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Review & $10 Gift Card Giveaway: “Seducing Phoebe” by Nicole Flockton

Nov 4
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Seducing Phoebe


Review: I loved this book! 🙂 There was angst and the return of an ex-boyfriend on the eve of the heroine’s wedding to a man whose ‘been there’ for her all along.

Phoebe and Marco each have their own secrets and insecurities which affect their ability to truly open up to one another and most importantly, to open up to love.

Theirs is, on the surface, a marriage of convenience, but Marco has been secretly in love with Phoebe for a while. So when her selfish ex, John the doctor, just upped and left Phoebe behind, Marco seized the moment and offered his love a chance at security, if not love.

When John suddenly reappears, declaring his love and admitting his mistake in leaving her behind, Phoebe is confused, shocked and begins to wonder if she should marry Marco, since she didn’t just tell her ex to ‘get lost’.

Although she yearns for Marco to say “I love you,” Phoebe herself doesn’t say it either and decides the best way to figure out her life is to go into hiding.

Not one to give up, especially not after getting so close to what he’s always wanted, Marco uses technology to locate his love at a beach house owned by the father of her friend Sophie (from Masquerade).

That’s where the two *finally* lay all of their cards on the table, sharing their deepest secrets and ultimately, falling in love with the real Phoebe and Marco 🙂

Although SEDUCING PHOEBE is part of a trilogy about three female friends – Masquerade (book 1) and Rescuing Dawn (book 2) are also published by Crimson Romance, it can be read alone.


Title: Seducing Phoebe

Author: Nicole Flockton

Publisher: Crimson Romance

Publication date: October 28, 2013


Synopsis: Phoebe Fitzgerald is about to marry a wonderful man—that is until her ex turns up and declares his undying love for her. Confused about her feelings, she calls off her wedding to Marco Petronelli.

Marco knows his offer to wed Phoebe isn’t a love match, but he cares for her and believes the compatibility they share will be enough to sustain their marriage. He is forced to admit his emotions go far deeper when Phoebe calls off the wedding, and now he will do almost anything to make her realize they are meant for each other.

Can he convince Phoebe that their relationship is worth saving? Or will secrets from both their pasts be too much to overcome?

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