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Beyond The Page & Giveaway: “The Italian’s Deal For I Do” by Jennifer Hayward

Apr 30



Today it’s my pleasure to welcome back Jennifer Hayward to CABR.


She’s sharing her top five things about her book in Society Weddings series from Harlequin Presents/Mills & Boon Modern,



There’s a giveaway too :)


Review: “Between Friends (Book 1, Friends with Benefits)” by Vristen Pierce

Aug 31

2 limes image

.Between Friends cover

Review: A two-lime rating says it all, right? I requested this book from NetGalley because it sounded ‘hot’ and I’d never read anything by Vristen Pierce before.

BETWEEN FRIENDS is an erotic romance novella, so I fully expected the female lead and at least one of the guys on the cover to hook up pretty quickly, so that was not an issue. What was? The lack of connection between the reader and the supposed instant chemistry between Stacy and guy #1, Justin, as they did the ‘bump and grind’ on the dance floor of a club where Justin’s friend, Evan, works as a bartender.

Stacy first connected with Evan but as he was working, ended up spending time with Justin before taking the plunge into the world of one-night stands.

I’m sorry but the dance floor scene did nothing for me. Even worse, neither did the first sexual encounter between Stacy and Justin, and later on, between Stacy and Evan.


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Beyond The Page & Giveaway: “Personal Assets (Texas Nights #1)” by Kelsey Browning

Aug 21


PA-cover 2


Kelsey Browning has dropped by CABR 🙂

Ever wondered if a romance set in small town could be sexy?

Kelsey shares her thoughts, having grown up in one herself 🙂

She also has two (2) fun giveaways!

(Details below)




Kelsey Browning:

Can Small-town Texas be Sexy?

I grew up in a small, northeast Texas town boasting one red light, a dozen Protestant churches, and one city cop with a rabid love for his radar gun. At eighteen, I left to attend college in Louisiana and never moved back. Since then, I’ve lived and traveled all over the world. So why did I choose small-town Texas as the setting for my debut contemporary romance, Personal Assets, and the rest of the Texas Nights series?


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Beyond The Page & Giveaway: “The Hardest Thing (A Dan Stagg Mystery)” by James Lear

Aug 14


THT cover


Today I’m chatting with James Lear about book one in his new “sexy gay mystery” series, THE HARDEST THING (A DAN STAGG MYSTERY).

This is his first blog tour, btw, so please make James feel welcome 🙂


BTP badge


James, tell us about your novel, “The Hardest Thing: A Dan Stagg Mystery

It’s about an ex-marine who got thrown out under the last days of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Now he’s finding it hard to fit into civilian life, he’s broke and horny and confused, which is how I like my men. He gets offered a job by a rather shady organisation and finds himself on the road with a very attractive young blond. Can you guess what happens next?


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Beyond The Page & $50 American Express G.C. Giveaway: “Unscrupulous (The Manhattanites #2)” by Avery Aster

Aug 9


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Celebrate the release of Avery Aster‘s erotic romance, UNSCRUPULOUS (The Manhattanites #2), by entering two giveaways here on CABR 🙂


Tour-wide – a $50 American Express gift card & other prizes




by Avery Aster


Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance

Tone: dirty, sarcastic, and witty

Heat Level: scorching

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave

Publishing Date: August 14, 2013

Series, #: 2 The Manhattanites

Format: ebook

Words: 78,000



Book 2 in The Manhattanites series

Content Warning: due to graphic sex scenes, strong language, suggestive themes, mature humor, and just about everything your friends ever told you not to do–including getting vajazzled, this novel is for adults only.

At thirty-three, Warner Truman is one of the richest men on the planet, a spa mogul who buys and sells resorts at will. He holds powerful executives’ careers in his well-groomed hands. Nothing is beyond Warner’s reach…until he meets her.

Stunning, tantalizing and perverse, Taddy Brill captivates Warner’s carnal desire like no woman he’s ever met. A self-made millionaire, Taddy is tougher than steel, more brilliant than diamonds and, at twenty-seven, she’s never depended on a man for anything…until she meets him.

The more Taddy plays with Warner’s affections, driving him to erotic heights, the more she is confronted by a dark past. Before she can love him, Taddy must meet her worst fears head-on or risk losing it all, including herself.

A Romantica® contemporary erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Manhattanites Tour Badge

. (more…)

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Beyond The Page & $25 Amazon GC Giveaway: “Moonlight” by Lisa Kessler

Aug 6


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Enjoy your romance with a jaguar shifter or a perhaps a werewolf?

Then today’s your double dose of luck because CABR has an interview, excerpt & giveaway with Lisa Kessler, author of Entangled Edge‘s latest paranormal romance, MOONLIGHT.

(This novel is book 1 in THE MOON SERIES)




Welcome to CABR Lisa 🙂

If you had to describe MOONLIGHT to someone on Twitter, what would you say?

Moonlight is like West Side Story with werewolves and jaguars, only much steamier with a happier ending…


Which character popped into your head first? The hero Adam Sloan, or his mate, Lana Turpin?

What was that like? – Moonlight actually started as a short story in Lana’s point of view. I had met Ray Bradbury and asked him how I could improve as a writer. Instead of recommending a book on the craft of writing, he suggested writing a new short story every week for a year.

I took up the challenge and the first chapter of Moonlight was the short story, but I couldn’t stop wondering what would happen next, so I ended up writing the novel while I continued the short story challenge! LOL


Did you plot out their story or let it flow organically? Give us an example of how this worked as you were writing the book.

I’m not a plotter, but when I start a book, I usually have a vision of what the ending will be as well. It’s how I’ll get there that comes about organically. It makes it fun for me as a writer because I want to know what will happen next too! 🙂


What are your 5 favourite scenes in MOONLIGHT? Please include an excerpt from one

I don’t want to give away any spoilers, so I’m being a little bit purposefully vague on a couple of these! LOL

1) The first time Lana meets Aren, Adam’s Twin

2) Adam teaching Lana to use her heightened senses in Lake Tahoe

3) The first time Adam tells Lana he loves her

4) The fight scene up at Lake Tahoe

5) The opening scene in the Hot Rod Cafe.

Here’s an EXCERPT from #5:

A tall, dark-haired man filled the open doorway, wearing blue jeans and a black Aerosmith concert tee. His bright green eyes scanned the restaurant, and I caught myself staring. I couldn’t help it.

He was maybe six feet tall, but I sucked at guessing heights. His black leather boots were scuffed—more like hiking boots than biker boots—and he wore a heavy silver chain around his neck with some sort of pendant hanging in the center of his chest. His very well-muscled and very broad chest.

When he looked my way, my jaw snapped shut. His dark hair was messy in that way that looks dangerous on a guy but sloppy on a girl. From under his stray locks, his gaze connected with mine. I was pretty sure I started gnawing at my lower lip. It was a bad habit, but I usually did it when I got nervous. Either way, he took it as an invitation of some sort.

I didn’t have a great grasp of what guys considered a “come hither” look, so maybe I gave him one. I’d thought it was a “leave me the hell alone” look, but who knew.

When he got to my table, my gaze caught on the pendant around his neck—a bullet. Or at least it looked like a bullet. Weird. My eyes moved farther up, to see his face. The right corner of his mouth twisted into what might have been a smile, but my alarm bells rang inside. Time to get out of the restaurant.

“Aren’t you going to invite me to sit?”

I frowned and rubbed my moist hands against my jeans. “I wasn’t planning on it. There are plenty of other tables open.”

He glanced around the café and then at me again. My pulse shot up in response.

“You’re not at any of the other tables.” Even with curls of hair hanging in his face, his emerald eyes bore into me.

“That’s the point.” Hopefully my voice carried more conviction than I felt. Stupid hormones. Gorgeous or not, I had no idea who he was or why he seemed so intent on my company. I had to get rid of him. “I wasn’t looking for company.”

He shrugged his broad shoulders. “Neither was I.”

“Good, then go sit someplace else.”

Oh, thank God. The waitress headed over with a huge tray piled high with my food. Saved by a burger.

He stepped aside to let her work, and when all the baskets were on the table, the waitress straightened and looked at tall-dark-and-handsome at twelve o’clock. He stood there shamelessly while she gave him a slow once-over.

She glanced at me with a wry smile. “Is this gentleman with you?”

I opened my mouth to answer, but he beat me to it.

“Yes, I am.” He plopped down across from me in the booth and winked. “Thanks for ordering fries for me, doll.”

The waitress seemed satisfied and sashayed back to the kitchen. I glared at my unwanted dinner guest and picked up my one-pound bacon cheeseburger. “I’m not your ‘doll,’ and these fries are not for you.”

“You’ve got quite an appetite for a little thing.”

“Yeah, so I’ve heard.” I shot an evil-eyed glare toward the waitress, couldn’t help it.

“So what’s your game?” He leaned closer and lowered his voice. “What the hell are you doing here during new moon?”

I almost choked on my burger.

Dabbing my mouth with the napkin, I scooted up in my seat a little. Up close his eyes looked like a dense forest of green. Easy to get lost in them if you looked too long. And I was getting lost. Crap! Focus, Lana.

He couldn’t possibly know about me and the new moon. Unless… But he didn’t look like the type who worked in a psych hospital.

I leaned back again and forced my mouth to move. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

He pressed his large hands flat on the table, his shoulders tensed, and something in his eyes looked…confused? “I smelled you from outside the building. Why do you think I came in here?”

Without thinking, I kicked him under the table. Hard. I also took more than a little satisfaction in seeing the surprise on his face. “If you’re trying to sweep me off my feet, telling me I stink isn’t the way to do it.”

He smirked. “If I were trying to sweep you off your feet, you’d be swept. Period.”

MOONLIGHT is book 1 in the Moon series. What’s the name of book 2, who’s in it and when will it be released? 

Book 2 is called Hunter’s Moon and everyone who survived by the end of Moonlight is back for more in Hunter’s Moon!  YAY!




Best vacation spot?

Hawaii or Cancun


Coffee, chocolate, tea, fruits?



If you could be anyone in history for 24 hours, who would you be and why? 

Hmmm… I think I would be Wolfgang Amadeua Mozart and see if I could get him to stop drinking… He died way too soon!


Thanks for stopping by CABR and sharing a little about your book and yourself Lisa 🙂


a Rafflecopter giveaway




Rancher Adam Sloan is more than meets the eye. As the heir to his Pack, the sexy werewolf’s biggest challenge is keeping his kin’s true nature under wraps. But a group of jaguar shifters threatens to reveal the pack, blasting into town killing humans in plain sight. And when he smells one at the local diner, his standing orders are to take her out.


Lana Turpin doesn’t realize she’s a moving target. Raised in the foster system, she only knows that she blacks out during the new moon and wakes up without remembering a thing. But now she’s being tracked by some strange organization that wants her back–even though she’s never stepped foot inside their compound. And the stranger across the diner is watching her like an enemy.


It should be a simple mission for Adam, but when he touches the frustratingly beautiful Lana, his inner wolf howls…mate. Now, the two must find and stop the people who hunt her…and Adam must keep his own family from killing the only woman he will ever love.


BUY Links:

Amazon | B&N | Kobo | iTunes |








Lisa Kessler is an award winning author of dark paranormal fiction. Her debut novel, Night Walker, won a San Diego Book Award for Best Published Fantasy-Sci-fi-Horror as well as the Romance Through the Ages Award for Best Paranormal and Best First Book.

Her short stories have been published in print anthologies and magazines, and her vampire story, Immortal Beloved, was a finalist for a Bram Stoker award.

When she’s not writing, Lisa is a professional vocalist, performing with the San Diego Opera as well as other musical theater companies in San Diego. You can learn more at http://Lisa-Kessler.com


Website | Blog | Twitter @LdyDisney | Facebook |









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Beyond The Page & Giveaway: “Death of a Waterfall” by Kara Leigh Miller

Jul 26


Death Of A Waterfall cover


Welcome to CABR, Kara 🙂

How’d you choose the title for your book?

I always knew I wanted “waterfall” in the title, but didn’t quite know where to put it. Waterfalls are very symbolic in the story and at the end, Teghan’s father tears down the waterfall he’d built in the backyard for her. She stands there, watching the demolition and thinks to herself: “First he killed my spirit and now my waterfall.” From there it kind of morphed into Death of a Waterfall.


Tell us about your New Adult (NA) novel, DEATH OF A WATERFALL

Teghan Jacobs didn’t think anything could be worse than learning she’s pregnant by a man she’s been dating less than six months. Boy, was she wrong. Her mother, whose drowning in the river of denial, refuses to take a side on the issue. And her overbearing, manipulative father threatens to disown her and cut her off from her trust fund if she doesn’t have an abortion.

Donnie Marks couldn’t be happier. The woman he loves, the woman he fought so hard to be with, is going to have his baby. Life has never been better. But when she shows up in his dorm room, sobbing and heartbroken, he learns the horrible truth of what happened. He vows to get revenge on the man who’s responsible: Teghan’s father.


Would you consider DOAW to be NA because of the subject matter?

Death of a Waterfall is classified as NA for several reasons. First and foremost is the age of the characters. They are too old for YA and too young for adult. The subject matter is too adult for YA. Also, the story is essentially about the pivotal point in Teghan’s life where she’s leaving home for the first time, going to college, and trying to find herself, which to me, is the entire basis for NA.


What’s the reader response been like since the book’s release in June?

It has been pretty split. Some people love it, others downright hate it. I knew the subject matter would be difficult for a lot of people, so I expected some poor reviews.

My goal was to elicit strong, visceral emotions from the readers, which I seem to have accomplished from everyone — no matter if you loved it or hated it.


Will there be a sequel? Involving the same h/H?

Yes, there is a sequel involving the same hero and heroine and a host of new characters, too. Teghan has to face the backlash of what Donnie has done, and deal with her father. She has a major revelation that will rock her world and set her on the path to healing.


What’s next for you?

I’m working on the sequel to Death of a Waterfall, an erotica novella entitled Jilted, and a Halloween themed novella.




Favourite snack/food while writing? 

Pepsi and Kit-Kats


Most memorable fan-girl moment, be it you as fan or on receding end? 🙂

Oh, wow. I’ve had several. lol. As a fan, it would have to be when Ryan Winfield sent me a private message that revealed his newest cover and asked me to show it on my blog.

As an author, it would have to be when I received an email from a fan who’d read and reviewed The Georgia Corbins, my YA romance. She loved it and said if there wasn’t a sequel, she would revolt. Lucky for me, there is a sequel. =)



 a Rafflecopter giveaway


Death Of A Waterfall coverBLURB:

Twenty-year-old college freshman, Teghan Jacobs, didn’t think anything could be worse than learning she’s pregnant by a man she’s been dating less than six months. Boy, was she wrong. Her mother, whose drowning in the river of denial, refuses to take a side on the issue. And her overbearing, manipulative father threatens to disown her and cut her off from her trust fund if she doesn’t have an abortion.

Donnie Marks couldn’t be happier. The woman he loves, the woman he fought so hard to be with, is going to have his baby. Life has never been better. But when she shows up in his dorm room, sobbing and heartbroken, he learns the horrible truth of what happened. He vows to get revenge on the man who’s responsible: Teghan’s father.

Kara Leigh MillerABOUT Kara Leigh Miller:

Born and raised in the small town of Mexico, New York, Kara was an only child who was forced to find ways to entertain herself. Playing make believe with her Barbie dolls and stuffed animals was her first real taste of storytelling before she became old enough to develop a love affair with the written word. In early 2010, Kara picked up her very first erotic romance novel, and she was instantly hooked. She loves to write contemporary romance, erotica, and young adult romance.

She’s the author of several erotic novellas, The Georgia Corbins, a YA romance, and a handful of short stories. Kara is an active member of the CNY Writers Haven and the CNY Romance Writers. In addition, she’s a Senior Editor at Entranced Publishing.

Today, Kara resides in New Haven, New York with her husband, five kids, three cats, and two puppies. When she’s not reading or writing, she’s thinking about reading and writing. And when she’s not doing that, she’s spending time with her family and friends.

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Beyond The Page & $10 GC Giveaway: “The Cowboy Next Door” by Marin Thomas

Jul 15


The Cowboy Next Door


Welcome back to CABR, Marin 🙂

Hi Sasha! Thanks for having me on the blog today—I’m excited to be here!


What inspired you to write about a cowboy falling for a bull-riding cowgirl, who also happens to be his little sister’s best friend?

I knew as soon as I came up with the idea for the final three books in my Rodeo Rebels series, featuring women’s roughstock events that a secondary character in the books, Shannon Douglas, needed her own story.  What I didn’t know until I was writing A Cowboy’s Duty (Aug 2012) was that the heroine’s brother in that book would make the perfect hero for Shannon.


Tell us about your favourite scene in THE COWBOY NEXT DOOR

One of my favorite scenes is in chapter 4, when Johnny Cash and Shannon’s rodeo partner, C.J. Rodriguez square off.  As you can imagine with a name like Johnny Cash, the poor guy receives his fair share of teasing.  When Shannon’s rodeo partner makes fun of his name it hits a nerve and a scuffle breaks out.  This fight makes Johnny admit he has feelings for Shannon and he’s in big trouble because in his mind there are too many reasons they  can’t be together.


“Better hold tight, Douglas, or that bull will stomp your head!”

Shannon placed her boot back on the ground.  “Is that any way to treat your better half?” she said, loud enough to turn heads.

Johnny stiffened next to her, but she kept her eyes on C.J.  This was part of the show—their love-hate relationship.  Dynasty Boots wanted fans to believe they were a warring couple—fiercely competitive during the rodeo then wildly passionate for each other afterward.

C.J. smiled for the cameras.  “You’ll never make it eight, Douglas.”

Johnny stepped between them.  “Give her some breathing room, Rodriguez.”

“Jealous, Cash?”  C.J. nodded to Johnny’s clothes.  “I see you’re dressing like you namesake.”

“You got a problem with my name, Rodriguez?”

“It’s stupid.”

“If you don’t have anything nice to say…”  Johnny smirked.  “You know…shut your mouth.”

C.J.’s gaze cut to Shannon.  “Is Cash doing all your talking for you, now?”

She cringed when she saw their images on the Jumbotron.  “Back off, C.J.”

“You think I’m afraid of a country-western wanna-be?”  C.J. puffed out his chest.

Johnny bumped the brim of his Stetson against C.J.’s.  “You heard the lady.  Back off.”

“Make me.”

Before Shannon realized Johnny’s intent, he swung his fist, catching C.J. across the jaw and knocking him backward.  The group of onlookers steadied C.J. then thrust him toward Johnny.

C.J. threw the next punch, catching Johnny across the cheek, but Johnny kept his balance and took another swing at C.J.   The shorter man ducked then pushed Johnny to the ground, where they rolled in the dirt.

Rodeo officials intervened and pulled the men apart just as the announcer’s voice boomed over the sound system.  “Looks like there’s trouble in paradise.”

Cheers and boos echoed through the stands.

Shannon stuck her face in C.J.’s and whispered, “You probably just cost us our sponsorship.  Happy now?”

C.J. walked off, rubbing his jaw and the crowd dispersed.

“You okay?” Johnny asked.

“I’m fine.”  She touched her fingers against the bruise forming on his cheek.  “What about you?”

“This isn’t the first time I’ve taken a punch defending my name.”

“If you ask me, folks, it looks like we’ve got ourselves a little love triangle between Shannon Douglas, C.J. Rodriguez and…who’s that you say?”

The Jumbotron showed the announcer conferring with one of the scorekeepers.  “Johnny Cash.”  The crowd stomped their boots on the metal bleachers.  “That’s right, folks…The Man in Black.”


MarinDid you spend time with bull riders, women in particular, to get a better sense of what their lives are like? 

I’ve been to several rodeos over the years but sadly I’ve never see a woman compete in bull riding.

I studied youtube videos of female bull riders to get a sense of how they handled a bull, and I stumbled across a couple of female roughstock riders who’d blogged about their experience competing in a man’s world.

I also found some great newspaper interviews where female rodeo riders shared their experience competing in roughstock events.


Is there a musical soundtrack for your book?

Checkout my Johnny Cash Playlist on Pinterest. I’ve pinned his top ten hits from YouTube.


Will your fans be able to get signed copies at any upcoming events? 

I’m sorry to say I have no scheduled book signings at the moment.  If you’d like to keep track of my books and activities please Friend me on Facebook and sign up for my Newsletter.




eBooks or paperbacks?

Paperbacks…I still love the feel of a book in my hands, but you can’t beat the convenience of traveling with Kindle or Nook and having several books on hand!


Favourite type of book to escape reality with?

Romance of course! Check out my Goodreads page for a list of books that have caught my eye.


If you could spend the day with anyone in history, living or dead, who would it be and why?

My paternal grandmother, Lela.  She died when I was eight years old and I never really had a chance to get to know her.

Her own mother died when she was three and at the age of 18 she became a nanny for the children of a wealthy railroad executive in Nebraska, where she met my grandfather who was stationed there in the peacetime army.

Of the many stories I hear about my grandmother the one closest to my heart is that during her free time she’d go horseback riding by herself, find a secluded spot and spend the afternoon reading dime romance novels.  I sometimes wonder if the stories I write are coming from my grandmother or me!




1) Check out my Johnny Cash Playlist on Pinterest, then post a comment below, telling me which one of his songs is your favorite?

2) Complete the rafflecopter below

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The Cowboy Next DoorJohnny Cash pinsjohnnycashstampelead







ONE commentator will win an autographed copy of The Cowboy Next Door, a $10 Amazon gift card, a set of 6 Johnny Cash miniature hat pins, and 10 Johnny Cash commemorative postage stamps.


The Cowboy Next DoorBLURB:

She Doesn’t Need His Protection!

Hardworking cowboy Johnny Cash has always been a protector to his little sister’s best friend, sweet but tough cowgirl Shannon Douglas. It’s pretty crazy for girls to ride bulls—yet it’s her life to live. Then he realizes he’s got some purely male instincts toward her, too. But absolutely no way can he fall for his boss’s daughter—if he loses his job, there’ll be hell to pay at home….

Shannon was raised to be strong and independent. She wants a national title so bad she can taste it—and she needs Johnny’s help. His protectiveness drives her crazy…the same way his kisses do. But she’s not about to hang up her bull rope because of him! Her heart says he’s the one—but her own stubborn streak might push away the only man who might actually understand her.


BUY Links:


Barnes & Noble



MarinCONTACT Marin Thomas:



Twitter @MarinThomas

Facebook author page

Facebook Cash Brothers page

The Library Thing



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4-Lime Review: “From the Ashes (Fire and Rain #1)” by Daisy Harris

Jun 16


4 limes image


From the Ashes cover

Review: FROM THE ASHES is yet another great read from Daisy Harris.

She has a deft touch when it comes to writing male/male romances, particularly ones featuring an ‘out’ hero and his ‘closeted’ love. 

Jesse Smith first meets firefighter Tomas Perez at the scene of the fire which destroyed his apartment and left the 21-year-old university student homeless. When Jesse decides he can’t let the landlords’ dog, a big female bull mastiff named Chardonnay, be taken away to the pound, Tomas makes a snap decision to put his home address on the pound’s form.

And so begins the relationship between these two, as they come to grips with their mutual attraction and Tomas’ hidden sexuality. Things are made more interesting and difficult at times by the fact that Tomas lives in a converted garage on his parents’ property in the SeaTac area of Seattle.

Tomas is one of three children of a Latino couple who immigrated to the United States decades ago. His brother Diego seems homophobic, having slapped Tomas when he first attempted to ‘come out’ as a teenager, but younger sister Maria is cool with her brother’s sexuality. Whether or not his parents know remains a mystery…until a big fight erupts between Tomas and Diego in their driveway about two-thirds of the way through the book.

Jesse’s parents haven’t had any contact with him for several months. He left home after saving enough money over the past year to move to Seattle after his father declared he couldn’t be gay and live at home.

Living as an openly gay young man in Seattle, Jesse has a couple of co-workers at a small coffee shop who liven up any scene they’re in. Michael is surly but has good intentions while Henri is fun and flamboyant most of the time but serious when needed and truly helpful in Jesse’s time of need post-fire.

Tomas’ co-workers at the fire station are used to making jokes using homophobic slurs without necessarily meaning them that way. This was mostly ok with him before he entered a relationship with Jesse and began accepting he truly was gay, and not simply a guy who liked occasionally getting his d*ck sucked by a stranger in a nightclub.

Jesse and Tomas go through their ups and downs, adjusting to life together and eventually becoming comfortable openly expressing their love for each other in front of their families. They save the hot stuff for their apartment of course, and boy, are these two hot! 🙂

I’m looking forward to reading more in the Fire and Rain series. I’m sure you’ll enjoy From the Ashes too.


Title: From the Ashes

Series: Fire and Rain (book 1)

Author: Daisy Harris

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Publication date: August 13, 2013

From the Ashes coverSynopsis: He wanted a boyfriend. What he got was a hero.

When an accident burns down Jesse’s apartment, he’s left broke and homeless, with a giant dog and a college schedule he can’t afford to maintain. And no family who’s willing to take him in.

Lucky for him, a sexy fireman offers him a place to stay. The drawback? The fireman’s big Latino family lives next door, and they don’t know their son is gay.

Tomas’s parents made their way in America with hard work and by accepting help when it was offered, so he won’t let Jesse drop out of school just so he can afford a place to live. Besides, Jesse’s the perfect roommate—funny, sweet and breathtakingly cute. He climbs into Tomas’s bed and tugs at his heart. Until Jesse starts pushing for more.

Their passion enflames their bodies but threatens to crush Tomas’s family. Tomas is willing to fight for Jesse, but after losing everything, Jesse isn’t sure he can bear to risk his one remaining possession—his heart.

Warning: Contains an angry older brother, judgmental best friends, a slobbering bull mastiff, and enough red-hot gay loving to make a porn star blush.

BUY Links:


Barnes & Noble

Samhain Publishing


Guest Post & Giveaway: “The Santinis: Leonardo, Book 1” by Melissa Schroeder

May 10


Please welcome Melissa Schroeder to CABR 🙂

She’s written a guest post about how her new military romance series, The Santinis, came about.

There’s a giveaway too, so be sure you enter the rafflecopter below.


MS pic

Hi, for those of you who don’t know me, my name is Melissa Schroeder and I am known mostly for my Harmless books.

Recently, I delved into one genre I had avoided for a long time, military romance.

In 2011 I spun off my Harmless series into A Little Harmless Military Romance series.

And then, with only a few months left as a wife, I decided I wanted to do something to celebrate the 20 years I spent with my husband in the AF (Armed Forces). That’s where my series The Santinis came in.


It wasn’t an easy decision. I am a former military brat and I am soon to be a former military wife.

Although, I often steal the Marine saying of “There is no such thing as former.”


It isn’t an easy life and I don’t really recommend it unless you truly love the person who is active duty.

I do admire anyone who serves and the family that goes along with them. So, to celebrate that, I wanted four men who serve in four different services.


I picked places we had been stationed so that I could relive four of our duty stations.

I wanted to show everyone the places we liked best, along with letting them get to know a family that believes in service before self.



Win an eBook copy of LEONARDO by completing the rafflecopter below 🙂

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Leo Santini is a man who always has a plan. It is the way to live a well-ordered life. He never planned on dealing with the hardheaded physical therapist who is taking care of his friend. He definitely never planned on being so totally infatuated with her.

Maryanne Johnson doesn’t have time for a romance—especially with a military man. Sure, Leo is drop dead sexy, but more than one man in a uniform had hurt her before. Unfortunately, she can’t seem to resist him or his kisses. It doesn’t help that the man is as sweet as he is sexy. Falling for him is easy, but she does her best to keep herself from admitting it to him.

Leo knows she wants to keep things simple but when a Santini is in love nothing will stop him from achieving his goal—even the hardheaded woman he loves.



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