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Review: “Built 4 It” (Love-Bots book 3) by Daisy Harris

Apr 17

Built 4 It


Review: This book may only be 75 pages long but Daisy Harris packs a lot into book three of her Love-Bots series. I’ve never read her work before and am now looking forward to reading more about her steins 🙂

There’s science fiction,  m/m erotic romance, a dominant male stein (re-animated corpse) adjusting to life in a strange new world and a shy, virgin lab assistant who comes into his own while seeking safety for himself and the stein he’s falling in love with.

I would have liked to know who created steins, and how. Perhaps those questions were answered in the first two books but some more backstory would have been nice.

However there was just enough information for the reader to get the picture, allowing you to focus on the relationship between lab assistant Ben Speigel and leader of the steins in the lab, Zee.

The BUILT 4 lab is located  somewhere in Seattle, where a group of male steins are prepped for shipment to other labs where they are to be used in medical experiments. Lab assistant Ben Speigel cares about the steins and struggles to carry out his duties, which includes choosing which steins to ship out.

The steins’ leader, Zee, is a naturally dominant male whose intelligence is the more advanced than any of the other re-animated corpses. The younger the stein, the less awareness. Also, depending on the experiment they’re destined for, each stein has a different level of comprehension.

One day, an observant Ben realises Zee likes watching the TV in the lab. He decides to leave it on each night, providing the stein with a golden educational opportunity. Zee may not be able to read and write but he is very intelligent, quickly learning English in secret by copying what he sees and hears on a TV in the lab.

Ms Harris deals with the page limit by fast-forwarding three months at key points in the book. Case in point, three month after Ben first starting leaving the TV on, we find Ben trying to contact a stein rescue group because he knows Zee and the others are headed for extermination.

The steins are eventually rescued by the Zombie Underground but in a surprise move, Zee decides to isolate himself and Ben in the lab. This is where the men really begin forming a bond. Zee learns about shaving in a very touching yet erotic shower scene with Ben. The lab assistant in turn confesses he has never had sex and is not ready for what Zee wants, at least not yet.

They eventually leave the lab and must avoid capture by authorities out in the real world. Zombie Underground’s spunky rescue agent and fellow stein, Shani Brown, sets the Ben and Zee up in a safe house. Another round of adjustments follow, including the two becoming intimate. They have a physical and emotional compatibility which both cherish.

Another three month fast-forward gives us a look into Ben and Zee’s relationship and how they are handling life on the outside.

I look forward to reading more about them, seeing Shani with her boyfriend and learning more about the Zombie Underground in future Love-Bots books. 🙂

Built 4 ItTitle:
Built 4 It

Series: Love-Bots, book 3

Author: Daisy Harris

Rating: 4 stars

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave

Publication date: January 2012


Synopsis: When a riot erupts in Built4’s stein-building lab, the alpha stein Kee drags a submissive young lab assistant into his cage. Kee’s been studying the human. Ben’s sad eyes and slender form call to Kee—urging him to equal parts lust and possessiveness.

Prisoner to the alpha, Ben surrenders to the stein’s fierce determination and gentle seductions. He’s long hated his job, feeling like a monster for following his boss’s orders, especially once he’s seen intelligence flickering in the alpha’s green eyes.

If Kee’s to escape, he needs Ben’s help to learn about the world outside the laboratory—a world full of people, sex and experiences Kee’s only beginning to discover. And guilt-ridden over the things he’s done, Ben can only forgive himself if the alpha forgives his sins first.


BUY Links:


Barnes & Noble

Ellora’s Cave


CONTACT Daisy Harris:

Twitter (@thedaisyharris)

Website (www.thedaisyharris.com)

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Review: “Extreme Love” by Abby Niles

Apr 15

Extreme Love cover


Review: I read EXTREME LOVE in one night (352 pages) because it was so good, I just had to know what came next. 🙂

Abby Niles is a new-to-me author but if her other books are as good as this one, I’ll be adding them to my auto-read list.

You might have guessed from the cover that EL is about a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter but there’s so much more to this story than an MMA fighter finding love.

It’s also about a woman on a journey toward a healthier body image whose looking to help others realise their own fitness dreams.

Dante “Inferno” Jones and Caitlyn Moore first meet when she attends an after-party for her best friend’s boyfriend, Dante’s friend and fellow MMA fighter.

These two made me alternately laugh, groan in frustration and go “wow” at their sexual chemistry.

Caitlyn abhors the violence of MMA and figures a hot, ripped, guy like Dante would never be attracted to a curvy, plus-sized woman like her. She’s now a size 12 but used to weigh 80 pounds more, so the reality of her new body has yet to register with Caitlyn herself.

This was one of my favourite aspects of ETERNAL LOVE. Being a curvy woman myself, it was delightfully refreshing to read about someone else with body issues finding love. 🙂

Caitlyn and Abby have inspired me to continue on my recently begun journey toward a healthier lifestyle. Thanks ladies!

Dante has no such weight problems and struggles at first to understand why it would be hard for someone to get/stay healthy.

He’s also tired of the groupie scene, many of the women with “sticks”  for legs as he puts it, so when a sexy woman with curves enters his life, there’s no way in hell 😉 the Inferno is gonna let her get away.

Dante’s instant attraction to Caitlyn, is fanned by her couldn’t-care-less attitude toward his sport and obvious fame.

Caitlyn pushes Dante away because she just doesn’t see what he sees, because she’s never had a real boyfriend and is afraid to be with someone as experienced as he is, and most importantly, because she’s afraid of risking her heart when he’s only in town for two months.

Thus begins the back-and-forth between these two.

Thanks to her two best friends, Caitlyn realises it’s time to embrace the new her and to open her heart to something special. Dante meanwhile, goes from wanting to be with her because she’s the opposite of the women he’s accustomed to, to wanting a real relationship full of love and romance.

No spoilers here, just trust me when I say you will enjoy reading EXTREME LOVE. So go pre-order your copy.

I hope Ms Niles includes Dante and Caitlyn in her future MMA novels. They are one special couple 🙂


Extreme Love coverTitle: Extreme Love

Author: Abby Niles

Rating: 5 stars

Publisher: Entangled Select, an imprint of Entangled Publishing

Publication date: April 30, 2013

Synopsis: New body. New clothes. New men.

Used to the average Joe, Caitlyn Moore is overwhelmed when the supremely masculine Dante Jones walks into her life and expresses an interest in her. At first she pushes him away, refusing to encourage the attention of a cage fighter. Then she learns Dante has a love ‘em and leave ‘em reputation. What better way to fine-tune her non-existent flirting skills than with a male who won’t stick around? But Dante has no intention of being a practice dummy; he’s out for all or nothing. Now Caitlyn must accept Dante—violent career and all—or let him go.

Dante “Inferno” Jones has one goal: win the Welterweight Championship. At a time when focus is crucial, the last thing he needs is a distraction. Yet Caitlyn Moore becomes a challenge he can’t resist. When the light-hearted pursuit shifts to a battle to win her heart, his focus is shot. Faced with losing the biggest match of his career, Dante must decide if his extreme life also has room for Extreme Love.

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Review: “Urgent: One Nanny Required” by Olivia Logan

Apr 1

Urgent ONR coverRating: 4.5 Stars

Genre: Contemporary romance

Author: Olivia Logan

Publisher: Crimson Romance

Publication date: April 15, 2013

Review: URGENT: ONE NANNY REQUIRED is a sweet and cute romance that will keep you wondering what happens next.

Rania George is happy as a sweetshop owner. She is happy with the life she has, even if the only thing she may regret is not having a family of her own. So she finds herself very mad when young Theo shows up after dark all by himself in her shop. She knows that she must keep him safe until his father arrives.

Nick Trenton is a Hollywood director, he knows that he does not give all the attention he should to his son Theo, but he wants to keep him safe and the best way to do that is to leave him out of the spotlight where he can make his own decisions as he grows up. But now Theo has run away from yet another nanny, good thing that he was pointed to the sweetshop (candy store) Theo loves.

When Nick shows up to the sweetshop he is surprised by the sweetshop owner, she does not act towards him like every other woman, and she gives Theo more attention than others. Not only that, Theo is close to her, he listens and he shares with her his precious comics heroes, who he does not share with anyone.

Rania is like Mary Poppins or Maria from the Sound of Music, but she is neither of them. Something that Nick will realize soon enough. But first, he must hire her to be Theo’s nanny for the next three weeks while they have to be in Hollywood.

Now as Nick, Rania and Theo spend so much time together in Hollywood, Rania finds herself wishing that the family picture they look like was real. But after her childhood, she could not live as close to Hollywood as she would be required if she were to be with Nick.

With the help of Nick’s close friends, Nick and Rania find themselves alone often enough that they end up acting on the attraction they feel. But if they are not honest about their feelings, they may just end up loosing their chance at being the happy family they could be.

Rania’s long lost and unknown father will play a very important role in bringing Rania and Nick the happiness that they may just be denying themselves.
If you want a sweet, fun and beautiful romance Urgent: One Nanny Required by Olivia Logan will not disappoint.

(Guest review by Yazmin Rangel)



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Review: “Beyond Eden (Eden book 1)” by Kele Moon

Mar 30

Beyond Eden cover




Review: Kele Moon’s debut novel leaves quite an impression. 404 pages long, this is not a quick read but it is a good one.

Although BEYOND EDEN lacked detail when it came to most of the BDSM pain scenes between Paul and Danny, you do get to see the full evolution of Eden’s renewed relationship with her two childhood best friends.

This was a departure for me. I’ve never read a ménage à trois like this before, with such dark themes and where there are two couples that become one about half-way through the story.

That being said, Ms Moon does a great job pulling you into the bonds between Eden and Paul, then Paul and Danny, Eden and Danny, ending with the rocky road to love amongst all three.

Paul’s fiancee, Trisha, is a true piece of work! I wonder if she will appear in a future book? Boy would that be a reveal of hidden, deeply-buried desires. If anyone can make this cold lady appealing, Ms Moon can. 🙂

I mention Trisha because Paul’s impending marriage to this “vanilla sex” woman has put a severe strain on his secret relationship with Danny, the man who loves him as he is but who can’t express that because thanks to Paul’s domineering, career-military father, being gay is just plain wrong.

Sadly we don’t get to see Paul interacting with his family, not even in a key scene near the end but what saves BEYOND EDEN is Ms Moon’s ability to fill you in through her characters’ conversations and recollections.

The reference to, but lack of interaction with, Paul’s family, plus the limited interaction with Eden’s family and the lack of detail when Danny and Paul engaged in fire play, are the reasons why I struggled when rating this book.

Ultimately, Ms Moon does a great job of bringing Eden, Paul and Danny closer together on an emotional and physical level, with details of a key BDSM scene in the latter half of the book which convinced me to give it 4 stars.

A significant reason for this came in the last quarter of BEYOND EDEN. Man-of-his-word that Paul is, he refuses to cut ties with Trisha and his domineering father, so Eden and Danny make a painful decision.

They find their own version of HEA and I was left wandering if Paul being part of their lives would require a sequel. But no…Paul finally, finally, allows himself to feel more than physical pain and sexual release, thus paving the way for him to seek his own version of heaven – a fully-committed relationship with his two dominant partners, Danny and Eden. (Eden may dominate Paul but she in turn is submissive to Danny).

Yup, this is NOT your average dominant-submissive story, which is what makes it special. BEYOND EDEN is not for everyone. You’re likely to either love it or hate it but you won’t walk away feeling bored nor are you likely to ever forget Eden, Paul and Danny. 🙂


Beyond Eden coverTitle: Beyond Eden

Series: Eden, book 1

Author: Kele Moon

Rating: 4 stars

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave

Publication date: September 2010

Blurb: Three lifelong friends find themselves tangled in a web of love, pain and dangerous secrets in this erotic Garden of Eden tale.

Tall, dark and handsome Danny Carlow has always gotten whatever he wants except for the two he wants more than anything–his best friends, lovers Paul and Eve.

Determined, he waits like a snake in the grass, poised for the right moment to offer them a temptation too delicious to resist.

Artist Eve Everton makes the painful decision to leave her true love Paul for the siren call of New York City. Ten years later, with her life in shambles, she returns. When Paul’s waiting arms aren’t available, Eve falls for Danny’s charm and finds herself a willing accomplice in the dangerous games Danny plays.

Former college football star Paul Mattling is now a successful attorney with a bright future ahead of him. But behind those brilliant blue eyes are secret desires for a taste of the forbidden. Will he play it safe or give in to Danny and Eve and bite the apple?

BUY Links: 


Barnes & Noble

Ellora’s Cave

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Review: “Star Crossed” (Battered Hearts book 2) by Kele Moon

Mar 23

Star Crossed cover




Review: WOW. Kele Moon’s second book in the BATTERED HEARTS series was even better than the first, and that’s saying something.

The only problem I had, and it was a relatively minor one, was the vague description of the dress Jules wears during a key scene early on in the story. The reader was left guessing what made the dress so special even though her brother and later her date, Romeo, both commented on the significance of her outfit of choice. The description came much later in the evening.

That aside, STAR CROSSED kept me up all night, as I  was drawn into the drama, raw chemistry and emotions of Romeo and Juliet.

Ms Moon does a clever, new, take on Shakespeare’s tale of star-crossed lovers, Juliet ‘Jules’ Conner and Romeo ‘Gladiator’ Wellings. Clever title choice too 😉

Whereas Melody and Clay from DEFYING THE ODDS took their time getting to now each other before having sex, largely because of the physical abuse Melody suffered during her first marriage, Jules and Romeo give in to their  desire on their first date.

They have lots of sex, really, really hot sex. 😀 This book is listed as an erotic romance after all but Jules and Romeo have major obstacles in their path. How they deal with this and the humour that is present in Ms Moon’s writing, is what makes STAR CROSSED such a great read. 😀

Romeo has such a strong, loving bond with his younger brothers, Nova and Tino Moretti, but things are strained because both younger men ended up joining the New York mafia family their father belongs to.

Nova and Tino’s father is actually the mob boss’ son and when Romeo ended up in jail during their pre-teen years, their scumbag of a father swooped in and used them to his benefit – Nova is  a genius and Tino became ‘mob muscle’.

The complications from this are numerous and potentially fatal to all three brothers. This is Romeo’s challenge to a HEA with Jules.

For her, it’s about the loyalty to her family – twin-brother and town Sheriff, Wyatt Conner, and their mutual best friend, Clay “Powerhouse” Powers, who fought Romeo in the UFC Championship fight featured in book one.

After their seemingly one-night-stand, Jules and Romeo realise they have a strong connection but are unable to be together, either publicly or physically, for a long time.

Their relationship blossoms though…via telephone and eventually video chat 😉

Let me tell you, these two scorched my Kindle with their activities!

It was a wonder Jules and Romeo didn’t jump on each other when they met again. I’m guessing Hal’s Diner on a crowded lunch hour in a small town was not the best place to embrace, especially when your relationship is still a major secret. 😉

But boy, oh boy, did they make up for months apart! 😀

Romeo and his baby brother Tino end up moving to Garnett for training with Clay and others at the UFC-equipped gym owned by the Conners and Powers.

That’s when his relationship with Jules really begins to grow on an emotional level. There’s danger ahead though from the mafia family that even Nova, with his genius IQ, can’t see a way out of right now.

If you’ve read DEFYING THE ODDS, then prepare yourself for an even more shocking confrontation climax in STAR CROSSED. In makes the hostage situation in book 1 look like child’s play.

There is a happy ending though, so keep the faith. 🙂

Star Crossed coverTitle: Star Crossed

Series: Battered Hearts, book 2

Author: Kele Moon

Rating: 5 stars

Publisher: Loose ID

Publication date: February 2013

Synopsis: Heavyweight UFC fighter, Romeo Wellings comes from the hard streets of New York where his family ties to the mafia cause him nothing but pain. His life takes a surprising detour when he crosses paths with the twin sister of his long-time enemy. After a steamy, one-night stand, he faces the fight of his life, but it’s not in the cage. The secret relationship that blooms between Romeo and his real life Juliet has him battling his family and a dark past rather than let her go.

The only lawyer in her hometown of Garnet, Jules Conner is also a volunteer Sheriff’s deputy and co-owner of a successful MMA training center. Strong and dependable, Jules is always there for those who need her. Until one forbidden night in Las Vegas with Romeo leaves her feeling so alive she can’t stop reaching out to the sexy bad boy of the UFC, even knowing the forbidden love affair could jeopardize everything.

As the tide rises against them and the people they love work at keeping them apart, Romeo and Jules hold onto a dream for a better life together and vow to go down fighting rather than accept a tragic ending.

BUY Links:


Barnes & Noble

Loose Id

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Review: “Defying The Odds” (Battered Hearts book 1) by Kele Moon

Mar 22

Defying the Odds cover




Review: Going into this book, I wondered how new-to-me author Kele Moon would handle the pairing of a woman who escaped a physically abusive marriage with a man who makes his living in Mixed Martial Arts fights.

My take? Well-done Kele, well-done. 🙂

There’s some old fashioned sweet romance and humour mixed in with lusty thoughts; from Melody Dylan and Clay “Powerhouse” Powers. We meet the pair in Hal’s Diner on Thanksgiving, when Clay is eating alone while Melody is on duty.

She may be near broke, having left her abusive husband with the clothes on her back several months ago, but Melody is a kind woman who wants to make the hot yet lonely guy smile on a day that’s all about family.

Too bad for Clay it’s pumpkin pie. He hates it and wants to “gag” but not wanting to hurt the feelings of “the attractive blonde” who’d just served him the pie, Clay focuses on “the warm feeling in his chest” and takes a small bite.

Aww. Clay’s a sweetheart underneath all those big, beefy muscles.

Just as he tries taking another bite; he’s loathe to hurt Melody’s feelings or waste her money since she’s paid for the pie, in walks the Sheriff of Garnet and Clay’s best friend, Wyatt Conner.

Through Wyatt, and later on his sister Jules, we get our first insight into what makes Clay ‘tick’.

“Did you just smile at the new waitress?”

…Clay scowled. “I ain’t sweet.”

“I heard you say both thank you and sorry in less than a minute. Not to mention those pearly whites you were flashing,” Wyatt argued, grin still wide and shrewd. “Forget pralines, I think ya wanna bite of Miss Dylan’s pie.”

…Broad shouldered, massive arms, Wyatt was one of the biggest, toughest men in Garnet, and that was saying something. The only guy who’d probably get better odds in a fight just happened to be sitting across from him.

“How ’bout I take a bite outta you,” Clay shot back in a low and vicious voice.”

“Nah, I don’t swing that way.” Wyatt took a long drink of his coffee, seeming undisturbed by the fury directed at him. “Thanks for asking, though.”

(I loved the camaraderie between these three and am looking forward to reading their stories in the rest of the BATTERED HEARTS series.)

Clay’s decision to accept a piece of pumpkin pie from Melody was the first step toward their unique HEA but the journey was not without bumps.

DEFYNG THE ODDS may be listed under erotic romance, and yes there are hot sex scenes, but Melody and Clay take their time working up toward a physical relationship.

This makes sense, given her past and his reluctance to scare her off because of his job as a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter.

Kele Moon doesn’t go into too much detail about the physical abuse Melody suffered in the past but you get a very good idea of what she suffered through something as simple, and chilling, as when Melody tells Clay she used to take lots of baths with an herbal remedy because it made bruises fade faster.

Clay wanted to go find her scumbag of an ex-husband, Justin, and beat him up. That’s one fight the UFC heavyweight champion would really enjoy wining.

Knowing her ex began stalking her after the divorce, you’re wondering if and when Justin will show up in Garnet.

There’s a scary moment that sends Melody running away from her budding relationship.

Clay is left baffled and hurt and it’s not until he has championship fight out of state that Melody realises running away won’t solve anything.

The specter of Justin the ex is still there but you’re lulled into thinking he just might not show up at all…when suddenly, Melody finds herself face-to-face with him.

This is a book with a HEA, so you know Melody survives Justin’s clutches but not without blood being shed by more than one person.


Defying the Odds coverTitle: Defying the Odds

Series: Battered Hearts, book 1

Author: Kele Moon

Rating: 4 stars

Publisher: Loose ID

Publication date: June 2012

Synopsis: A woman running from an abusive past. A famous UFC heavyweight fighter who relies on his fists for a living. A slice of pie on Thanksgiving brings these two unlikely lovers together.

The stranger ends up being Clay Powers, a famous UFC heavyweight fighter. Clay’s large build and dangerous fists have always intimidated. People in his hometown keep their distance and Clay is fine with that. Everything changes when a new waitress at the local diner buys him a piece of pie on Thanksgiving. Touched by the gesture when it’s obvious she can barely afford to survive, her warm smile and lush body churn up powerful feelings that leave Clay wanting more from her than pie.

Melody is running from her past and the small, country town of Garnet is the perfect hiding place. With an ex-husband after her and scars from her abusive marriage etched deep, the last thing she expects is to fall for a man who makes a living with his fists, but she can’t resist Clay or the tender connection they share.

Finding love in the most unlikely of places, the passion is undeniable, but Clay and Melody know their haunted pasts and unpredictable futures leave the odds stacked against them.

Publisher’s Note: This book contains explicit sexual situations, graphic language, and material that some readers may find objectionable: violence.

BUY Links: 


Barnes & Noble

Loose Id





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Review: “Jilted (Promise Harbor Wedding) book 1 by Kelly Jamieson

Mar 20

Jilted (Promise Harbor Wedding) bk 1




Review: You are going to laugh while reading the prologue to JILTED. Standing in front of the minister about to marry them, a clearly drunk and nervous Allie tells Josh it took her two hours to “look like this” – pale cheeks and dark circles beneath her eyes.

You’re wondering how long before she ‘ducks out’ on the ceremony but Allie doesn’t even get to do that. Suddenly a man bursts through the church doors, demanding a moment with the bride.

Josh understandably says hell no but mystery guy ain’t having it and after an exchange of words with the bride and groom, he sweeps Allie up into his arms and out the door.

Hence the title JILTED.

This is where it gets interesting folks 😀

Trust me when I say Kelly Jamieson does an excellent job introducing us to the residents of Promise Harbor, focusing of course on Devon and Josh.

We know about Devon’s issues, and how they factored in to the breakup but it takes a while for Josh to come to the realisation that he may have problems of his own which contributed to their breakup one year earlier.

(Allie’s story is the last in the series – HITCHED by Erin Nicholas. I guess that’s why we don’t hear from her again for the rest of JILTED. I’m looking forward to reading her story as well as books 2 and 3 in the series.)

No bride? What’s a groom to do? Have the reception of course 🙂

While there, Josh is doing his best to contact Allie by phone but she’s apparently too busy with her ex, the man whom, while drunk on the eve of her wedding, she confessed she would always love. Devon meanwhile offers to check out the island where the couple was supposed to honeymoon, in case Allie went there. It’s the perfect opportunity to approach someone from a rival firm about hiring her, having been let go by her company during a downsizing exercise.

Or so she thinks, until Josh declares he’s coming with her. And this, my fellow readers, is when everything comes to the fore. ;D

They share the honeymoon suite, yes Josh and Allie’s honeymoon suite, but each do their best NOT to let on how attracted they still are to one another.

Some lusty moments follow but Devon and Josh aren’t quick to jump into the sack. I appreciated this, since it was a more realistic picture of what sometimes happens between exes who still have the hots for each other. This also gave the author an opportunity to build the sexual tension…so when this couple FINALLY hooks up…WOW 😀

I loved how Kelly Jamieson ended JILTED and I look forward to reading BOLTED, BUSTED and HITCHED. I hope to Devon and Josh have cameos 🙂


Jilted (Promise Harbor Wedding) bk 1Title: Jilted

Series: Promise Harbor Wedding, book 1

Author: Kelly Jamieson

Rating: 4 stars

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Publication date: March 2013

JILTED Synopsis: The wedding’s off but the honeymoon is on…

Promise Harbor Wedding, Book 1

Devon can do this. She can show up at her ex-boyfriend Josh’s wedding, even though he’s marrying her ex-best-friend. She can show everyone she’s happy with her fabulous life in Boston, her great career, her amazing shoes — and she can show everyone she’s over him.

Truth is, her life isn’t so fabulous. She’s just been downsized out of her job, her Jimmy Choos won’t pay her mortgage, and…she’s still heartbroken that Josh chose family over her. The real reason she’s enduring this wedding is that her next stop is nearby Greenbush Island, her last hope of finding a new job.

Josh knows marrying long-time friend Allie will make everyone happy after the rough time their families have been through, and since the woman he really wanted to marry chose her career and big city life over him—why not?

But the perfect wedding turns into a perfect disaster when Allie leaves him at the altar for another man. He never saw that coming! But hey, Devon’s there, offering to help him look for Allie on Greenbush Island, where he’d planned their honeymoon. Only, all they find there are their old feelings for each other and a temptation to risk their hearts one more time…

Warning: This book contains a firefighter hot enough to ignite flames, a woman who doesn’t want to get burned again, a honeymoon suite but no honeymoon, and sex not on the beach (sorry).

Click here to read an EXCERPT from “Jilted (Promise Harbor Wedding) book 1″

BUY Links:


Barnes & Noble


Samhain Publishing

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Review: “Colters’ Promise” by Maya Banks

Dec 1

Colters' PromiseTitle: Colters’ Promise

Series: Colters’ Legacy

Author: Maya Banks

Rating: 4 stars

Publication date: June 2012

Publisher: Berkley Sensation

Review: This was a great introduction for me to the Colters. It was warm, sweet, funny and even included one sexy love scene between Lily and her three husbands – Seth, Dillon and Michael.

Those familiar with the Colter family will feel an even greater connection to Colters’ Promise than I did. It was great getting to spend time with three different sets of people and I hope Max’s sister, Lauren, gets her own happy ending in a future Maya Banks story. 😀

I’m looking forward to getting my hands on the back list of Colters’ Legacy books and reading each couple’s story from the beginning.

STAR-4Click here to buy Colters’ Promise on Amazon 

Synopsis: Return to the captivating storytelling of New York Times bestselling author Maya Banks, and her stirring saga of three brothers and one indomitable woman–of wounded hearts, family, and forgiveness…

When it came to overcoming the odds of a tragic past, Lily was determined to move on. The three Colter brothers helped her do it. They taught her new ways to love, new dreams to share, and offered her a new life that she never thought possible.

Now is a time for celebration, and what better way than with a long-awaited family reunion, a homecoming that will bring together the entire Colter family and a few surprises no one anticipated.

But first, there’s still something from Lily’s past she still needs to reconcile–even when all the while she is holding close to her heart a newfound secret that will change her future, forever enrich the Colter legacy, and make every promise come true.



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