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Beyond The Page & Giveaway: “The Italian’s Deal For I Do” by Jennifer Hayward

Apr 30



Today it’s my pleasure to welcome back Jennifer Hayward to CABR.


She’s sharing her top five things about her book in Society Weddings series from Harlequin Presents/Mills & Boon Modern,



There’s a giveaway too :)


My Favourite: Trilogy

Mar 6

Today I’m starting something new – a list of my favourite things when it comes to reading and romance.

I thought it best to start by sharing my favourite trilogy written by one author, in this case The Dream Trilogy by Nora Roberts.

DTDFirst published in 1996, there have been several cover changes with various re-issues.

No matter the cover, the wonderful story about four people’s journey to fulfillment and HEA remains the same.


I LOVE this series!


These are the books through which I was first introduced to Nora Roberts’ unmistakeable style of writing.

She draws you into the story and keeps you there to the very last page.

Family plays a big part in most of her books, particularly series, but family is not limited to blood relations.

In fact, it’s often the deep bonds of friendship, tried and tested through the years, that binds some of her characters together, as in The Dream Trilogy.

You can ‘see’ where the story is set so clearly, have a wonderful image of the h/H and their clothing choices, and let’s not forget their intimate moments.

Nora Roberts picMs Roberts has such a talent when it comes to describing the places where each story takes place, her supporting characters are ‘fleshed out’ properly and add to the story, the h/H’ internal dialogue fits each one to a ‘T’, and of course there are the love/sex scenes.

While Nora Roberts doesn’t get as detailed or use graphic language (except in her IN DEATH series, but even there it’s not too much), when writing about the h/H’s more intimate moments, you get swept along too.

Several times I’ve read books with more details or graphic language and the sex scenes were no where as ‘hot’ or genuine. This is yet another reason why I am guaranteed a good time whenever I pick up a Nora Roberts novel. 🙂

Daring to Dream cover

Book 1, DARING TO DREAM – We get to see how a man from an affluent California family falls in love with a close family friend; the daughter of his parent’s long-time housekeeper, who became a famous model in Europe.

The loss of a loved one brings Josh back into Margo’s life, right as she is having serious financial troubles. You will laugh out loud and be moved in turns while reading Margo Sullivan’s and Josh Templeton’s story 😀 (They have a special place in my heart)


Holding the Dream cover

Book 2, HOLDING THE DREAM – Josh and Laura Templeton’s cousin, Kate Powell, has a tough road to happiness. Her reputation is smeared by accusations of embezzlement and she chooses to internalise her struggles and fears rather than seek help from her BFFs, Laura and Margo, and of course cousin Josh.

Then she meets Byron De Witt. He’s replaced Laura’s cheating, selfish, bastard of an ex-husband as  head of the Templeton business empire.  Byron doesn’t let Kate get away with anything, which is why she hates him so much. To her shock, she ends up falling in love with him.


FtD cover

Book 3, FINDING THE DREAM – Laura Templeton is busy raising her two daughters…while learning to stand up to her ex-husband. Boy, oh boy, did I dislike Peter Ridgeway and his second wife! Thank goodness Nora Roberts gives the awful couple their just rewards 😉 Laura’s HEA also has a special place in my heart because her love, horse trainer and breeder Michael Fury, was Josh’s high school friend.

There were sparks way back then but neither really acknowledged it. So you know when they finally ‘hooked up’ it was ‘smoking’! 😉 Like Margo and Kate, Laura hits some speed bumps on her way to a lasting relationship with the man of her dreams but it truly was worth it in the end. 😀


What’s your favourite trilogy by one author? I’m looking forward to your answers 🙂


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