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Beyond The Page & Giveaway: “The Blood Code” by Misty Evans

Aug 12
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Please welcome USA Today Bestselling Author, Misty Evans, to CABR. 

She’s talking about her latest Super Agent Novel, THE BLOOD CODE, and offering you the chance to WIN book 1 in the series – OPERATION SHEBA.



Misty Evans on Happily Ever After:

Today is my anniversary. Twenty-four years of marriage to my college sweetheart (and we dated/were engaged for five years before that). Do I believe in happily ever after? You bet I do.

We’ve actually known each other since kindergarten, but were always “just friends”. Except in 5th grade – he wouldn’t give me a class picture, so I got him back by marrying him twelve years later.

MistyEvans1Fifth grade aside, we hung around with the same crowd, and did lots of things together. Yet we always dated other people. We were such good friends by our senior year, we walked together at graduation. He even played my fiancée in a theater production – I got to kiss him and had a ‘holy cow’ moment when I did! Play practice became much more fun from that point on, let me tell you.


As a romance writer, being in love and being married to the same incredible guy for all this time gives me lots of fodder for my stories. My hubby likes to tease me, always gives me insight into the male mind, and does small things for me that spark ideas for my heroes to do for my heroines. For instance, he’s always preferred big dogs over small ones for our pets, but recently, we visited a no-kill shelter and he fell for the tiniest dog there – a 5.5 lb Chihuahua who clung to my husband like he was the Second Coming. Hubby named him Thunder.


We brought Thunder, and another small dog, home, and shortly afterwards, Thunder developed a nasty upper respiratory infection. That night, he was so sick, my six-foot tall, one-hundred-and-ninety pound husband spent the entire night in the bathroom, cuddling the dog, running a vaporizer, and rubbing Thunder’s chest when he coughed. The next day, we took Thunder to the vet and got him some meds, and now he’s much better. What a cool thing it was to see my hubby bed down with that little dog in the bathroom to take care of him, and allow me to get some sleep.


Dogs have popped up in several of my Super Agent stories, and even in the latest, The Blood Code, my heroine tells the hero how she’s always wanted a dog. What do you want to bet he’ll get her one down the road in a future Super Agent book? And recently, I couldn’t help but add a dog character based on Thunder to my latest romantic thriller, Deadly Pursuit. My big, tough hero falls for the dog, just like he does the heroine.


When people ask if I really believe in happily ever after, I can’t help but emphatically say, yes, I do. I believe in it with all my heart. I owe much of my writing career to my husband’s support, and I hope he sticks around for another twenty or thirty years to keep me inspired!


Readers, do you believe in happily ever after? Comment to be entered to win an ecopy of Operation Sheba, the award-winning first book in the Super Agent series, featuring a tough hero, a savvy heroine, and a dog…of course!

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Fifteen years ago, Anya Radzoya fled Russia with her grandmother after the suspicious deaths of her parents, but she can’t escape the royal genes that make her one of Russia’s last living princesses.

When President Ivanov blackmails her into returning to Moscow to be his future wife in exchange for her grandmother’s life, Anya discovers he’s planning to unleash a nuclear war. With no one else to turn to, she join forces with CIA operative Ryan Smith.


Undercover at the nuclear summit, Ryan is happy to recruit Anya to find proof Ivanov is resurrecting the Cold War, but he suspects his new asset is a double agent.

Anya is determined to rescue her grandmother with or without his help, however, and Ryan finds himself falling for the beautiful princess before he even trusts her. He refuses to let her go it alone, even if it means risking his own critical mission.


Trapped inside the Kremlin with a cunning and ruthless opponent, the two must risk their lives and their hearts to save Anya’s grandmother, as well as millions of innocent people.

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USA Today Bestselling Author Misty Evans writes the award-winning Super Agent series as well as urban fantasy and paranormal romance.

She likes her coffee black, her conspiracy theories juicy, and her wicked characters dressed in couture.

When her muse lets her on the internet to play, she’s on Facebook and Twitter – @ReadMistyEvans. Read more about her stories at www.readmistyevans.com.





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