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Beyond The Page & Giveaway: “The Italian’s Deal For I Do” by Jennifer Hayward

Apr 30
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Today it’s my pleasure to welcome back Jennifer Hayward to CABR.


She’s sharing her top five things about her book in Society Weddings series from Harlequin Presents/Mills & Boon Modern,



There’s a giveaway too :)


The Italian's Deal For I Do.


The Irresistible Italian: Married for Business

He’s conquered global markets and immeasurable hearts, but to regain control of the fashion empire that’s rightfully his, Rocco Mondelli must prove his playboy days are over. His secret weapon? Supermodel-in-hiding Olivia Fitzgerald…and the power to ruin her if she refuses to play his loving fiancée!

But returning to the world stage revives Olivia’s old demons and instead of walking down the aisle towards her gorgeous groom – she flees! The world holds its breath: can the indomitable Rocco get his wayward bride to the altar on time?


Society Weddings: The world’s sexiest billionaires finally say “I do”!

Dedicated bachelors and firm friends Rocco Mondelli, Christian Markos, Stefan Bianco and Zayed Al Afzal have made their marks on the worlds of business and pleasure. Marriage was never something they were ever after…but things change and now they’ll have to do whatever it takes to get themselves to the church on time!

Yet nothing is as easy as it seems…and the women these four have set their sights on have plans of their own!

You are cordially invited to:

The marriage of Rocco Mondelli & Olivia Fitzgerald in The Italian’s Deal for I Do

The marriage of Christian Markos & Alessandra Mondelli in The Greek’s Pregnant Bride

The marriage of Stefan Bianco & Clio Redgrave in The Sicilian’s Surprise Wife

The marriage of Sheikh Zayed Al Afzal & Princess Nadia Amani in The Sheikh’s Wedding Contract

So RSVP and get ready to enjoy the pinnacle of luxury and opulence as the world’s sexiest billionaires finally say ‘I do’…


 Buy Links:

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Jennifer’s Top 5 Fave Moments:

1) When Rocco posing as the sexy, mysterious, dark stranger, Tony, seduces Olivia away from her girlfriends in a romantic Navigli café on the canals. I cringed for Olivia as he lead her so easily down that path…


2) When Olivia discovers that Rocco, who has claimed not to be attracted to her, is in fact, lusting after her and she issues serious payback over dinner with one of his best friends. I laughed out loud writing that scene.


3) On the steps of the Mondelli villa in Lake Como, when Rocco tells Olivia about his imaginary friendly sea monsters that kept him company as a child #sigh


4) When Rocco shows up with flowers to meet the Mondelli jet to tell Olivia he loves her only to have… (I can’t ruin the rest for you)


5) The banter between Rocco and the rest of the Columbia Four as he waits to see if his bride will show up for the wedding of the year


Rocco/Olivia Inspiration

Not sure who my sexy hero inspiration is but he was perfect for Rocco.

Rocco, The Italian's Deal

For Olivia, I chose Victoria Secret supermodel Candice Swanepoel because she killed it in the Christmas fashion show and I think she’s gorgeous!

Olivia, The Italian's Deal .


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Jennifer Hayward photoABOUT THE AUTHOR:

Award-winning author JENNIFER HAYWARD has been a fan of romance and adventure since filching her sister’s Harlequin Presents novels to escape her teenaged angst.

Jennifer penned her first romance at nineteen. When it was rejected, she bristled at her mother’s suggestion that she needed more life experience. She went on to complete a journalism degree and intern as a sports broadcaster before settling into a career in public relations. Years of working alongside powerful, charismatic CEOs and traveling the world provided perfect fodder for the arrogant alpha males she loves to write, and free research on the some of the world’s most glamorous locales.

A suitable amount of life experience under her belt, she sat down and conjured up the sexiest, most delicious Italian wine magnate she could imagine, had him make his biggest mistake and gave him a wife on the run. That story, The Divorce Party, won her Harlequin’s 2012 So You Think You Can Write contest and a book contract. Turns out, Mother knew best.

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  • Lori Meehan says:

    The marriage of Christian Markos & Alessandra Mondelli in The Greek’s Pregnant Bride
    Now I have to go buy a beautiful gown.


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