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Beyond The Page & Giveaway: “When You Are Mine” by Kennedy Ryan

Jun 20


When You Are Mine cover


Today it’s my pleasure to welcome Kennedy Ryan to CABR 🙂


Find out about the inspiration behind her book, “When You Are Mine”

then enter her giveaway.





Beyond The Page & $50 GC, Tiffany necklace, Vibrator Giveaway: “Wedding Dare Series”

Jun 10


Wedding Dare series graphic


Please welcome five amazing authors to CABR to talk about their new WEDDING DARE Series from Brazen Books 🙂


New York Times bestselling authors Laura Kaye, Jen McLaughlin writing as Diane Alberts, Tessa Bailey, Katee Robert 


USA TODAY bestselling author Samanthe Beck.


A $50 gift card, Tiffany necklace and a vibrator (yes a vibrator) could be yours in their fun giveaway,

so be sure to complete the rafflecopter!




Beyond The Page & Giveaway: “An Heir to Bind Them” by Dani Collins

May 28


An Heir to Bind Them cover

Dani Collins has taken over CABR today

She’s chatting about her latest book, AN HEIR TO BIND THEM, and offering two (2) giveaways!

Enjoy 🙂




Guest Post & $50 G.C. Giveaway: “The Price of Sanctuary” by Gaylon Greer

Mar 13




Today it’s my pleasure to welcome Gaylon Greer to CABR

Find out more about his debut suspense novel, THE PRICE OF SANCTUARY,


enter the $50 gift card giveaway 🙂



Guest Post & Giveaway: “The Truth About De Campo (The Delicious De Campos #3)” by Jennifer Hayward

Feb 28


The Truth About De Campo cover


The lovely Jennifer Hayward has taken over CABR today.

I know you’ll have fun with her, who wouldn’t? 🙂

Good luck in the De Campos giveaway




Guest Post & Giveaway: “Having Her (Lies We Tell #2)” by Jackie Ashenden

Feb 26


Having Her cover


The one and only Jackie Ashenden has taken over CABR for the day 🙂

Learn about her journey to writing real, raw, sexy heroes and heroines

then enter the giveaway.

Enjoy 🙂




Beyond The Page & Giveaway: “Searching for Someday” by Jennifer Probst

Nov 17


Searching for Someday cover


NY Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of The Marriage Bargain, 


has taken over CABR 😀

Learn more about her brand new SEARCHING series


win one of three (3) paperback copies of book 1, SEARCHING FOR SOMEDAY 🙂

(US/Canada only)


BTP badge.


Guest Post & Giveaway: “Trading Up (1 Night Stand Series)” by Mahalia Levey

Aug 3


Trading Up cover


It’s your lucky weekend! 🙂

One CABR follower will win an eBook copy of the latest book in Decadent Publishing’s 1 Night Stand Series, TRADING UP.

The book’s author, Mahalia Levey, shares her thoughts below on romance and where it may have gone to.


Mahalia Levey: Where’s the Romance Gone?

In this technical saavy world, how likely is it that two individuals that meet through one of innumerous dating sites will meet and find they’re soul mate?

There are many factors that affect or skew a person’s perceptive on who is right for them and there are factors that play a big part in deciding to pursue a relationship after a few dates or jumping back in the abyss, the unending fish bowl.

There are those women and men who like to speed date, meet at coffee houses, and just keep on searching. I’d go as far as to say most people upon a single glance will decide on if the other sex is worth their time, or even exploring the possibility.

A few factors that can come into play on what qualifies a long term relationship. I put these in the order I see them in personally. Building a life and a future is not easy if any of these are not on the up and up.


Credit Score



Length of time in Career

Culture- Dynamics

Family Oriented

Familial expectations

Children on either side

These above mentioned are not little things. In fact some of these reasons are why individuals may meet and date for years but never combine names, income and become habitual daters.

Lists, how many people make lists for things? Grocery store items, To do list, spreadsheet for budget.

Where has the romance gone in dating? All of these stressors play havoc on both sides. Women I’d say more than men as we’re more cautious. Then again don’t call me sexist, maybe some men have lists and expectations of people they date from the jump. Sites and speed dating my help knock out some of these areas of concern, however the mystic side of meeting the special one is left on the back burner in face of reality.

I love writing for 1NS where men and women get a chance to meet and the mystical woman in charge knows just the right way to bring to like minded individuals together. If you haven’t picked up any 1NS story, make sure you do, because you’re in for a treat!



 An eBook copy of the latest book in Decadent Publishing’s 1 Night Stand SeriesTRADING UP.

Trading Up coverBlurb:

Camilla’s deal breakers make finding a man to fit her wants, needs, and desires darn near impossible. For years she’s been primped and primed to be the perfect political daughter, when all she really wants to do is let loose without her world collapsing. When a friend sends her Madam Eve’s way, she grabs the opportunity to explore without being outed to the conservative watchdogs.

Jonah Black’s career is heading for a change. His friends have dubbed him married to the military, and he can’t deny that his focus has been off center. While they enjoy the pleasures of life and wives, he has nothing to come home to. When offered the chance for a 1NS, he signs up, unprepared for the exotic woman whose sweet exterior masks enticing sexuality.

Sensory depravation and the natural freedom of anonymity launch unexpected sexual desires. Madame Eve’s only request–Enjoy the sweetness of life and let the chips fall where they may–leaves this couple eager for an eye-opening experience that breaks all the rules.


BUY Links:

Amazon | B&N | Kobo | Decadent Publishing


The flames licking inside her were too much to take, along with his roaming hand. She leaned forward and grasped the chilled wine goblet as a lifeline. When he nudged her lips to take a second taste, she pressed them together, holding her finger up and then laughing because he couldn’t see it in the dark. She took a long cool sip, more from Jonah’s effect on her than the food. She licked her lips then tucked herself against him, momentarily satisfied.


“Mmm.” Cam sighed. “When’s it your turn? I’m having all the fun.”

“I’m having a good time feeding you.”

“You’re not hungry?” In the dark, his heart pounded against her cheek. “I’m hungry, all right. Ravenous, even.” Jonah caressed her thigh. Cam had no doubt his eyes would scorch her to her very soul. His lazy trail along her skin left her smoldering in need. She let him ply her with another skewer to distract from the throb at the apex of her thighs. She sucked a piece of pineapple he held between his fingers. Juices trickled down her chin. He mopped the stream of liquid with the pad of his thumb and nosily sucked it off. Holy bananas, she wanted a taste of him now. Her mind kept rewinding to the feel of his finger parting her lips.

“I uh…need to use the ladies’ room.” Cam pressed the button on the table for assistance and slid off of Jonah’s lap and into her seat. Seconds later, her guide assisted her out of her chair and slid it back in.

“Here we go, Ms. Knox.”

She stepped awkwardly away from the table. Along the way, she heard soft sighs and giggles. Definitely some hard-core kissing action. The idea of giving in to the dark side and making out in public heightened her ardor. A loud bang startled her. She jumped, almost losing Cesaire’s grasp.

“Don’t worry Ms. Knox. Almost there.” A few more steps and he ushered her into a space where dim lighting burned her dilated pupils for a moment before her eyes adjusted. He sat on a lounge chair between two doors marked Men and Women. The dim glow brought her normal self-conscious thoughts raging forward. In the dark Jonah couldn’t see her physical flaws. Would that change once he saw the real her?


Mahalia Levey pictureABOUT THE AUTHOR:

Being smart and sassy with a great sense of humor comes easily for Mahalia Levey. An avid reader of books, she found herself enchanted with disappearing completely into the worlds authors created. One day she vowed to herself she’d be one of them. Then family life came, and college right after. Swayed from her childhood course of action, it took many years for her to get back to that place she held dear as a child. Now she is running full steam ahead to keep up with the many ideas flowing freely. She plans on taking her work to higher levels and expanding her genres. Her main focus is giving her readers variety. Her works in progress include paranormal, fantasy and mainstream romance. Taking characters and watching them grow past what she’s imagined is her true passion.

In her personal life, she vowed never to own a minivan and has so far succeeded in not being the soccer mom. The proud mother of one teen and two pre-teens is not easily flustered. Between sports and art classes for the eldest, she takes time out during the day for herself. Her one love, best friend of twelve years has finally caught her. They bought their first house together and are compromising over interior decorations.


CONTACT Mahalia Levey:

Website: www.mahalialevey.com

Email:  mahalialevey@yahoo.com

Twitter: @Hales3000


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Guest Post & Giveaway: “Mergers and Acquisitions” by Sorcha Mowbray

Jul 31




Please welcome Sorcha Mowbray to CABR 🙂

She’s here to talk about NYC helped inspire her to write MERGERS AND ACQUISITIONS.

There’s a giveaway too, so be sure to answer Sorcha’s question


Sexy Vibes & A Giveaway

Thank you so much for having me visit Caribbean Accent Book Reviews today.

Sigh, I do love the Caribbean. There is something very romantic about a tropical destination.

But, there is something sexy about the city.

After spending two years in New York City I can certainly say a big city has a certain edge that is very enticing. There is a pulse that thrums just under the hustle and bustle of city life that you don’t find in even mid-sized cities. I can’t explain it except to say that the people are generally so open to new experiences that the city itself takes on a very sexy vibe.

There is also a certain level of anonymity to living in a small geographic area with millions of other people. Nothing like posting comments on the web, but there is a freeing sense of being whoever you want.Every time you go out you can recreate yourself or your experience. Chances are you’ll never see someone you already know unless you plan to. Not to say it wouldn’t happen…that might be awkward.

Oh! Plot bunny ahoy! *author chases after new shiny plot idea*

Sorry about that. I’m back. The point is I find it sexy to be a part of something so huge, so experimental.

It affords you the opportunity to push your boundaries—or not—as you see fit. I love that, which is why I was dying to write something set in NYC. It was a great deal of fun to feed off that vibe and see where my characters ended up.

So, do you like stories set in big cities? Maybe you prefer small towns? Tell me what setting you like and why.



Each commentator will be entered to win a copy of Love Revealed, Book 1 The Market Series in their preferred eBook format.



Shannon Pearce is an acquisitions specialist who helps businesses buy other businesses.

Her latest projecthas left her fantasizing about her provocative client. After closing the deal successfully, she is faced with another proposition of a very personal nature.

Dalton Granger can’t get his very sexy acquisition specialist out of his head. For weeks he has been tormented by the idea of not only having her in his bed but also at his mercy.

What Dom doesn’t fantasize about a sensual, submissive woman? But, can she let go long enough to relax and give him the control he craves? If she does, will she dance along the edge of passion with him and push her own boundaries or cling to the power she’s worked so long to gain?



Alone with the person who occupied too much of her thoughts Shannon prepared herself for the final onslaught of Dalton Granger’s potent sexuality. The man exuded confidence and lust, filling the air around him with an aphrodisiac of the finest quality.

“Congratulations, Mr. Granger. You made an excellent buy.” She focused on collecting the documents to be filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission to record the purchase of Virtual Designs, a publicly traded company. Stock prices would go through the roof once the market opened on Monday morning.

“I did indeed. I know a good thing when I see it.”The deep resonance of his voice worked its way past her protective layers of clothing to twist and pull at her, as though his fingers danced across her skin. How the hell did he do that?

Clutching her paperwork to her chest as a shield, she looked at him. Really looked at him. His dark brown hair and black walnut eyes made for an intimidating pairing, heightened by his physical mass. At six-foot-one or maybe two, Dalton existed as a superior specimen of the male form. Under the finely tailored suits he favored, he hid a body in excellent shape. The one time she’d gotten a hint of his masculine perfection had come the day before when her stiletto snagged in a grate on the street as they walked to lunch. She tottered, sure to collide with the unforgiving pavement. Instead the iron bands of his arms snaked out to catch her, pulling her hard against his muscled chest. She’d gasped in shock, from both the near miss and the current of desire winging through her from the close contact.

Before, she’d relied on her imagination in her fantasies of the compelling man. Now, she had a wealth of sensory data to put to erotic use. Last night her dreams had included powerful biceps, a well-muscled chest, and the man’s scent. Whatever cologne he wore should be traded as liquid gold on the market. The fresh, clean smell devastated a girl’s senses and played hell on her concentration.

Hence the long, drawn out silence while he ate her up with his eyes. Without a doubt, he made her feel like a good thing. “It would seem that way. Well, I’m sure you are eager to go celebrate your purchase.”

She edged around the formidable threat to her good intentions. Two steps from escape, he reached out and grabbed her upper arm. Her body ignited. Her breasts poked against the delicate blouse as though they could escape their confinement. Her toes curled in her high heels. All that, and he hadn’t even kissed her.



Decadent | Amazon | B&N | Amazon.uk | ARe | Coffee Time Romance

Mergers & Acquisitions Book Trailer


SorchaMowbrayImageFinalNewABOUT THE AUTHOR:

Sorcha Mowbray is a mild mannered office worker by day…okay, so she is actually a mouthy, opinionated, take charge kind of gal who bosses everyone around; but she definitely works in an office.

At night she writes romance so hot she sets the sheets on fire! Just ask her slightly singed husband.

She is a longtime lover of historical romance, having grown up reading Johanna Lindsey and Judith

McNaught. Then she discovered Thea Devine and Susan Johnson. Holy cow! Heroes and heroines could do THAT? From there, things devolved into trying her hand at writing a little smexy. Needless to say, she liked it and she hopes you do too!



Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Google Plus | GoodReads | Pinterest | My

Forum | Triberr | Newsletter | Sorcha’s Sirens | Website


Upcoming Events:

Summer Seduction Blog Hop with Silken Sheets & Seduction, August 14-21

Pumping Up The Sexual Volume, a workshop sponsored by the RWA San Diego Chapter, August 12 – 30

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Guest Post & Giveaway: ” His Passion Her Temptation” (Dominating Billionaires Erotic Romance #4) by Malia Mallory

Jul 18


HPHT cover.

It’s my pleasure to welcome back Malia Mallory to CABR 🙂

Her visit is part of the Insatiable Reads Book Tour.

The grand prize is very cool – a fully-loaded 4G LTE Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9 🙂

So sit back, enjoy Malia’s breakdown of the top five sensual kisses in HIS PASSION, HER TEMPTATION then enter the rafflecopter below




Five Sensual Kisses from His Passion, Her Temptation

I’m very excited about my new release, His Passion, Her Temptation, which is the fourth book in the Dominating BDSM Billionaires Series.

His Need, Her Desire (Book 1) is currently free at most online retailers. His Desire, Her Surrender (Book 2) hit bestseller lists in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. Her Wish, His Command (Book 3) released in June.

Today I thought I would share five kissing snippets from the book. Here they are!


1.  Monica pulled his face down to hers and kissed him. “I want you, too. I don’t want to wait.” She laughed lightly. “I don’t think I can.”


2.  Ben seized her mouth, his tongue outlining her lips before delving inside. Monica opened to him in every way. Her tongue stroked his as her hands roamed the bunching muscles of his back.


3.  Their lips met hungrily, tongues touching. Monica couldn’t get close enough. She wanted to absorb him into her.


4.  Ben lifted her leg in the air and, bending forward, placed his tongue on the back of her thigh. He left a wet stripe on her skin as he licked up to her knee. When he reached the designated spot, Ben blew a breath against her delicate skin, raising gooseflesh. He fixed his lips to the back of her knee and sucked lightly.


5.  Ben kissed her back as pedestrians passed by. He kissed her with every bit of want he possessed. His tongue penetrated her mouth and then he pulled back, placing a light butterfly kiss on each eyelid.


Need_600x900HIS NEED, HER DESIRE (Book 1) is currently FREE at most retail outlets.

Amazon |

Amazon UK |

Barnes & Noble |

iTunes |

All Romance |

Kobo |




Granger Pharma executive Monica Granger is hiding her relationship from her family. She has to. Her lover is the son of her father’s biggest business rival. Ben Coron is more than Monica can resist; he’s everything she’s ever wanted—including dominant in bed.

But when Coron Health makes a play for Granger Pharma, Monica’s relationship—and her life—blow wide open. She loses her job, and her family rejects her. Someone’s stealing Granger’s vital trade secrets, and worse, Monica’s brother is dodging attempts on his life.

Their passion is too strong to keep Monica and Ben apart for long. They must thwart the takeover and heal the rift between their families. If they don’t, they’ll never trust one another enough to pursue the dominance and submission they both need.



“So, do you want to eat now … or later?” Monica’s smile turned seductive.

“Well, I think I might need you first.” His hand reached to touch the silkiness of her hair.

“I agree. Food can wait.” Monica pulled his head down and kissed him, greedy to taste his lips.

Without breaking the kiss, Ben guided her out of the hallway into the living room.

Monica slipped her finger under the edge of his collar. “You know, it doesn’t seem fair that you get to call all the shots.”

“Oh? I call all the shots?” Ben’s hands roamed to her rear and squeezed.

“Yes … you decide when and how …” Monica licked the edge of his lip.

“One, that isn’t quite true, and two, I haven’t heard you complaining.” He gave her a playful pinch on the ass.

“Oh no, I’m not complaining.” Her hand moved to the front of his pants, cupping him.

“Then what?” His hands slid down to the back of her thighs.

“I thought it might be fun to … try a little something else.” She rubbed him through the fabric of his pants.

“What did you have in mind?” Ben swept his hands up her back and tangled his fingers in her hair.

Monica tilted her head back. “Do you recall that night before I left for Hawaii?”

“I do believe it is burned into my memory.”

“Sometimes I wonder if it wouldn’t be interesting to reverse things.” Monica observed his face for a reaction.

“Reverse things?”

“Oh yes.” Her finger laid a trail down the front of his chest. “You,” she poked him gently, “would do as I say.”

“I see. Are you finding you have a dominant streak?” he teased.

“I’m not sure, but I have a desire to find out.” The thought of taking charge appealed to Monica, not all the time, but perhaps occasionally.

Ben smiled. “That sounds … enticing.”

“I hoped you’d think so.” Monica walked around him, patting his ass with her palm.

“How would you start?”

“I’d tell you to disrobe for my viewing pleasure.” Monica enjoyed looking at the hard planes of Ben’s body, so different from her own curves.

“Shall I?”

“Oh, yes.” Monica crossed the few steps to the seating area and settled herself into an upholstered chair.

Ben approached Monica and then turned his back toward her. He loosened his tie and pulled it free, tossing it over his shoulder in Monica’s direction before unbuttoning his shirt and letting the fabric fall to the floor. He turned slightly and caught her eye. Monica flushed under his wicked gaze.


HIS PASSION, HER TEMPTATION is available for preview and purchase at the following online retailers.

Amazon | Amazon UK | Barnes & Noble | iTunes | All Romance | Kobo | Bookstrand



Malia Mallory:

This month I’m part of the Insatiable Reads Book Tour, where the hottest authors in romance debut their sizzling new reads! We’re touring the web and awarding prizes the whole month of July.

To enter the GIVEAWAYS and meet the other writers, follow us at:

Web Site | Facebook | Twitter | Google+ | Pinterest



 a Rafflecopter giveaway


ABOUT the author:

Malia Mallory lives in Hawaii with her husband and daughter. She’s been working with words since alphabet blocks rolled into her crib, not only writing her own work but copy editing and proofreading the work of others. She has loved to read about relationships since she first sneaked off with her mother’s Harlequin.

Malia is the best-selling author of The ABCs of Erotica series, which covers the erotic spectrum from BDSM to ménage and everything in between. More releases in the series are on the way. She has also released the Mia’s Cop Craving series and Santa’s Backdoor Baby.

Her books have hit the bestselling erotica lists at both Amazon and iTunes and are available in electronic format at major retailers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Kobo, Sony, Diesel, Smashwords and AllRomance Books.

For a free copy of B is for Beach from The ABCs of Erotica, head to her website and sign up for the newsletter.



Twitter |Facebook | Blog | Web Page | Goodreads | Pinterest | Newsletter


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