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Beyond The Page & Giveaway: “Uncovering Her Secrets” by Amalie Berlin

Feb 18
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Uncovering Her Secrets UK Cover

Today it’s my pleasure to welcome Amalie Berlin to CABR 🙂

Enjoy a good medical romance?

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Enjoy 🙂



Uncovering Her SecretsBlurb:

A chance to make amends…


By hiring her ex-boyfriend, the irresistible Dr Preston Monroe, Dr Dasha Hardin hopes to save his brilliant yet volatile career — her secret atonement for her unforgivable past…

But her perfect plan is suddenly complicated by his touch, which still makes her heart zing!


Preston is forced to trust Dasha, but he won’t be getting any closer — even if she has changed.

Only getting to know her again leaves him wanting to discover more about this new, feisty and vulnerable Dasha – the only woman with the strength to fight for his irredeemable soul…

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Welcome to CABR Amalie 🙂

How would you describe UNCOVERING HER SECRETS to someone on Twitter?

A desperate betrayal sets two lives on destructive paths. They meet again years later, sparks fly but can you truly forgive if you can’t forget?


What can you tell us about the heroine’s secret/guilt?

Dasha’s secrets are generally tied to who she is, where she came from, the things that happened to her that make people look at her differently. She has a really good mask, and she doesn’t want anyone—especially Preston—seeing all the scars behind it.

I love redemption stories, but you don’t see a great many where the heroine is the one who needs redemption, so I was taken with the idea of an act of conscious betrayal by the heroine and the lengths which she’d go to in order to make amends.


What motivates the hero to ‘go there again’ with the heroine?

Preston is kind of a mess at the start of the book. He’s sarcastic, aggressive, arrogant, and a number of other bad things… which makes it hard for him to keep a job.

It doesn’t matter how good a surgeon he is, he’s a pain in the butt in every other way. The position at Dasha’s hospital is conditional on his good behavior and a probationary period… with Dasha. And she’s very different now. The changes confuse and infuriate him.

She’s like Stepford Dasha, compared to the scrapper he’d known in school, and his need to be right about everything just can’t leave the mystery unsolved.


Please tell us about your favourite scene.

I have several favorite scenes, hard to pick one. I decided to use this one because it’s a rare glimpse of playfulness they’d enjoyed before the Big Bad Awful was committed.

In this scene, Dasha and Preston are on their way back from Atlanta to Nashville, and she’s bought a gown for the winter ball.


“You want to go with me?” What the…? “Why?”

“Remember a few minutes ago, that conversation about guilt and debts?”

“Preston, going with me will be unpleasant.” His dubious look demanded she convince him. “At best, it will be boring. At worst, soul-crushingly embarrassing.”

“You got the hoop skirt, didn’t you?” Preston deadpanned.

Dasha laughed again. “I don’t know. Maybe. But that’s not what I’m talking about. I know nothing about these affairs. I didn’t even buy the tickets. They weren’t for me, but they’re mine now. They were for Bill and Marjorie. The hospital bought them. I inherited the hospital representative responsibility with the office.”

“Somewhere in that I get that you have some meaning that you think I should understand, but I have no idea what you’re saying. Who cares who bought the tickets?”

She climbed into the car and waited for him to get in, then started it up and turned out onto the road. “I’m saying I don’t know anything about these events, or what I’m supposed to do. I don’t know if I’m supposed to hobnob, or if I can wallflower the evening away, as I’d like to. What if they have one of those freaky bachelor auctions like they always have on TV?”

He laughed at her.

“This is serious.” She laid emphasis on the last word, trying to drill into him the importance of the possible bachelor auction and other unknown variables.

“Back up, Crazy Train.” He was still laughing. “Take your dresses to have them altered. Make a salon appointment for the day of the ball, take the dress with you. Tell them to make you pretty.”

She glared at him.

“Tell them to make you prettier.” He rolled his eyes. She looked back at the road. “Make you elegant. Then go home, change, and I will pick you up. And, because I’m such a stand-up guy, when we’re at the ball I’ll even make sure you don’t fall victim to any nefarious date auctions.”

“Will you be nice to everyone?” Dasha asked.

“Probably.” Maybe was more like it. Unlikely would’ve been an even more honest answer.


What’s next for you Amalie?

I just officially had my third book accepted the last week of January, and it will be out in August. It’s another Medical Romance, though it’s set in an old family circus that’s shutting down.

It’s a reunion story with childhood sweethearts. The book I’m just starting on is for January (I think) will be a duet, two linked books, one I get to write and the other a Medical author I adore. So that’s exciting. The theme is New Years Resolutions and it’s looking like it’s going to be a lot of fun 🙂



Amalie Berlin pictureABOUT THE AUTHOR:

A large part of my existence involves daydreaming–whether I’m supposed to be paying attention to something else or not, and that’s how it’s always been. I’m blessed that now I get to call my attention-deficit rudeness something else: Working 🙂


I live with my family and a passel of critters in rural southern Ohio, in the rolling foothills of the Appalachian mountains, on a cleared spot of land plopped in the middle of national forest.

(Read more at Amalie Berlin’s website)



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