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Temptation Thursdays: “Grasping For Freedom (Bantorus MC #4)” by Debra Kayn

Feb 20
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What better way to choose a great book for your weekend escape than by reading a sexy excerpt? 

That’s the idea behind my feature, CABR Presents Temptation Thursdays :)

Today’s excerpt is from GRASPING FOR FREEDOM by Debra Kayn
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Torque Kendler, Sergeant at Arms of the Bantorus Motorcycle club, tenaciously safeguards his marked past. Shot twice by Los Li and nearly killed last year, he wants to hold on to the familiar and retain his freedom.

However, there are too many changes happening in Pitnam for him to trust anyone…especially the new chick managing the bar that’s giving him attitude and consuming his thoughts.


Sent by Los Li to work at a biker bar called Cactus Cove, Brandy Haas expects to get the information she came for and save her dad from the Mexican mafia.

Worried about her dad, struggling at her job, and scared of failing again, she adds to her problems by lusting after the most dangerous biker in the MC. One biker, one hothead, one wonderful gift Torque unknowingly gives her could destroy everything she’s trying to protect.


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EXCERPT from “Grasping For Freedom”:

She was insane.

Insane, because there was no doubt in her mind that she’d have sex with him. From the moment he stared at her across the parking lot on her first day working, something about him reinforced her opinion that he was the only one she could trust.

She trembled against the solid wall of biker in front of her, soaking in his warmth.

Her hormones bounced up and down, leaving her out of whack. Her self-control knew no boundaries. She wanted Torque, any way she could have him…and the insanity that drove her into his arms scared her.

“Sunshine,” Torque said, arching his back while lifting her chin. “What’s going on?”

“I want you,” she blurted.

Desperate to keep things even between them, at the most basic level, and needing to keep him from asking too many questions, she slid her hands up his chest. Her fingers curled around the edges of his hair brushing his shoulders. Unable to reach his mouth, she tugged on him as she stretched to her tiptoes and kissed him.

She slipped her tongue into his mouth, and his hand circled the back of her neck, through her hair, and pulled her away. He glared down at her. “No.”

She opened her mouth to ask him what was wrong, and he kissed her. His tongue stroked hers, taking, and dominating her. The aggression surprised and delighted her. Her body melted into his capable hands. He took away her indecisiveness and allowed her to accept whatever he wanted to do to her without any responsibility.

He held her tight, bending her body to his will. Her breasts pulsed. Her sex dampened. Emotions relaxed her throat, and she hung on to Torque to keep from losing herself. He created a maelstrom of feelings throughout every inch of her that had nothing to do with should she or shouldn’t she have sex with him.

She was definitely going to have sex. At this moment, that’s all she needed.

Then she was in Torque’s arms, her feet off the floor, her head cradled in the palm of his hand. Her muscles warmed and relaxed. The whole time he carried her to the bedroom, he continued kissing her. There was nothing required of her, but to accept what he was doing to her.

He placed her on the bed, followed her down, and lay on top of her. Her legs gave way to his weight and he settled against her sex. At the brush of his body, she frantically reached for him.

He stilled. “No.”

She held on to his biceps, lost in what was happening to make his body harden—and not in a good way. She wanted to have sex. He wanted to have sex. She could feel the proof of his arousal between her legs.

“What did I do?” she said, or maybe she only thought the question because he never answered.

He pushed her top up over her breasts, pulled down her bra, and latched on to her nipple. Electric jolts seared her core. His tongue caressed the sensitive bud, alternating between a hard suck and lavishing attention on her. She arched off the bed, needing and wanting more.

Torque’s hands moved to her arms, drawing her hands out to the sides, until she posed on the mattress like a sacrificial peace offering. He lifted his head. The coldness of the room brushed her breast where his moist mouth had been, and she trembled as her nipples constricted into a tight bundle of nerves that picked up Torque’s warm breath.

“Keep your hands on the bed and don’t move.” He moved down her body until he stood on the floor.

He pulled off her boots and tossed them to the floor. She watched every move, afraid if she sat up or went to him, he’d stop. Stopping wasn’t an option. She wanted him to go faster, but he continued taking his time.

Torque undid her zipper. She shivered. The trill of the teeth coming undone reminded her of how Torque used his teeth to rasp over her bottom lip yesterday, and how much she liked when he kissed her without any restraint.

He undid the button on her jeans and tugged. She lifted her hips, and laid back down, bare from the scrunched shirt under her armpits down to the tip of her toes. He held out his hand, pulled her into a sitting position, and finished undressing her. Perfectly capable of removing her clothes herself, the wait tortured her. She was a bundle of nerves, sensitive to every movement, every breath, every look coming from Torque.

She swallowed hard. The thought of him doing what he’s doing to her, but on one of the women who stayed a few cabins down from hers constricted her throat. She closed her eyes, hiding from the truth.

“Hey,” he whispered huskily, hovering over her. “Look at me.”

She nodded slightly and opened her eyes. “Please don’t stop?”

His eyes warmed and for the second time, she noticed a shift in his demeanor. She relaxed her hands, letting her fingers straighten. She pushed why she wanted to please him out of her thoughts, and concentrated on what he was doing.

It was a one-night stand.

It was only sex.

It was safer with Torque than in reality.



Debra-Kayn-pictureABOUT THE AUTHOR:

Top Selling Romance Author, Debra Kayn, lives with her family at the foot of the Bitterroot Mountains in beautiful Idaho. She enjoys riding motorcycles, playing tennis, fishing, and creating chaos for the men in the garage.

Her love of family ties and laughter makes her a natural to write heartwarming contemporary stories to the delight of her readers. Oh, let’s cut to the chase. She loves to write about REAL MEN and the WOMEN who love them.

When Debra was nineteen years old, a man kissed her without introducing himself. When they finally came up for air, the first words out of his mouth were…will you have my babies?

Considering Debra’s weakness for a sexy, badass man, who is strong enough to survive her attitude, she said yes. A quick wedding at the House of Amour and four babies later, she’s living her own unbelievable romance book.




Website | Twitter @DebraKayn | Facebook |




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