. Brynn understood her humor. There were no secrets in their family. No matter how hard they tried to have them.

“Yes I know, damn Bloodhounds.”

“How did Ryan take the news?”

“Oh my gosh, it was hilarious and adorable at the same time. I wanted it to be special, even though this will be baby number five, but our first pregnancy together. Ryan mentioned that with each of his mom’s pregnancies his grandpop had carved her a baby cradle, with each of the kids getting the cradle when they had their first baby. So I called Barb and asked for Ryan’s cradle. She had someone in their company hand deliver it to me.  I put it in our room, made it up with these really cute buttercream yellow sheets and blanket, with a stuffed bunny, a package of newborn diapers, and date on a piece of paper. When he walked into the room and saw the cradle his face went all soft and slack. Then he paled, stopped breathing, and almost passed out. I had to help him to the bed.”

“Where he probably held you and talked to your stomach.” Brynn tried to keep the envy at her sister’s pregnancy out of her voice.

“Sweetie, it will happen to you.” Morgan paused and leaned back to look at her face. “Plus it helps when you’re having sex.”

Morgan danced out of her reach, laughing before she could react. She should have known Morgan would try and make her laugh. Because she was right, you couldn’t create a baby if you weren’t having sex. She certainly wasn’t having sex. She suspected by the time the doctor gave them the all clear on the sex, they wouldn’t surface for days.


What’s next for you Heather?

Up next is a Christmas novella titled A Holiday Christmas out November 1st. This is the story of Corey Evans a cop in Holiday and a Averie Baldwin a school teacher. After that is Ethan Cartwright’s story in A Second Chance at Passion. Ethan is the identical twin of Ryan from Second Chance at Forever.



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Second Chance At Happiness coverBlurb:

When Colin MacCaffe’s personal life comes crashing down around him, he leaves the big city behind for a fresh start in the small town of Holiday Vermont. As the Deputy Chief of Police he spends his time making sure the town he’s come to call his own is safe. The only problem in his peaceful life is the arrival of his next door neighbor’s sister. A woman who threatens to destroy the peace of his new life.After years of putting one foot in front of the other, acting like she was fine for her family Brynn Sanderson – Jackson is mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted. All she wants is a couple of weeks of rest and relaxation while she house sits for her sister. What she gets instead is a trip to the hospital, emergency surgery, and the neighbor next door. A man who makes her feel more than she wants to.They will have to put their past heartaches behind them, and go after the happiness they’ve always wanted and thought was forever lost to them.
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Heather Lire has been telling stories for as long as she has been talking, at least according to her mother. After years spent in academia Heather was encouraged to share the stories she was writing and sending to her sister with the rest of the world.

When she isn’t writing – which is never – she can be found attending whatever sport her sons are playing at that time, accompanying her husband on his photo shoots and playing online.




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