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Beyond The Page & Giveaway: “Shadow Born” by Nicole Camp

Nov 11
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A ShadowBorn bookcover


Entranced Publishing author, NICOLE CAMP, has taken over CABR for the day 🙂

She’s chatting about her journey to becoming an author


giving away an eBook copy of her YA/Sci-Fi/Fantasy novel,


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A ShadowBorn bookcoverBlurb:

Eighteen-year-old Raffin has been in hiding on Earth since before he was born, but he’s more comfortable in the shadows anyway. He’s part of one of the most hated races in the universe. It’s a secret he’s forced to keep from everyone he meets.

On his first day at a new high school, Arianna Val crashes into his world, literally. One tumble on the track field and suddenly she’s acting like they’re best friends. Worse, Raffin doesn’t mind her invading his shadows — and that’s before he realizes she knows his secret. But, she’s not quite human, herself and her very life force is what Raffin needs to survive.

Can he trust her to keep his secret? Can he trust himself with Ari when his body yearns to drain her soul? Assailed by memories of death and destruction that aren’t his own, Raffin has to come to terms with the truth. He is shadow born.

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My mother says I was a writer from the beginning. I started telling and writing stories long before I was in school, but the big catalyst was a children’s book where every three pages you had to choose how the story would go. I must have read that book nine times, trying to take the path I wanted and get the ending I expected. It never happened because in this particular plot you couldn’t take a risk and arrive at the end of the story unscathed. The ‘happiest’ of the adventurous endings was one where you ended up being about two inches tall. That was the moment I realized that if I couldn’t get the ending I wanted, then I could write my own stories.

That one encounter with a children’s book started a love affair with words and stories in later years.

Just before high school one idea in particular kept popping up in my head and that Fall my half-plots began to become more centered around one specific character. By the following Spring I had fleshed out my new friend and others in the story with him. Then, I continued to play with the concept of a young man who didn’t fit in anywhere, even in strange and exotic alien worlds far beyond his imagining. However in the Fall, I became aware that I didn’t really have much of a plot. Unable to find any solid direction for the piece, and knowing I would not finish the book without a better plot, I shelved the fledgling manuscript.

I wrote other stories during this time, but kept coming back to this one.

A ShadowBorn bookcover.

For nearly two years I worked on the rewrite from a female first person perspective. But to my dismay, the new direction still wasn’t working. So in December of 2007 I rewrote the what would become “Shadow Born”, again. 
I had a solid plot that it worked and I finished my first complete draft of the novel in 2008. The manuscript was 100,000 words- now what to do with it?

I decided to submit to literary agents. I did my research and learned how to query. After a few requests, and ultimately a pile of rejections, I shelved the first book I’d ever written and finished. I was dismayed, but still determined. Those few requests had given me hope. 

Christmas of 2010 I dug the book out again, and its sequel novel that I had been toying with. I reread it and realized that it was a character study that lacked the action that would interest readers. I put it aside and for fun over the holiday I rewrote the sequel book that was supposed to come after it in first person, focusing on one main character. Raffin was born, but I still didn’t have much of a plot. 

Major inspiration came while watching a documentary on the history channel over Christmas, and my fingers flew across the keys of my computer. I finished this new version of the book and began submitting, but the state of the economy after the housing market crash of 2007 had taken its tole. There were far fewer places to submit works by unknown authors. 

About to shelve my favorite storyline once again, I was contacted by an editor from Entranced Publishing on a writer’s forum I belonged to. They asked to see the manuscript and about a week later “Shadow Born” had found a home. 

That in a nut-shell is my journey to becoming a writer and getting published. Thank you so much for having me on your blog! It’s been a blast. 🙂

Thanks for sharing with us Nicole 😀    You’re welcome to come back anytime



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Nicole Camp picABOUT THE AUTHOR:

Nicole Camp has written three books to be published by Entranced Publishing.

Her first book, “Shadow Born” will release Oct. 14th, 2013; followed by “Shadow Throne” and the first book in a separate series “The Lady of Ispa : Magic & Meru” sometime in 2014.

Nicole is an ice cream lover, who lives in Arizona with her family and two pets. She is always working on her next writing project. When not writing, she likes to explore the world through photography, snapping pictures of her surroundings.


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