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Beyond The Page: “Tango Love” by Nicole Flockton

Jan 28
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Tango Love cover

I have a treat for you all today 🙂

A sexy excerpt from Nicole Flockton’s latest book, TANGO LOVE.




Tango Love cover


A sexy short story about being in love with your best friend— and discovering it takes two to tango.

Melinda Jones has been in love with her housemate, James Brady, since he moved in…but she has no intention of ever telling him. Except it seems James has his own plans…and they include asking her to share a sexy tango — then a little dirty dancing in his bed.

For Melinda, it’s the best night of her life…until she wakes up alone the next morning. Is she destined to spend her life dancing by herself, or will James step up to be the partner of her dreams?

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The following excerpt is one of Nicole’s favourites in TANGO LOVE 🙂


The warm hand clasping hers sent desire coursing through her veins. Trying to keep her reaction to his touch in check, Melinda blindly followed as he led them out to the dance floor. She focussed on what was happening inside of her and making sure one foot followed the other. She hadn’t realised the dance floor had emptied in protest of the change in music. The staccato rhythms from the violin matched the beating of her heart.

How was she going to get through the dance? Being so close to James, but not being able to follow through with her desires and wants.

When they reached the middle of the floor, James pulled her tight against his body. There was no room to slip a cigarette paper between her breast and his chest. She was in heaven. It was the only way she could describe what it felt like to be this close to him. Finally to be held in his strong arms. Her blood was singing and it wasn’t from the wine she’d consumed earlier. She hadn’t had enough to give her any sort of buzz.

His right hand was warm and low on the skin left bare from the cut-out at the back of her dress. In fact, if his hand travelled an inch lower it would be indecent. But it was where his left hand was that was causing her brain to lose all coherent thought. The way he held it so close to her breast she could’ve been cupping it herself.

It was hot and consuming and Melinda wanted to be held against him like this naked, with a king bed just steps away.

She looked up and their eyes locked as they started to dance. Their bodies moving as one, as if this was the hundredth tango they’d danced together, not their first.

Melinda instinctively knew when he would do a low flick kick. When his left leg moved, her right followed. Each time he dipped her, his lips were mere millimetres from hers. His eyes were liquid sapphires, burning into her with the desire she could see in their depths.

She stopped thinking and just let the emotions she’d spent the last couple of months suppressing consume her. Her left arm wound its way up to curl around his neck, caressing it with the barest of touches. His body shivered and she felt his erection rubbing against her belly.

How she wished they were in the living room of their house. She wanted that cock hot against her naked belly.

The music reached its crescendo and Melinda hooked her right leg around his left as he dipped her one last time. Only this time, as he leaned over her, his lips connected with hers.

They were as soft as she’d imagined them being, the countless times she’d wished they would take hers. She could taste the bitterness from the beer he’d been drinking. She didn’t mind. The kiss lasted for only a few short seconds but it promised so much.

He gently raised her until she was upright and flush against his body. Her leg still hooked around his. Slowly Melinda loosened her grip and brushed the back of his leg as she let hers fall softly to the floor.

Their eyes never lost the connection they’d shared since they started the dance. Both their chests were heaving in time. In that moment Melinda knew they’d crossed the line, that invisible line that changed their housemate relationship.

She opened her mouth but before any words could be formed, James laid his finger against them and shook his head.

“Later,” he murmured before pressing the finger down, like a soft, sweet kiss. He then turned and walked towards his group of friends, leaving her standing in the middle of the floor wondering if she’d dreamt the whole dance.


Want to read the complete novella?

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On my very first school report my teacher said ‘Nicole likes to tell her own stories’.

It wasn’t until after the birth of my daughter and after having fun on the community board of eharlequin.com that I finally decided to take the plunge and write a book.

I joined the fabulous Romance Writers of Australia and evenutally linked up with a great group of girls and we formed “WINKGirls”

The stories I write are contemporary romances with either a medical setting or in the boardrooms of high powered business. It’s fun and unique to take two characters and create unique situations for them.

Apart from writing I’m busy looking after my very own hero – my wonderfully supportive husband, and my two fabulous kids. I also enjoying watching sports and, of course, reading.


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