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Beyond The Page & Giveaway: “Love Contract” by Lisa Watson

Aug 27
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Love Contract


Everyone, it’s my sincere pleasure to welcome Lisa Watson to CABR 😀

I first met Lisa in her capacity as o-publicist for the Romantic Times Book Review Magazine’s annual Romantic Times Booklovers Conventions (#RT13 to be specific)

Today, however, we get to talk about her life as an author, with the focus on her first Harlequin Kimani Romance novel, LOVE CONTRACT

Generous lady that she is, Lisa is doing an international giveaway of an autographed copy of LOVE CONTRACT and a Love Contract journal 😀


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Welcome to CABR Lisa 🙂

If someone on Twitter asked you about LOVE CONTRACT, what would you say?

Since it’s on Twitter, I only have 140 characters, right?  So I’d say, “When Real Estate Broker, Adrian Anderson, meets Designer Milán Dixon, he wonders if he should be mad at his matchmaking mother or kiss her.”


Tell us about the inspiration behind you writing this story of two successful people finding love at a ‘game-changing’ moment in their lives?

My inspiration was a previous short story I’d written called The Switch.  That’s where Adrian Anderson, his determined mother, Norma Jean aka The Love Broker, and a few of his friends were first introduced.

I know that Adrian HAD to have his own story, and as his friend Justin puts it, “To have love bite Adrian in the ass.” So I proposed the story line to Glenda Howard at the Harlequin Kimani line, and she loved the idea of bringing the characters into their own book and keeping Adrian’s matchmaking mother in the mix.


What was the most difficult scene to write and why? 

In the excerpt below, Adrian has challenged Milán to go out on a proper date with him in hopes that she will realize that there is more between them than just friendship.  He is ready to take their relationship to the next level, and she is hesitant for fear it may wreck what they already have.

He invites her to dinner at his house, and he pulls out all the stops to persuade her to acknowledge the chemistry between them.  I wouldn’t exactly call the scene difficult for me to write, it was more of a challenge for me. I wanted Adrian to really work to convince Milan that his intentions were noble.  This wasn’t just about sex for him.  He has grown to care a great deal for her, and he wants that to show through.

It was important for me to put a different spin on the whole evening, while staying true to Adrian’s personality, and his need to take things to another level when it’s something he is really passionate about.

So even with the home cooked meal, hired musicians and ambiance, I wanted him to find a way to relay his sincerity to Milán in a way to would touch her heart and help her to understand the depth of his desire for a long-term relationship with her.

It’s a pivotal scene for Adrian because he’s not sure how she’s going to take it.  She may love it, or hate it, but he has to know one way or the other how things stand.


Love ContractEXCERPT #1:

Adrian was not sure how they did it, but somehow they managed to tear themselves away from the dessert interlude on the patio.  After he paid the musicians, he convinced Milán to stay longer and watch a movie with him.  She curled up on the couch with a bowl of microwave popcorn while Adrian placed a movie in the DVD player and turned on the television.

“So, what are we watching?” Milán asked between bites.

“You’ll have to wait and see,” he told her before he settled next to her on the sofa.

The black screen gave way to music and then a man sitting behind a desk in a newsroom announced that he had late breaking news.

Baffled, Milán stared at the screen.

“We have breaking news at this hour,” the man began.  “Sources tell us that Adrian Anderson has been planning to reveal his feelings for Milán Dixon for quite some time.  There’s no word yet on whether Miss Dixon reciprocates his feelings, but after all of the planning that went into tonight’s date, we’re hoping that we’ll have some good news to report back to you soon.  We will keep you updated on further developments as soon as we hear more.  Now we return you to this evening’s festivities.”

Milán turned to Adrian.  She opened her mouth to speak, but before she could, the anchor on the television began speaking again. This time in Spanish.  He implored her to give Adrian a chance, and that he was a man that cared a great deal about her.

Enthralled, Milán sat glued to the screen as the man reiterated Adrian’s commitment to her and his hopes that all would work out well between the two.

After that the screen went black.  Milán sat her bowl of popcorn down.  She turned to Adrian and burst out laughing.  “I can’t believe you did that,” she said in awe.

Uncertain of how to take that, Adrian shrugged.  “I told you I was just getting started.”


Now, the opposite.

Which scene in LOVE CONTRACT simply flowed from your brain to the keyboard?

It would have to be one of the first dinner scenes at Adrian’s parents house.  Milán visits the Anderson home and sees Adrian for the first time since their disastrous meeting in his office.

For Adrian, he put himself there so that he could see her, but for Milán, it’s a complete shock.  I thought the tension between the two was electric, and once I got started, it really did just flow.


Love ContractEXCERPT #2:

“Hello, Miss Dixon.”

Milán whirled around to see Adrian standing near his father.

“What are you doing here?” she blurted out.

Before he could reply, his mother spoke up.

“It would appear my son will be joining us for dinner.  Oddly enough considering today is Wednesday—and not Thursday.”  She smiled serenely in his direction.

“Yes, that’s true.” Adrian returned his mother’s wide smile.  “I usually come for  dinner on Thursdays.”

“Good to see you no matter what day it is,” his father chimed in.

“Thanks, Dad.”

He turned toward Milán.  “Imagine my surprise at finding you here.”  Adrian closed the distance between them.  When he leaned in, his voice was a taunting whisper.  “And look…it’s not even snowing.”

Surprise was evident in Milán’s wide-eyed stare.  She was silent so long, Adrian’s parents turned in their direction.

“Milán?  Are you okay?”

“Yes,” she said, quickly.  “I’m fine, Jeanie.  I just…didn’t…”  She turned a baffled expression toward Adrian.  “I didn’t expect to see you again, much less so soon.”

“I have a habit of popping up where I’m least expected.”

“That’s an understatement,” Norma Jean shot back.

“You’re right about one thing, Mr. Anderson.”

“Really?  What would that be, Miss Dixon?”

A tempered expression crossed her face.  Milán stepped forward to speak in a voice only he could hear.  “There are no snowballs to be found.  What a pity.”


Norma Jean glanced between the two of them.  “Here, honey.”  She handed her son the bowl of potatoes.  “Adrian was just about to tell me how this all came about when you walked in.”

Milán watched Norma Jean push the bowl forcefully at Adrian.  She bit back a chuckle.

The bowl connected with his chest.  With a questioning glance toward his mother, he took the side dish into the dining room.

When he returned, he was lightly rubbing his chest.  “I was telling Dad, that I was in the area showing a house to a client.”

“Really?”  His mother inquired, sweetly.  “Where?”

“Further down on North Melvina.”

“What a small world,” Norma Jean commented before she left the kitchen and took more food to the table.

The moment Adrian’s mother was gone, Milán rounded on him.  “I don’t buy that for a minute.”

He regarded Milán with amusement.  “Excuse me?”

“What you told your mother.  I don’t believe it.”

Unable to help himself, Adrian moved closer.  “First of all, you don’t know me well enough to automatically accuse me of lying.”

Milán snorted loudly.  “Don’t I?  They say you can tell much about a person’s character in the first few moments of meeting them.”

“So what makes you an expert?”

“Experience.  Though, I didn’t heed that advice in my own life until it was too late.  The results were disastrous, and something I’m not inclined to repeat.”

“If we’d just met, in addition to your obviously being a poor judge of character ,” he countered, “I could say that you’re a, hot head that can’t hold her temper—and a poor kisser.”

A gasp escaped Milán’s lips.  “How dare you,” she said indignantly.  “You think you can take what you want without consequence and everyone is supposed to fall in line and do your bidding?  You’re so conceited it’s appalling.”

With a shrug, Adrian leaned against the sink.  “I tend to stray from doing the expected.


What’s next for you?

I’m working on book #2 in The Match Broker series, Her Heart’s Desire.  It will be released May 2014.  I’m also working on book #3 in the series.  The next self-published novel for me will be Interview with Danger.

That’s book #2 in my Interview series, and the followup to Interview with Love.  The plan is also to get my next e-book, Two Hearts for Christmas, out by the holiday season.  This will be the sequel to the highly acclaimed, A Heart for Christmas.




Lisa Watson1Tea or coffee?

Tea.  Definitely.  With cream.


When travelling, which three items must you have?

My laptop so I can continue to write, my favorite DVD’s when I need to decompress, and a camera or my cell phone so I can take some pics of my surroundings.


If you could spend one day as someone else, who would you be and why?

I’d be someone that writes full-time for a living.  It is beyond challenging for me not to be able to write for my “day job.”  Either that or a travel writer that got paid to travel the globe and write about it.





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Love ContractThere are no deals when it comes to love…

The charismatic force behind one of Chicago’s leading real-estate companies, Adrian Anderson leads a charmed life. With his pick of the town’s most eligible women, the last thing the sought-after bachelor needs is another set-up. Until Milán Dixon walks into his office. Sent by his persistent mother, the fiery, outspoken beauty is tempting Adrian to give matchmaking one last chance.

Milán came to Anderson Realty for a business opportunity, not to meet the most arrogant, egotistical…irresistible man ever. Giving in to her desire for Adrian could be the biggest mistake she’s ever made. But if it’s so wrong for them to be together, why does their passion feel so right?

Adrian is determined to prove to Milán that he’s her perfect match…until a shocking discovery threatens his business and their future together. Will love seal the deal or break both their hearts?

BUY Links:

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Lisa Y. Watson is a native of Washington D.C., the city’s historic and political backdrop fed Lisa Watson’s romantic imagination. Her hobbies are as eclectic as her music collection. Enamored with natural beauty, the picturesque locales she visits always seem to find a way into her latest novels.

She has written several multi-cultural short stories and novels, and loves creating engaging storylines with strong characters that are drawn together by respect and love. She has been interviewed in various magazines, radio shows, book clubs and blog sites, and has received award nominations in contemporary fiction.

Lisa works at a technology consulting firm, and is also the co-publicist for RT Book Review Magazine’s annual RT Booklovers Conventions promoting National Bestselling authors that attend the conference via media outlets.

Her first series romance with Harlequin KIMANI™ ROMANCE is Love Contract. It is Book I of The Match Broker series and ranked on the Amazon Best Sellers lists for both KIMANI™Series Romance and Multicultural Romance. Look for Book II, Her Heart’s Desire, May 2014. Lisa is currently working on Book III, and will self publish her next two e-books.

Lisa lives outside Raleigh, NC with her husband of seventeen years, their two teenagers, and Maltipoo, Brinkley.


Website | Facebook | Twitter @LisaYWatson |



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