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Beyond The Page & Giveaway: “Costumes, Candles and Code Names: A Couple’s Erotic Approach To Rescuing Its Marriage” by Del Palacio

Mar 6
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Please welcome debut author, Del Palacio, to CABR 🙂

She’s stopped by to tell us about her book,

COSTUMES, CANDLES AND CODE NAMES: A Couple’s Erotic Approach to Rescuing Its Marriage

There’s a giveaway too 🙂


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Welcome to CABR Del 🙂


Costumes, Candles and Code Names is about love and the creative, romantic and very sexual attempts that an extremely desperate husband and wife make to show each other that their love and passion can be revived.


Describe the storyline of CCC, using 10 – 20 words

Alexandra and James fight for their marriage using sexual role-play to reconnect.


What inspired you to write about an estranged couple using role-playing and other erotic adventures to reconnect?

My husband and I are in no way estranged, but we use many of the role-playing and other erotic adventures described in the book to keep things fresh. For example, last week my husband sent me an invitation to a casino themed nightclub.

Then, he decorated our living and dining rooms like a casino, including roulette, black jack, and poker tables and transformed our family room into the dance floor- strobe light, colored lights, fog machine, and pre-recorded dance music. He did it for me. I was surprised and impressed with his effort. We gambled, danced and partied until 3 in the morning.

That’s fantastic Del 🙂


Is there a sequel or connected book in the works? Tell us about it.

I am in the very early stages of the sequel to Costumes, Candles and Code Names. We’ll see how Alexandra and James have to work through the serious issues that led to their estrangement, while trying to maintain the high-octane passion that got them back on track.



Where can readers meet you? Attending any conventions or book signings this year?

As a first time author on a budget, I am finding it a bit difficult to organize book signings. Bookstores in Southern California have not yet been open to my willingness to schedule book signings with them. I am open to meeting readers in community book clubs, libraries, etc. I plan to attend RomCon in Denver and Romance Novel Convention on Vegas.


What’s next for you?

Juggling. Family, I’ve recently started an MBA program, and I’m working on the Costumes sequel.




When Alexandra receives a sexually suggestive email message from her estranged husband, she sets out on an unexpected adventure of role-play, romance and relentless passion in a desperate attempt to rescue her marriage.


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Debut author, DEL PALACIO, can be contacted here: http://www.costumescandlescodenames.info/#


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