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(CABR Top Pick) Review & $100 Amazon G.C. Giveaway: “The Slayer” by Kele Moon

Apr 11


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Review: Kele Moon has outdone herself in THE SLAYER (Untamed Hearts #2), and that’s saying a lot because THE VIPER (Untamed Hearts #1) built on the powerful story lines, strong characters, raw emotions and hot sex we’ve come to know in the Battered Hearts series.

The Slayer cover


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Beyond The Page & $20 GC Giveaway: “Deceived” by Stella Barcelona

Jun 11


Deceived cover


Today it’s my pleasure to welcome debut author, Stella Barcelona, to CABR 🙂


Learn more about her romantic suspense novel, DECEIVED, 

then enter the eBook & $20 gift card giveaway!




5-Lime Review “Sweet Southern Betrayal (The Boys Are Back in Town #3)” by Robin Covington

Feb 9


5 limes image


If you’re looking for a book to immerse yourself in, full of sexy times, family, love and laughter, with a huge dose of heartache thrown in, then SWEET SOUTHERN BETRAYAL is the book for you. 🙂

Read my full review below


Beyond The Page & $25 Amazon GC Giveaway: “Ugly Ducklings Finish First” by Stacy Gail

Aug 8


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The always funny Stacy Gail has taken over CABR 🙂

She’s dishing about Twitter and her latest novel, UGLY DUCKLINGS FINISH FIRST

There’s are two giveaways listed below, so be sure to read Stacy’s post carefully 🙂


Ugly Ducklings Finish First cover


Before I begin, I’d like to thank Sasha for allowing me to hop onto her blog to chat about my latest contemporary romance release, UGLY DUCKLINGS FINISH FIRST.  You’re the best, Sasha!

A little over two years ago (before I got published), I didn’t know a thing about Twitter.  I was a FB (Facebook) chick all the way and was happy with that.  Then I signed my first contract and was told to get a Twitter account posthaste.  Who knew that this would lead to getting UDFF out of a half-forgotten computer file and into the world?

It was around Christmastime when I saw a tweet from Carina Press’s Executive Editor, Angela James, lamenting how she hadn’t seen any small-town contemporary romances recently.  At the time I was promoting a holiday novella like crazy, so I almost overlooked the tweet.  (more…)

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Beyond The Page & Giveaway: “Trust Me” by Anna Wells

May 30


Trust Me by Anna Wells @ 1200 high res.

Please welcome self-published author, Anna Wells, to CABR 🙂

She’s stopped by to tell us about her contemporary romantic suspense novel, TRUST ME

Be sure to enter the giveaway below


What’s you debut novel, TRUST ME, all about?

It’s about two people who are incredibly drawn to each other but have every reason to mistrust each other.

Donovan believes that our heroine Alaina was working with terrorists. While Alaina believes the FBI is unfairly accusing her father of atrocious crimes and later finds out she too is under suspicion. Yet these two can’t fight their compelling attraction and when they get together the pages smoke!


What inspired you to write about a lawyer who falls in love while defending her late father against terrorism charges?

There were a number of thinks that inspired me.  I think FBI agents are really hot so I wanted to write an action packed story with an FBI agent.

I also loved the idea of such an insurmountable conflict between the couple.


Tell us about your favourite scene in TRUST ME

You mean besides the sex scenes? (laughing)

I really like the second time Donavan and Alaina meet.  The book opens with Alaina running into a very hot guy in a drugstore.  She uncharacteristically flirts with the sexy stranger but then dashes off to her office for a scheduled meeting with an FBI Lawyer only to discover that her 9:30 appointment is the and her drugstore hottie are one and the same.


As she entered the lobby, Alaina felt prepared, confident and ready to do battle against almost anyone.  Except she hadn’t planned on doing battle with Mr. Drugstore, and that was exactly who was rising from the black leather couch to greet her saying, “Ms. Simmons, I’m Donovan Prentice, it appears we’ve met before.”

She felt the bottom drop out of her stomach. Alaina was sure that her shock must be apparent; normally she prided herself on her self-control but today’s events seemed to be working against her.  After all she had never experienced such a coincidence like this one before.   She had met this man as a stranger and had flirted with him, completely unaware that she had an appointment with him later that day.

She felt that their entire professional relationship had been compromised.  As disconcerted as she felt, she was going to have to pretend that nothing had happened, and actually if she thought about it nothing really had happened.  Their flirtation had been a little unusual but it hadn’t gone beyond that.  It was just that she never let business associates or clients see anything but the professional side of her personality, she had ensured this by making it a habit not to discuss her personal life with any of them.

By meeting this man outside of the office, outside of her professional setting, she almost felt as if he had caught her undressed.  Her only option now was to ignore the incident as if it had never happened and maintain her normal professional composure.  Okay so maybe ignoring it was just going to make her look like a coward.  She needed to face this situation head on.

Making up her mind to take control and not let Donovan get the upper hand since he didn’t seem the least surprised to see her, she responded to his greeting with, “Yes, what a coincidence.  It’s nice to meet you, formally that is.”

She looked over at Marlene, who was indiscreetly staring at Donovan Prentice as if she had never seen a man before, not that Alaina could blame her.  The man was impressive to say the least. “Marlene could you hold my calls?”

Marlene barely glanced her way as she continued to stare at the object of her attention but finally managed to respond, “Yes of course Ms. Simmons.”

Alaina glanced at her wryly.  “Thanks, Marlene.”  She returned her attention to Mr. Prentice who was waiting patiently. “If you’ll just follow me we can discuss the issue of the subpoena in my office.”  She was determined to regain her equilibrium, but as she walked down the corridor with Donovan closely following behind her, she wondered if that was even a remote possibility. “Right this way Mr. Prentice.”

“Please call me Donovan. Is it all right if I call you Alaina?”

He’s taking control again, Alaina simmered inwardly, but she responded without hesitation, “Please do.”

“I’m so glad I’ve a name to put to that beautiful face.”

She felt a thrill at his words as they entered the office. Alaina could not help but be aware of his overwhelming presence. She was feeling that same level of inexplicable excitement she had felt in the drugstore.  Ignoring her jumbled emotions she tried to concentrate on the matter at hand.  It was becoming pretty obvious that she needed to get laid if this guy made it so hard for her to concentrate.  She might as well meet the problem head on.

She took a deep breath before saying, “Donovan. I’m just going to face the elephant in the room. When we met this morning I obviously had no idea who you were and if I had I wouldn’t have spoken to you the way that I did.  Okay?”

Donovan was a little surprised but managed to hold back a laugh. “And what way was that?”  His voice held that same sensual tone that it had in the drugstore.

Okay, so wow, his voice really turned her on.  She felt slightly embarrassed, but what the hell he had flirted too. “Well, I was a bit flirtatious.”

He raised a brow and grinned. “A bit?”

“Cut me some slack, you were just as bad.  Admit it.”  Could that knowing grin of his get any bigger?  She wasn’t sure why, but he was charming the hell out of her.

“As an officer of the court, I’m taking the fifth,” he said jokingly before adding, “I think this is a conversation we should pursue further once we’ve completed our business.”  He paused a brief moment and looked at her intently.   “And I would like to pursue it.”

The low timber of his voice caused her skin to tingle, and she felt her face flush in reaction.  The idea certainly had merits she thought as she studied the hard plains of his face.  God he was hot and he was making her hotter.  She exhaled trying to calm herself before saying, “Do you think we can do that?  Wouldn’t it be a conflict?”

He gave her a slight smile and there seemed to be a sparkle in those blue eyes as he said, “Yeah I think we can do that, but we have business to settle first.”

She nodded in agreement, hoping the meeting went smoothly and they could get back to the more interesting conversation.  Wasn’t that a professional thought?


Trust Me by Anna Wells @ 1200 high resDid you have to any interesting research while writing? 

Yes, I did a great deal of research on FBI Agents and the FBI.

I was surprised to find out that FBI agents from a variety of different career backgrounds before becoming an agent.

I also did additional research concerning some of the legal issues that Donovan and Alaina fought over custodial issues of legal documents I was really intrigued by the idea that a criminal would hide the evidence in plain sight .  I know that might sounds boring, but wait until you read the book!


Is there a musical soundtrack for your book?

No, sorry!


Will your fans be able to get signed copies? Perhaps at an upcoming event? 

Well, right now my book is only available in ebook and my technical skills aren’t up to providing signed copies of electronic versions yet.




eBooks or paperbacks? 

eBooks absolutely.  I’m an eBook convert!


Favorite type of book to escape reality with? 

When I want a great escape I like to read romances that make me laugh – To Die for by Linda Howard, What Happens in London by Julia Quinn, or Something About You by Julie James.


If you could spend the day with anyone in history, living or dead, who would it be and why?   

Anyone of my girlfriends!  They are all an amazing network of support for me and I don’t know what I would do without them.

In this busy world I never see any of them enough.  The luxury of a whole day would be amazing!



An eBook copy of TRUST ME by Anna Wells

To enter: (1) Post a comment below answering the rafflecopter question and (2) complete the rafflecopter

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Trust Me by Anna Wells @ 1200 high res

BUY links:

Amazon | Kobo |



CONTACT Anna Wells:

Facebook | Blog | Twitter @AnnaWel07914287 |




Beyond The Page & $25 Amazon GC Giveaway: “Time Changes Everything” by Melinda Dozier

May 15

.LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01


It’s my pleasure to interview Melinda Dozier today about her contemporary romance from Entranced Publishing, TIME CHANGES EVERYTHING 🙂


Melinda, using 120 characters or less (a la Twitter), tell us about TIME CHANGES EVERYTHING

Jake doesn’t believe in commitment, until he sees Amanda again – this time in NYC. Can he convince his childhood friend that he’s ready to give her his heart?


What inspired you to write this second chance love story?

I’m a sucker for friends to lovers stories. This book actually started as a YA (Young Adult) sweet romance, which is now my prequel, The Boy Next Door, available on Smashwords. After writing it, I thought, “Wait, what if they met up again as adults?” and it raced off from there.


Did you struggle to write a particular scene? 

Yes! I wrote the “black moment” or the climax of the story about seven times. I changed points of views, took out a character, added a character, changed a whole realm of emotions. I wanted it to be just right.

I also rewrote chapter one plenty of times… again the perfectionist in me took over.

Here’s an excerpt from when Jake and Amanda meet up again:

In high school, Amanda was someone special. Hell, even before then. Their parents were best friends, which had forced Jake and Amanda together. At first, he’d thought it was a hindrance. Later, when she developed longer legs and a bigger bust, he found himself around her more. After discovering her quirkiness, her love of art and her sense of humor, he actually enjoyed being around her. But he never touched her.

He contemplated running his fingers through her hair like he did his first year of college –– the last time they were alone –– the night he left town and never saw her again.

Did she remember the night he left? Of course she did. Seven years ago, he’d ruined their friendship.  He knew Amanda almost as well as he knew himself. Well, he’d known her. Now she was a different woman.

Jake leaned in closer, running his hand down her arm. “Know what I’m thinking?”

Amanda fiddled with her coaster and smiled at him. “I’m not sure I want to know.”

“I’m thinking we should spend a lot more time together.” He reached over and held her chin. “It’s been way too long.”

Amanda licked her lips, and damn it, it actually turned him on. Sweet little Mandy Larson wasn’t so sweet anymore. She was driving him crazy.

She moved closer bridging distance. “Why wait? There’s no time like the present.”

“Exactly.” He drank the last of his beer as the waiter returned with her martini sans olive.

Jake leaned on the table with his elbows, folded his hands together and studied her.  “Look at you, drinking a martini, living the life in New York City.” He examined her from head to toe. “A sexy skirt. Tall boots.” He ran a finger down her cheek. “A beautiful face.”

Amanda hiccupped and put down her glass. “Now, wait a minute. I know it’s been a while, but some things never change, including you.” She wagged her finger at him. “No smooth talking with me. Don’t forget I used to know you better than anybody.”

Because his fingers actually ached with the need to touch her again, he reached over and held her hand. “Yeah, but things have changed, Mandy. We’re two different people now, and I can’t wait to get to know who you are now.”


What’s your favourite or most memorable reader response to TCE?

My favorite response was my hubby asking if I needed any more ideas for the sex scenes.



If you were offered a TV or movie deal for this or any of your other books, which would you choose? Who would play your characters?

What a fun question! It would have to be a movie deal. I already have actors cast in my mind.

Jake would be played by Colin Egglesfield

CE pic


while Amanda would be Alexis Bledel

AB pic



MelindaAuthorFavourite place to write?

In bed or in my garden.


Paperbacks or eBooks?




Pantser or plotter?



Ideal getaway?



If you could meet anyone from history, living or dead, who would it be and why?

I know this may seem shallow, but I’d love to meet my adult crushes: David Beckham, Ryan Gosling and Adam Levine. As a writer, I’d love to meet Jill Shalvis. She’s my role model. 😀





Melinda will be giving away a $25 Amazon gift certificate and an eBook of Time Changes Everything.

The winner will be announced on Melinda’s blog May 26. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01Synopsis of TIME CHANGES EVERYTHING:

Amanda Larson is dedicated to her job and doesn’t want to make time for anything else. Until she runs into Jake Edwards. He used to be the cute boy next door; now he’s a sexy, big shot lawyer.

Jake Edwards isn’t interested in commitment. He’s successful, sexy, and single–and that’s how he likes it. When he reconnects with Amanda, Jake realizes he might have to rethink his philosophy on the carefree, bachelor lifestyle.

But, is it too late for them? Or can he convince her that he’s ready to give her his heart?



Purchase links: http://www.entrancedpublishing.com/imprints/entranced/time-changes-everything/

Book Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VzKh1B21Z5w&feature=g-high-f&list=FL5KvXdEur-muCY2C8YBXBYQ

Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/15990302-time-changes-everything







MelindaAuthorABOUT Melinda Dozier:

Reading romance has always been at the top of Melinda’s favorite past times. After hectic days of teaching English to middle school students, Melinda finds time to write and read in the evenings.
She lives in Guatemala, Central America with her husband, three boys and German Sheppard. She enjoys being the queen of her household and dreams of being pampered fully by her boys once they are grown.

Melinda loves reality TV, traveling, blogging and playing Words With Friends.


CONTACT Melinda:

Website: www.melindadozier.com
Blog: http://melindadozier.blogspot.com
Twitter: www.twitter.com/melindadozier


Extra stuff


The Boy Next Door, a free novella by Melinda Dozier is available now at Smashwords: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/310848


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Review: “Beyond Eden (Eden book 1)” by Kele Moon

Mar 30

Beyond Eden cover




Review: Kele Moon’s debut novel leaves quite an impression. 404 pages long, this is not a quick read but it is a good one.

Although BEYOND EDEN lacked detail when it came to most of the BDSM pain scenes between Paul and Danny, you do get to see the full evolution of Eden’s renewed relationship with her two childhood best friends.

This was a departure for me. I’ve never read a ménage à trois like this before, with such dark themes and where there are two couples that become one about half-way through the story.

That being said, Ms Moon does a great job pulling you into the bonds between Eden and Paul, then Paul and Danny, Eden and Danny, ending with the rocky road to love amongst all three.

Paul’s fiancee, Trisha, is a true piece of work! I wonder if she will appear in a future book? Boy would that be a reveal of hidden, deeply-buried desires. If anyone can make this cold lady appealing, Ms Moon can. 🙂

I mention Trisha because Paul’s impending marriage to this “vanilla sex” woman has put a severe strain on his secret relationship with Danny, the man who loves him as he is but who can’t express that because thanks to Paul’s domineering, career-military father, being gay is just plain wrong.

Sadly we don’t get to see Paul interacting with his family, not even in a key scene near the end but what saves BEYOND EDEN is Ms Moon’s ability to fill you in through her characters’ conversations and recollections.

The reference to, but lack of interaction with, Paul’s family, plus the limited interaction with Eden’s family and the lack of detail when Danny and Paul engaged in fire play, are the reasons why I struggled when rating this book.

Ultimately, Ms Moon does a great job of bringing Eden, Paul and Danny closer together on an emotional and physical level, with details of a key BDSM scene in the latter half of the book which convinced me to give it 4 stars.

A significant reason for this came in the last quarter of BEYOND EDEN. Man-of-his-word that Paul is, he refuses to cut ties with Trisha and his domineering father, so Eden and Danny make a painful decision.

They find their own version of HEA and I was left wandering if Paul being part of their lives would require a sequel. But no…Paul finally, finally, allows himself to feel more than physical pain and sexual release, thus paving the way for him to seek his own version of heaven – a fully-committed relationship with his two dominant partners, Danny and Eden. (Eden may dominate Paul but she in turn is submissive to Danny).

Yup, this is NOT your average dominant-submissive story, which is what makes it special. BEYOND EDEN is not for everyone. You’re likely to either love it or hate it but you won’t walk away feeling bored nor are you likely to ever forget Eden, Paul and Danny. 🙂


Beyond Eden coverTitle: Beyond Eden

Series: Eden, book 1

Author: Kele Moon

Rating: 4 stars

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave

Publication date: September 2010

Blurb: Three lifelong friends find themselves tangled in a web of love, pain and dangerous secrets in this erotic Garden of Eden tale.

Tall, dark and handsome Danny Carlow has always gotten whatever he wants except for the two he wants more than anything–his best friends, lovers Paul and Eve.

Determined, he waits like a snake in the grass, poised for the right moment to offer them a temptation too delicious to resist.

Artist Eve Everton makes the painful decision to leave her true love Paul for the siren call of New York City. Ten years later, with her life in shambles, she returns. When Paul’s waiting arms aren’t available, Eve falls for Danny’s charm and finds herself a willing accomplice in the dangerous games Danny plays.

Former college football star Paul Mattling is now a successful attorney with a bright future ahead of him. But behind those brilliant blue eyes are secret desires for a taste of the forbidden. Will he play it safe or give in to Danny and Eve and bite the apple?

BUY Links: 


Barnes & Noble

Ellora’s Cave

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Beyond The Page & Giveaway: Sarah M Anderson

Sep 10

It’s cowboy romance time again at Beyond The Page ladies and gentlemen. 😀

Today it’s my pleasure to introduce you to Sarah M Anderson, Harlequin Desire & Samhain author of modern-day cowboy-&-Indian novels. This self-decribed “mom of a smart-aleck, wife of accountant, walker of dogs” and oh yeah, author, has a fantastic two-part Giveaway.

How do you enter?

Simple – LEAVE A COMMENT below about why you’d love to WIN an autographed copy of “A Man of Distinction” and Sarah will randomly choose a name. Plus, you also have a chance to win a handcrafted book necklace made by Sarah herself! Check the Authorial Moms blog September 11th to see if you were the winner!

Now that you know the rules, on to the Beyond The Page interview…

CABR: What’s the most popular question/s people have about “A Man of Distinction?”

SMA: Oddly enough, the most common question is less about Distinction and more about the end of “A Man of Privilege”, my July Desire release. That book ended with FBI Agent Thomas Yellow Bird, and a lot of readers were expecting Distinction to be about him. It’s not, sadly (I’m working on Yellow Bird, I promise!). But a close second is how much everyone *loves* Bear, the baby in the book. He’s a cutie!

CABR: You dedicated this book, the third and final part of the “Lawyers In Love” series from Harlequin Desire, to your husband. Was he your inspiration for Nick Longhair?

SMA: Heavens, no! Well, I borrowed a lot of the tender fathering from my husband – he was so wonderful when our son was a baby. But the rest of Nick Longhair’s personality is completely different! I have this over-active imagination, see…

Luckily, my husband is wonderfully tolerant of all the conversations with imaginary, hunky men. That’s why he got the book dedicated to him! (Also, I thought it prudent to dedicate one to him sooner, rather than later. It’s all about marital harmony here!)

CABR: LOL Smart move Sarah.

Did you have to do any special research for this series/this book?

SMA: Well, I’m not a lawyer, nor do I play one on TV. But I know several lawyers and a judge, so I asked a lot of questions. I’m also not a Lakota Indian, so that’s another kind of research. Some of that is from memory – I’ve been to a lot of powwows, for example, so I don’t have to go read about them. But this book also features a sub-plot about fracking. That took a lot of research to get the details down – all of which were important, but boring. Most of that didn’t even make the final cut. Finally, my beta reader is a pediatric nurse, so she gives me a thorough walk-through about children’s health care. In other words, writing a book takes a village!

CABR: How has your life changed since you were first published last year?

SMA: In a lot of ways, it hasn’t. I still take my kid to school and pick him up; I still have a part-time job. I’m not swimming in diamonds or bossing my butler around. But in other ways, things have changed. I find it much easier to justify yet another pair of cowboy boots, and the majority of our family vacations center around travel to conferences now. (The whole family went to New York for RWA last year. We were there for over a week!) I have a few people recognize me now (I live in a small-enough town that it happens), so that’s always a head-trip.

CABR: That’s cool – the boots, the recognition and of course, the family/work trips. 🙂

What’s next for you? Any book deals you want to tell us about?

SMA: So. Many. Books. I have a four-month lull, but 2013 will be nutty!

In January, my first book from Samhain, Mystic Cowboy, will release. Then, right on its heels in February, I’ll have a Harlequin Desire called A Real Cowboy. In May will be the first of a three-book series, The Bolton Boys (They live fast, ride hard, and love fiercely!) The first one, Straddling the Line, will be out in May. The other two will be out later in the year. And I’m already working on 2014!

CABR: Wow. Looking forward to reading them.

On another note, conventions are an excellent place to connect with fellow writers, your fans and potential publishers of new series. Why ones do you attend and why?

SMA: I have been to the Chicago-North Spring Fling for the last 3 conferences (it’s every other year). It’s a smaller conference filled with wonderful people who have been kind and supportive of me, even though I don’t live in Chicago! I’ve been to RWA twice, and both times learned so much and met such wonderful people. I’m presenting at the Grand Rapids Region Writers Group conference on November 2 & 3, and then I’m getting very excited for RT in May, 2013! It’ll be my first RT, and I’m super excited!

CABR: Lucky readers who’ll get to meet you soon.

What role does social media play, if any, in your work – be it inspiration, plot help or general feedback?

SMA: Social media isn’t the most natural thing for me. Facebook has been better for me reconnecting with a few old friends and keeping in contact with relatives. Twitter is where I go to hang out with author friends. I also find Twitter is useful for keeping an eye on what’s happening in the publishing world, but I’m more of a lurker in that respect than anything.

CABR: What’s the funniest fan interaction you’ve had?

SMA: We were visiting my in-laws in central Illinois and stopped at their local Target. I went back to see if they had my July book, Privilege and they did! It was the first time I had seen it in the wild, so I stuck in some bookmarks and got my husband to take my picture. A older gentleman watched me the whole time with obvious suspicion, so after the photo, I asked him if he’d like an autographed book for the woman in his life? He asked, “Are you the author?” in such a disbelieving tone that I had to laugh! But when I gave him my business card, he warmed up immediately and bought a book for his wife, since they had a three-day weekend trip coming up. What a nice guy!

CABR: That’s funny and sweet.

Were you awestruck upon meeting any particular author/s at conventions? Were you able to ‘keep it together’?

SMA: Ah, no. My very first Spring Fling, I made a *huge* fool of myself trying to make small talk with a Very Famous Author . . . while standing in line for the ladies room. Granted, I had *no* idea what I was doing at all, so that was just part of a larger cluelessness. But I’m much better now. God, I hope, anyway!

CABR: If you could be someone else for a day, from any time in history, who would you be and why?

SMA: Once upon a time, I would have said I wanted to be a Lakota Indian about 300 years ago. I’ve always been drawn to their horse culture – what girl doesn’t love horses! But these days, I know that life would have been a *lot* harder and I’m appreciative of my dishwasher, among other things!

CABR: Which character from fiction, yours or another author’s, would you like to spend time with and why?

SMA: I’d like to spend a little time with Rebel Runs Fast from my January release, “Mystic Cowboy”. He’s a medicine man with a sense of humor – spending an evening with him would be highly entertaining (and I’m not *just* saying that because of his penchant for skinny-dipping!)

I’d also go all the way back to my youth, with Scott O’Dell’s Island of the Blue Dolphins. That book laid a foundation for a lot of my creative thinking for decades to come. Plus, the heroine was stranded all alone on a deserted island – as an introvert, that really spoke to me!

CABR: Interesting! 🙂 Thanks again Sarah for taking the time to do the interview.

OK folks, here’s a reminder about the GIVEAWAY.

LEAVE A COMMENT below about why you’d love to WIN an autographed copy of “A Man of Distinction” and Sarah will randomly choose a name. Plus, you also have a chance to win a handcrafted book necklace made by Sarah herself! Check the Authorial Moms blog September 11th to see if you were the winner!

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